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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Secularists in India have a penchant for spreading lies

Fabricated evidence, imaginary incidents, cooked up killings, tutored witnesses, two-dozen template affidavits to support secularism.

Secularists in India have a penchant for spreading lies. Perjury promoters in the façade of NGOs hogged immense publicity and disrepute to the country cooking up macabre riot stories. They did it with the help of tutored witnesses giving imaginary incidents with generous publicity stunt from over-zealous media. First to expose the criminal conspiracy of this pseudo-secular brigade under activist Teesta Setalvad was her most celebrated witness Zahira Shaikh.

Now in a more credible and stinging revelation the Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by former CBI director K Raghavan along with former DGP CB Satpathy and three senior IPS officers—Geetha Johri, Shivanand Jha and Ashish Bhatia—entrusted with the inquiry into post-Godhra riots in Gujarat in 2002 has nailed the NGO claims in the apex court.

The findings of the SIT have exposed the mischief spread by Setalvad who paraded the so-called Gujarat riot victims before the whole world claiming that the state was not giving them justice. The findings of the SIT have come as yet another clinching evidence of the dubious and sinister game being played by the so-called patrons of secularism to tarnish the image of BJP in general and the Gujarat government in particular. Its dynamic leader Narendra Modi, was mercilessly targeted by the media to paint him a villain. The SIT has given sufficient grounds to the Supreme Court to doubt the authenticity of incidents highlighted by Setalvad and her notorious NGO, Citizens for Justice and Peace. Now the evidences have put a question mark on their claims on raping and ripping Kasur Bano’s stomach (Teesta might have picked up the idea from a James Hadley Chase novel The Last Three Digits) killing the foetus. All the affidavits were drafted, typed and printed from the same computer giving the impression that they were prepared at one place and they were tutored. Evidences of 22 witnesses were suspect, according to the SIT, owing to the identical submissions made to the court. The SIT found that these complainants were not even aware of the incidents. The SIT has made it clear that the evidence it acquired established that witnesses were tutored to give evidence about imaginary incidents and the charges levelled against the then Ahmedabad police chief PC Pandey were baseless.

The Supreme Court appointed high power investigating team accused Teesta Setalvad of adding morbidity into the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat by “cooking up macabre tales” of killings. The SIT further noted, “Many incidents were cooked up, false witnesses were tutored to give evidence about imaginary incidents and false charges levelled.”

It is understandable that the UPA found this lady worthy for the Padma award. The SIT has concluded that the alleged grisly incident of dumping dead bodies into a well in Naroda Patiya and the macabre rape and murder incident about Kasur Bano which hit headlines for many days actually never take place. The SIT further concluded that no corroborative evidence has been found to establish any of the allegations the NGO was propagating with vicious ferocity. Same is the conclusion of the SIT on Gulbarga Society, in which police was accused of complicity. These evidences have clearly besmirched whatever little credibility was left of the notorious NGO and its promoters. But what is immediately needed is to charge these Goebbelsian liars with perjury and more stringent punishments. Their cohorts in the media and politics should be asked to apologise to the nation and shut up.

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