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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Demean Sri Ramakrishna to detoxify!
Tuesday August 9 2005 08:59 IST

S Gurumurthy

As he uttered "Sisters and Brothers of America" a thunderous applause hit the roof. This was Swami Vivekananda speaking to the "World Parliament of Religions" at Chicago in 1893. In minutes the global audience turned his captive. Unstoppable thereafter, he spiritually conquered the colonial conquerors of India! The western media was in awe of the �silver-tongued� monk. Back at home, his message raised a storm as he travelled from place to place, addressing thousands and arousing high national spirit and patriotism. His matchless intellect and oratory drew thousands of youths into freedom struggle and nation-building tasks. Some even turned revolutionaries to free the motherland. Great freedom fighters - Gandhi and Tilak, Netaji and Rajaji, Nehru and the rest - acknowledged that Vivekananda sounded the bugle for freedom. But Vivekananda himself dedicated all his work to his Guru, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He proclaimed that Ramakrishna took an avatar "to re-establish Sanatana Dharma, to revitalise India." Hundreds of educated youths inspired by Ramakrishna joined Vivekananda to form the Sri Ramakrishna Mission for man-making and nation-building work. More than a century after he left this earth, Sri Ramakrishna keeps inspiring thousands to dedicate their life for the motherland. If Vivekananda represented the kinetic energy that triggered India into action, Sri Ramakrishna was the potential energy that silently turned a rebellious boy, Narendra, into Vivekananda, the nation-builder.

Yet see how a textbook for children officially produced by Arjun Singh's HRD Ministry, through National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), introduce Sri Ramakrishna to Indian children? It tells them that Sri Ramakrishna was "an illiterate and mentally unbalanced" person. Yes, Sri Ramakrishna is "illiterate", "mentally unbalanced"! This book, written by Comrade Satish Deshpande is part of the new efforts to detoxify the students afflicted by saffronisation! This is not an individual's perversion but driven by a philosophy.

Karl Marx wrote in the mid-1850s that even though India was almost a socialist economy, its rigid social structure would not allow revolution to take place. And without revolution, it could not modernise. Therefore, said Marx, the destruction of India caused by the British - though painful - was inevitable to prepare India for revolution, and so it should be celebrated! So mandated by Marx, the Left would never separate the spiritual core from the social chaff of India. It became its mission to undermine all points of reverence to Indians to bring down all ancient ideas and institutions of India, all to make India ripe for revolution! So, what the alien rulers did subtly, the Left advocated openly as ideological concomitant for revolution. They even trivialised the heroes of modern India�s freedom. Described Netaji as �the running dog of British imperialism�; ridiculed Gandhi's fasts and Quit India Movement; accused Jayaprakash Narayan as compromising with the compromisers...! This, when the freedom fight was on, almost to see that it was off!

Even after revolution seems lost for ever, the habit to demean India to promote revolution continues. Driven by habits that die-hard Left historians claim that Rama, the pride of crores of Indians, was not born in India; certainly not in Ayodhya; but may be he was born in Afghanistan!

So Rama was not even an Indian personality. Having banished Rama from India in the 1990s in their texts, they now write books to claim that there is no evidence of Krishna having existed in Mathura! More, Prithviraj was no symbol of great courage and fight against foreign invaders but a coward! Still more, Jayachandra was no symbol of betrayal, but a brave fighter!

The detoxifying 'truths' are contained in textbooks to educate young India. Obviously, Secular India has accepte the Marxian view as its view of the timeless India. So the message is clear: deride revered symbols like Rama and Krishna, demean noble souls like Sri Ramakrishna and devalue great heroes like Prithviraj. So that young India does not look up to them, or to anyone within India, for inspiration and looks elsewhere.

Asked why a book in which Sri Ramakrishna is described in demeaning terms was permitted by NCERT, the HRD Minister Arjun Singh gave a lecture to the media on history writing. "History has to be written after carefully weighing all facts". Of course, I have not read the book in question. If it is so written we should look into it! "Should look into it" - what a sober reply! He could afford to be sober as he knows that no mob will burn down government owned buses or buildings for vulgarising one of the greatest spiritualists of all time, Sri Ramakrishna. There will be no fatwas kill the writers, no bandh or violence. Thus goes on detoxification to save secularism. Notwithstanding that it corrupts, even destroys, the idea of India in the mind of young, unwary Indian.


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At 8/10/2005 11:26:00 AM, Anonymous Sameer said...

These bastards like Arjun singh, who instead of retiring, are still clinging to their kursi which is offered as bheek for licking the feet of their madam, have no shame. I read on a website that the old saying was 'Patriotism was the last refuge for a scoundrel....... In India Secularism is the last refuge for scoundrels of all shades.....


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