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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Setu-samudram project' is Govt's methodic plan to hurt Hindu feelings - Dr. Subramanyam Swami

September 7, 2007
By Staff Reporter, HJS

Mumbai (Maharashtra): ‘Arrest of Shankaracharya, prohibition on Dharmacharya to carry His ‘Danda’ during His air travel, destruction of ‘Ram-setu’ etc. are the methodic assaults by the Government on objects of worship of Hindus. When faith is destroyed, society is weakened and it is easy to convert such people. This is the real objective behind demolishing ‘Ram-setu’. The above statement was made by Dr. Subramanyam Swamy, the President of Janata Party.

Dr. Swamy was the main speaker in a program held on behalf of ‘Rameshwaram Ram-setu Raksha Manch’ and ‘Indian History Compilation Committee (Konkan Zone)’. He said, "It is not important to prove with the help of science, whether ‘Ram-setu’ is natural or man-made; but Hindus have faith in ‘Ram-setu’ and this reason is enough. Scientific proofs can be obtained later as was found in case of existence of Saraswati River and Dwaraka." He said further that 5 commissions before the Congress Government took over in 2004 had put up alternate plans against demolition of ‘Ram-setu’. But this Government has found a new approach so that the ‘Ram-setu’ would be demolished. The Government’s intentions are quite clear. Now the fight is between ‘Om and Rome." In a case fought in Punjab High Court about Brahma-sarovar (lake) in Kurukshetra, the Court had passed a verdict that if people have faith in Brahma Lake, there is no need to find any proof and their faith is sufficient. Even now the same problem has arisen. But the Congress Government is trying to avoid finding answer to this problem.

Shri. Karunanidhi, the President of DMK has extended his support to the project as Karunanidhi claims to be an atheist and not a Hindu. He has been carrying out very insulting propaganda against Sree Rama for past so many decades. He has written many dishonorable things about Sree Rama and is generally against Sree Rama. We must remember this. Shri. Swamy said further that the Government changed the route of Metro railway when a petition was filed that Delhi Metro project is a danger to Qutub Minar. The Government spent additional 20 crores of rupees in changing the route. Historical importance of Qutub Minar is nothing against ‘Ram-setu’. But the Government believes only in buttering minorities. The rulers want to prove to the minorities by demolishing ‘Ram-setu’that they do not care for Hindus. He said that as Indian Government is indifferent towards the demand to declare ‘Ram-setu’ as a historical monument, he would appeal to the Government of Sri Lanka for the same. (Hindus must realize that it would be shameful if help of another country is sought to save ‘Ram-setu’. They should try their best to save ‘Ram-setu’ - Editor)

Dr. Durgesh Samant, all India spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), Shri. Ramesh Shinde, its spokesperson for the State of Maharashtra, Shri. Shivanand Prabhu, HJS spokesperson for Southern India and Shri. Shivaji Vatkar, the Mumbai coordinator of HJS called on Dr. Swamy and briefed him about activities of HJS and various drives undertaken by it. Dr. Swamy was also informed about distortion of Indian Map on CNN-IBN and BBC TV channels, representation submitted to the Central Government in this regard and Govt’s inaction. Dr. Swamy asked for the relevant papers in the matter and assured to take up the issue with the Government.



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