Hindu dharma is implicitly at odds with monotheistic intolerance. What is happening in India is a new historical awakening... Indian intellectuals, who want to be secure in their liberal beliefs, may not understand what is going on. But every other Indian knows precisely what is happening: deep down he knows that a larger response is emerging even if at times this response appears in his eyes to be threatening.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hindus wake up

India, after 58 years of Partition, once again stands at the crossroads. The Muslim problem, for which India was divided in 1947, is once again taking dangerous shape. Muslims, in 1946, had en masse voted for Pakistan. Those left in India on their free will were not Indianised. The Congress party used them as its vote-bank to pollute the process of genuine democracy in India. The Muslims in India are openly supported by Pakistan and Bangladesh. A majority of them follow the rules of millat, kufr, Dar-ul-Harb and Dar-ul-Islam. Islamic madrasas, mushrooming in the country, indoctrinate the impressionable young minds to become terrorists and finally participate in Islamic jihad. India and its Hindu population has tolerated Islamic terrorism for centuries. No solution to the Islamic problem has been discovered. It is now a national tragedy that requires every Hindu in India to unite. Indian nationalism is crying for this unity. The present situation in India is a consequence of the wrong national policies followed by Nehru and other Congress governments. In 1951, Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee resigned as Industry Minister from the Nehru Government and gave birth to a Hindu national party by the name of Jana Sangh. He was an honest and competent nationalist of India. He saw the need for Hinduism to support Indian nationalism. He devoted his whole life to the cause of India and was elected to the Lok Sabha in 1952. He desired to bring every Hindu political, social and cultural Hindu organisation under one strong national Hindu party. India must necessarily be a Hindu Rashtra. That does not mean that all other minorities are unequal citizens of India. Hindutva is the real and perfect definition of secularism. It means all Indian citizens regardless of their faiths are equal before the eyes of Indian law. There must be only one civil and criminal code with no particular religion being treated as specialas is being done these days by treating the Muslims. This is most unsecular and undemocratic.

R.V. Bhasin, 76, Bajaj Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai

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At 9/18/2005 09:38:00 PM, Anonymous Inquisitor said...

Don't you think that Hinduism is antithetical to the idea of nationalism?

After all, the essence of Hinduism is its appreciation of the entirety of objective reality and its refusal to believe that objective reality as an idea can be monopolised by the myopia necessary to any one particular time and space.


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