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Friday, April 01, 2005

Who is secular, if Hindus are communal?

January 02, 05
—K.S. Sudarshan

“We need to rise above the controversy of secularism and Hindutva and should work by keeping in mind the basic thinking that has developed the culture of this nation. The four books written by Devendra Swaroop tell us how history develops. The author has also successfully tried to bring forth the Hindu thinking,” said Shri K.S. Sudarshan, Sar-sanghachalak of RSS, while releasing the books.

He said a person, who is killed by any weapon, does not die fully, but if his pragya is killed, he dies completely. “The British tried their best to kill the mool pragya (original knowledge) and basics of this country. They created various kinds of misconceptions in us. They divided the society into Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Persians, Jews, Dalits, etc. and ruled here for years. After the 1857 freedom movement in which mostly all sections of the society participated as a unit, the British realised that if the people of this country remained united, they would not be able to rule here for long. Hence, they divided the society by creating various misconceptions against each other. This is the reason that misconceptions were developed over the nationality of our nation, and this continues to exist even after 56 years of Independence. Today it is presented as communalism vs secularism. Those who consider Hindus as nationals of this country are termed communal and those who talk about secularism are called progressive. The difference between a State and a nation has also totally vanished. A State can be secular and it is a political concept, while the nation is a cultural concept. Today most people talk about the composite culture of India. The nationality of any nation is known due to its national life. But the so-called progressive people have made it controversial. The reason for such controversies is the West-centric education received by the so-called literate people of our country. Despite higher education, their thinking has not become India-centric. Their misconceptions over Dharma and religion, State and nation are also due to that only. The English-educated people have continued this controversy to this day. We must understand that there is a great difference between the philosophy of West and Bharat. The West has not accepted the aatmatatva. They hardly reach up to the shareer (body), mana (mind) and buddhi (wisdom). In these three things also there is no connecting fact. They look at them as separate units. That is why the culture that the West has developed has become the culture of competition. All beauty contests, body competitions, mental capacity competitions, competitions for finding higher intellect are the outcome of Western culture. They try to prove and find the best among them. Now this trend has begun in our country also. This does not mean that we are against beauty or beautiful body, but it has limited importance here. In our culture the value of a person is decided by his experiment with aatmatatva and by his beautiful body. This aatmatatva in fact connects everything with each other and ultimately with the whole universe and the supreme power, i.e. God. People in our country have practically proved that everyone has the same aatmatatva, but the West does not have this thinking,” he added.


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At 9/02/2005 04:55:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Considering the present configuration at the Centre, is it not obvious how to reply that question 'who is secular if Hindus are communal?' Yes only the Muslim maulvi's who 'rightly' punished Imrana for getting raped, or the great noble spirit of Rajeev Gandhi who changed the law to deny a paltry sum of Rs.240 a month to Shahabano and also Banatwala who says singing Vande Mataram is anti-Islam. These divine souls are all secular, obviously. And every Shik Soldier who had beening dying for India, or every Hindu soldier who dies for the country is a silly fanatic, who is creating great hurdles in the cause (of making India truely secular i.e. Muslim) taken up by the great polital party of Maulana Arjun Singh and Mulla Mulayam Singh so earnestly) Amen !!


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