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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

ATS witch-hunt and facts about "Truth Drugs" in narco tests

According to an expert Dr. Luis A. Gottschalk, narcotic tests (for police investigations) are unreliable and misleading. During his investigation of 136 clinical and experimental studies he found only 2 which had success in extraction of correct information while 134 studies failed to do so. 1 out of 2 successful studies were done in Russia and this included old Russian technique.

Dr. Luis Gottschalk says that, even under best and most favorable conditions to interrogators and investigators, the output (from individual under test) is contaminated by fantasies, distortions, hidden angers, fears and frustrations. This may be far from truth and can be easily misinterpreted by interrogators.

Most of these so called “Truth drugs” distort the perception and interpretation of sensory input to central nervous system. This may also affect vision, audition, smell and sensation of size of body and position in space. Dr. Luis Gottschalk has noted in these trials that several reveal fantasies, fears and delusions approaching delirium.

There is no way for examiner to distinguish between truth and fantasy. A lady may have given birth to a baby that does even exist. A person wants to kill his father in law who has died a year ago. He has also noted that testimony concerning dates, events and places are untrustworthy often contradictory because of person’s loss of time and space senses.

Now ATS is going after several suspects, including a young sadhvi, and trying to prove their guilt solely on the basis of these narcotic tests without consideration of damage these tests are doing to these individuals and the country. They have put their own and army’s dignity on line, knowing that these test may bring wrong results and have no standing in court of law without any true evidence.

ATS should put more efforts in finding witnesses and persons who brought bombs and vehicle (supposedly a motorbike). ATS should put all efforts for solving many other terrorist attacks which took lives of many hundreds and caused loss of millions and nobody has been convicted yet.

It is a shame for ATS to say that Hindus of Bangladesh are involved in terrorist bombings in India. Hindus of Bangladesh are most oppressed people on Earth. The facts are that the terrorist Muslim organisations, under the protection of Muslim government of Bangladesh and help from ISI of Pakistan are doing terrorist activities in India. This is the Bangladesh where Muslims and Hindus both lived like brothers before independence from Pakistan. History will not forgive these officers of ATS and politicians who have done this.

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