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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Minority rule in Andhra Pradesh

Will Hindus resign themselves to be ruled by revived Moslem and Christian rule of over them of Moghuls and British?

from Hanuman_Chowdhary
date Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 4:05 AM
subject Minority Rule in Andhra Pradesh

On the 18th of Oct a number of Christian organizations under the leadership of Archbishop Rev. Joji of Andhra Pradesh met the Chief Minister and thanked him for conceding their demand and creating a separate department for Christian welfare and a separate Christian Finance Corporation in the government of Andhra Pradesh. So far the welfare and financing of Christians was part of the department of Minority Welfare and the Minority Finance Corporation respectively. The Christian Chief Minister had created special institutions for the welfare of Christians. According to the census 2001, Christians constitute 1.44% of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

2. It is becoming clearer by the day that the Chief Minister is doing what he has said namely that his is a government of minorities (a news report to this effect reporting the speech of Chief Minister appeared in Eenadu, the Telugu daily dated 21/02/2008 in its Hyderabad edition).

3. Some actions of the government of the Andhra Pradesh for minorities are the following:

Ø Waiver of Rs. 500 cr of debt owed by minorities to the government Minority Finance Corporation.

Ø Using government funds to subsidize the pilgrimage of Christians from Andhra Pradesh to Jerusalem/Bethlehem in Israel / Palestine.

Ø Spending government money for performing the marriage of Muslim & Christian couples at the rate of 15000 per couple. The marriages themselves will be under the auspices of the government‘s minority welfare departments [The first such group marriages was conducted in the State on 22/10/2008. The Chief Minister told this crowd that congress has unbound love and care and regard for Moslems and in proof of it he mentioned his giving 4% reservation for Moslems in spit of obstructions (from the High Court and Supreme Court)]

Ø Government of Andhra Pradesh pays 100% of the tuition fees for Muslims in professional colleges for engineering, medicine, MBA, MCA, B.Ed, dental etc. The Colleges had been ordered not to charge Muslims but get reimbursement from the government.

Ø Although Muslims (& Christians) have innumerable minority professional colleges, GOAP has been giving 5% reservation for Muslims in the non-minority colleges. Although the matter is being litigated in the High Court of Andhra Pradesh and in the Supreme Court, by various devices for two consecutive years this reservation has been implemented.

Ø It is only a matter of time before some reservation will be extended to Christians. Just like for Muslims. Also, just like for Muslims the government would defray all the fees to Christians in professional colleges.

Ø The grants to the AP Urdu Academy are being continuously increased since the last 4 years and for the current year it is about Rs. 14 cr.! The Sanskrit Academy gets only a fraction of what is given to the Urdu Academy, just Rs. 5 lakhs! From the Government of India. The Potti Sriramulu Telugu University gets about Rs. 7 cr.

Ø The Chief Minister has ordered that adequate spaces must be provided both for Muslims and Christians for their cemeteries, even as the church happens to be the largest owner of urban lands in the state and there are tens of thousands of acres of wakf land for Muslims.

Ø Day in and day out, the All India Radio in its Telugu bulletins is calling upon Muslims to fully avail of all the benefits and subsidies and loans that GOAP is giving under the UPA governments 14 -Point Development Program for minorities that is, Muslims .

Ø Christian associations and their Bishops and their churches are demanding that the GOAP enact a law – Prevention of Atrocities Against Christians just like the law for Prevention Atrocities Against SCs. We may be certain that if the Sonia–directed, Rajasekhara Reddy- led Congress gets into power again, this law will be passed as continuation of acts of the self -proclaimed government of minorities of Andhra Pradesh.

Ø There are about 200 castes among Hindus in the State each of which has less than 5% to 6% of the State’s population. Why not declare all of them minorities and create for each a Welfare Department; Finance corporation; subsidize their pilgrimages etc - No, this won’t be done because they are known as Hindus. If they convert they would benefit; that is the message that the AP government, the “government of minorities” is giving to non-Christians & non-Moslems.

4. The “secular” casteist and regional parties in their competitive bid to get “minority” votes are doing immense harm to Hindus. They are dividing Hindus by caste and region and or exhorting, encouraging and inciting minorities to unite, to ultimately rule over Hindus. Sri Ram Vilas Paswan while addressing an organisation of Moslems of Indian origin in Chicago called for a Dalit-Moslem alliance which would rule the politics and people of India. Now Christians would gladly join that alliance.

5. Will Hindus resign themselves to be ruled by revived Moslem and Christian rule of over them of Moghuls and British?

Dr T. H. Chowdary

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