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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Human rights violation of Malegaon blast accused

VHP demands apology from Prime Minister

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has demanded immediate release of all the framed accused of Malegaon blasts and immediate apology by the Prime Minister for his open act of influencing the pre-planned investigation and also influencing the judiciary. The Parishad also demanded immediate strict action against all the ATS officers for obvious torture and human rights violation.

In a statement issued in New Delhi on November 22, VHP general secretary Dr Pravin Togadia said there are media reports supposedly leaked by Mumbai ATS that one of the so-called accused in Malegaon blasts case (as innovated by ATS) had plotted to kill some top RSS leaders and that the IB had known that much before. Ridiculing the said claims by ATS Dr Togadia said there are obvious contradictions in the said claims by the Mumbai ATS.

“If the alleged accused of Malegaon blasts had plotted to kill senior RSS leaders then obviously the same accused would never blast any Muslim area. Those who are against Hindu organisations like the RSS, VHP, obviously would not do anything against Islam. If the IB knew that there had been such plot of killing the senior RSS leaders, then how many meetings IB, NSA, PM and HM had with these leaders to brief them about the individual security risk and what security was provided to them then? It was only after the jehadi attack on the RSS headquarters in Nagpur, the Nagpur police provided the office with some scanty security but no cover had been given to these said RSS leaders whose names have been ‘leaked’ by the ATS. Does this mean that the Government knew of the said plot and it ignored the threat intentionally so as to let the RSS leaders suffer the threat?” Dr Togadia asked.

He said the very fact that the Prime Minister is so keen and eager to send NSA and IB Director to brief the Leader of Opposition Shri L.K. Advani on Malegaon probe itself exposes the political nexus and vested interest of the UPA in Maharashtra State’s internal law and order issue. By this action, the Prime Minister himself has proven the allegation that the UPA has deep vested political interest in innovating the Malegaon blast probe and the political conspiracy behind it to finish Hindus to get Muslim votes. Various flip-flops of Mumbai ATS, Haryana Police and UPA leaders’ statements have time and again proven the political nexus of the UPA to the so-called Malegaon blasts probe.

He further said that invoking MCOCA on all the alleged accused of Malagaon blasts probe itself proves that the ATS has no evidence against the accused. All this only proves that the UPA and Maharashtra government only want to frame Hindus creating imaginary lies and leaks whereas the need of the hour is whole India including all governments must come together to fight against jehadi terrorism before it finishes India.

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