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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cry my beloved country

I would emphatically hold out the view that madrasas negate secularism and inflicts a devastating body blow to secularism.

It is shocking how the Congress led UPA right from its assuming power has been bent on shredding the fabric of national unity of India by its string of policies under the concept of ‘inclusive development’ aimed only to garner the votes of the Muslims.

The Central government is playing with fire because it is igniting the fuse instead of defusing the flames. Instead of fighting terrorism it seems to be abetting terrorism.

Something that is globally recognized is that madarsas are the nucleus--initiating stage for furthering a skewed mindset. It also becomes a recruiting centre for future terrorists. Fortunately India has not been drawn into such a vortex--but the latest move of the Government can lead to such a situation. It is still baffling why the academicians and the educationalists are silent on the issue.

From the time the Congress led UPA came to power it has been bent on abetting divisive forces and had gone ahead with its policy of appeasement.

Now the Congress led UPA has discovered a new yardstick to identify social, economic and political backwardness--religion. Every form of divisive seeds have been sowed and nurtured by the Congress. Since it was a minority it cobbled together the UPA and went ahead with its divisive policy which it gave a new sheen as ‘inclusive ‘development.’

Now the latest hat trick the Congress led UPA government has performed in the name of secularism and upliftment of the Muslims is to recognize the madarasa certificate on par with the CBSE and the SSLC.

I am at a loss to comprehend what this government is going to achieve by such a move--

* Appease the Muslims by making their children stunted?

* Garner the Muslim votes by a shortsighted policy?

* Prove its secular credentials?

* Till it is voted out of power, be determined to continue undermining democracy?

* Continue sowing divisive seeds of separatism?

* Does the UPA government think that this is the hall mark of secularism?

* Can the Congress and its allies be so unpatriotic that even at the cost of the country’s unity it seeks power?

* Is it any one or all of the above mentioned reasons which has compelled the Congress led UPA to embark on this suicidal move?

* Can there be a hidden agenda which is more than just a measure aimed at garnering of Muslim votes?

The Congress led UPA‘s Muslim appeasing policy sounds the death-knell to all that the Constitution holds sacred and against the tenets of nationalism and patriotism. Cry my beloved country.

-- Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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