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Monday, November 17, 2008

ATS - There is method in their madness.

from: Radha Rajan
date: Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 1:47 PM
subject: ATS - There is method in their madness.

Let's take this step by step so that there are no doubts at all about why the UPA is wallowing in muck and throwing it at Hindus.

First the ATS arrested Sadhvi Pragya because like the dumb woman that she is, she used her own motorbike to plant RDX. The arch plotter who master-minded the malegaon blasts doesnt have the brains to steal a bike - ideally the bike of a Muslim if she wanted the ATS to think jihadis did it.

Next the ATS went panting after Sameer Kulkarni - where is Sameer now?

Then the ATS saw another cat, and losing interest in the cat they had been chasing then, they race after Major Upadhyay. Where is Major Upadhyay now?

Then there was someone called Raicker. No more raicker now just as there is no more Kulkarni or Upadhyay.

Then the ATS started after Mahant Avaidyanath but this was no domestic cat, it was a big cat and when it bared its teeth and challenged the ATS to come get him, the ATS decided that discretion was the better part of valour and went racing after little known multi-faceted Dayananda Pande.

Now the ATS is not an independent artist performing at will. Its strings are pulled elsewhere and I have a nasty suspicion about who is pulling the strings - dont look for the usual suspects. This one keeps very very low profile, crawls out of his hole selectively, but is a known strategist. And that is why I think the idea behind the ATS wild-cat chase is very very diabolic and well strategised.

Now who and what is the ATS targeting? Abhinav Bharat (associated with Savarkar), the sadhu samaj (the UPA tasted blood with the Kanchi acharya let's not forget), mahant Avaidyanath who is associated with the Ramjanmabhumi issue, with A unknown sanyasi named Dayanand Pande who may have known the members of the Amarnath sangharsh samiti and the armed forces.

The man who is pulling the strings of the ATS is himself being pulled either by his fears or his greed. I suspect the latter.

If there is one thing the world is afraid of it is Hindu nationalism which alone can deal effectively with jihad and the evangelising church. And that is why there is this feverish return to gandhi, gandhigiri. And that is why repeatedly the TV channels in their panel discussions is throwing Gods and savarkar at Hindu panelists. The devilish startegist ahs succeeded so far because not one of the panelists has confronted Godse and Savarkar full-tosses head-on.

The idea is to frighten/repulse ordinary Hindus away from Hindu nationalism. But while the TV channels will throw Savarkar and Godse at us they will not throw Aurobindo and Tilak at us. Think about it all of you. Tilak, Aurobondo, Savarkar - they all thought alike, almost identically.

Then the string-puller wreaked vengeance on persons associated with important Hindu issues and institutions which had slighted the UPA govt.

Ramjanmabhumi - Mahant Avaidyanath, dangs district of Gujarat which was in the news for successfully challenging the obscene, evangelising church -- Swami Aseemanand (remember Swami asaram Bapu who was harrassed not long ago?) and Dayanand Pande for his alleged association with the jammu protestors.

Remember the armed forces' sharp and unambiguous refusal to divulge the religious composition of the armed forces? The UPA and Sachar were stupid to ask for this information and for the first time that I know, the armed forces asked the government to go climb a tree. I am sure the diabolic strategist was nursing the slight. To compund matters further, the armed forces took a strong and firm position on the sixth pay commission. The UPA had egg on its face on this issue too.

The idea was to throw tons of muck on Hindus everywhere who were asscoicated with any politicised Hindu issue. The devilish strategist did not dare to take on the armed forces in their entirety. So it targeted a Hindu in the armed forces - the damage to the prestige and dignity of the armed forces was just as effective as rubbishing them wholly.

Now why?

To thwart any attempt to alter public discourse on Hindu issues - they dont want a change in the idiom, the parameters of discussion and above all they don't want a change in the character of indian polity. And that is why I suspect that the string puller is himself being pulled by other hands.

If you keep repeating Hindu terror, hindu terrorists then you can generously like Salman Khursheed, say OK no hindu terror, but no Islamic terror also.

Promptly one of our own obligingly told us let us over TV let us say jihadi terror and not islamic terror as the jihad is not islamic.

The idea is to sanitise public discourse and idion on terrorism of the phrase islamic terrorism. Also to neutralise the adage not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim.

Next discredit narco-analysis so much that the only recourse available to the ATS to get to the bottom of jiahdi attacks will be given up and Hindus will welcome the rejection of narco-analysis.

Erode public confidence in high institutions - sanyasis and army. This is typical of all low-life. If they cannot lift themselves up, they will drag them down to their level.

Defaming the army and the police takes me back to two events -- the meeting that Nirmala Deshpande and Admiral Ramdas arranged in madras with 150 Pakistanis among whom were retired army men. One of them, Gen.Karamat Ali declared, don't take too much pride in your army. There will come a day when your army will be as defamed as the Pakistani army.

Just as the UPA govt beleives in equal--equal of unequals, there are elements in the UPA who want to reduce the Indian Army to the status of the Pakistani army.

The second meeting was in 2004 in Chennai when the incumbent NSA presided over a meeting where Chris Patten was Chief Guest and another meeting where he presided over a meeting calling for independent monitoring of police force. This meeting was addressed by Prof. Lustgarten and he told us that the report calling for such an indeendent monitoring wa s prepared by guess who - Chris patten of course. Dont blame me for smelling a dirty rat.

There is indeed method in this insanity but if all Hindu organizations remain firm, don't relent, dont give in, and don't maintain silence, this plot will collapse. This government has to go. It has too many dangerous elements behind the scene wreaking havoc. They don't care for the character of this nation is destroyed, if an alien culture is superimpsed on this Hindu Bhumi. We are fighting for the survival of this Bhumi. Someone told me this evening that this is a war no side can win. I disagree. Hidnu nationalists must win this war for the sake of this Hindu Bhumi and we must begin by formulating jaw-dropping answers to all their dirty shots.

-- RR

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