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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hindus have no right to profess

By Debasis Tripathi

Orissa is passing under the shadow of Islamic militancy, which is badly affecting the Hindus. Sometimes, their right to life and profession is forcefully snatched away by the minority goons. Their business centres are looted and set afire. Even the businessmen and contractors are forced not to handle any tender, business enterprise, etc. A recent murder case of a Hindu contractor in Kendrapara is the recent example.

Pradeep Panda (30), a native of Chandol of Kendrapara district, the most sensitive district of coastal Orissa, was a businessman and a popular young contractor of the locality dealing with the construction of roads, buildings and embankments. In the last month, the State Government invited tenders for some construction works in the local water resource division. Pradeep was one of the applicants and got a work worth Rs. 18 lakh. But from the day he applied for the tender, he started receiving threatening calls from an ill-reputed Muslim gang to withdraw the same. Earlier too, Pradeep had been warned several times not to proceed in the tender business. “He was an honest contractor having a Government registration. When he submitted the tender papers, the Muslim goons used to threaten him to kill, unless he withdrew his papers,” said Susanta Parida, the cousin of the deceased.

But Pradeep paid no attention to these anti-social elements and kept on doing his work, which was quite unbearable for them. At last, on August 1, when Pradeep was passing through the Kendrapara township, two men came from the back on a motorbike, pumped bullets at him near the Muslim muhalla’s slaughter-house and managed to escape.

When Hyder was arrested, he was preparing to fly away abroad. Hence, suspicion of his active connection with the Mumbai-based terrorist groups cannot be ignored.

Although it was broad daylight, nobody came to the spot other than the activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and RSS. Hundreds of Hindu youths took the dead body in a procession under the leadership of Shri Golok Ch. Behera and Shri Harihar Das. They met the Superintendent of Police and demanded an immediate arrest of the culprits.

“We have taken a serious note of it. It is a preplanned murder relating to the business issue. We have got the clue. The culprits will be arrested within 24 hours, positively,” said Shri Dayal Gangwar, the Superintendent of Police while talking to Organiser.

This is not the first case, such cases do take place. According to locals, a particular Muslim community does not want the Hindus to hold the profitable businesses, for which it does not hesitate even to kill them as happened in the case of Pradeep. In 1999, these goons ransacked the shop of Shri Basanta Sahoo in the heart of the township, in which two persons were shot dead. In 2001, they blasted one garment shop of a wellknown Hindu leader and a contractor was killed in 2004.

According to reports, two militant groups operate in the locality, namely Hyder group and Tito group. Both are on the “Most Wanted” list of the police. Prior to 1998, both the groups had their internal rivalry, but after that they reportedly patched up. In the last June, Hyder was nabbed in Nagpur on the charge of murdering one businessman in the heart of the State capital, Bhubaneshwar. When he was arrested, he was preparing to fly away abroad. Hence, suspicion of his active connection with the Mumbai-based terrorist groups cannot be ignored, said one senior police officer withholding his name.

Apart from this, these militants are engaged in different anti-national activities with the support of the Bangladeshi infiltrators. Smuggling of narcotics and stolen ammunition, and running fake currency networks have become their parental businesses. According to police record, in the year 2001, three illegal radio stations were seized in the coastal belt of Ramagar block. These radio stations were of high power frequency. Being run by the local Bangladeshi infiltrators, these radio stations were broadcasting the anti-national programmes. So much so, they were allegedly engaged in tapping the police VHF. They were in such a place that it was very adjacent to the DRDA’s Atomic Research Centre, based at Whealer Islands. What happened to this case later is not known.

This Islamic terror took an ugly turn on August 15, 2004, when some militants defiled the tricolour and tried to set on fire the primary school of village Kanak Nagar in the coastal belt of Kendrapara. Six persons were arrested and placed behind the bars. S.K. Nasiruddin, the prime accused in that case, a strong supporter of a particular political party, won the election on that party’s ticket. Now this party has become the supreme commander in the UPA Government. The allegations were also made about the involvement of a local leader (now in the opposition of the State Assembly) in both the cases.

Similarly, two persons were nabbed in Mahakalpada on the charges of fake currency preparation. Both of them were Muslim migrants from Bangladesh. It may be mentioned here that the illegal migrants are also engaged in the illegal trafficking of local girls. Ten of such cases have been detected during the last year, confirm the police sources.

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