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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

BJP-ruled States oppose minority quota in education

Tuesday, January 11

Bangalore: BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)-governed States today (Jan 11, 2005) strongly opposed proposal to grant reservation to minorities in professional courses, and sought imposition of stringent riders while allowing FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and foreign universities in higher education space in the country.

At the conference of Ministers of Higher and Technical Education, attended by Union Human Resources Development Minister, reservation for religious and linguistic minorities was opposed, according to Rajasthan's Higher and Technical Education Minister Ghanashyam Tiwari.

Terming the proposal as a "wrong concept" and one, which would further divide communities, Tiwari, who said he has been asked by the party to put across the BJP's view on issues discussed in the conference, declared that it would not be allowed.

Tiwari, who was accompanied by Madhya Pradesh's Higher and Technical Education Minister Archana Chitnis at a press conference, said the decision of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) Government to establish Minorities Education Commission was also strongly opposed.

BJP-governed States favoured a central legislation in the matter of admissions to professional courses, he said.

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At 11/15/2005 12:42:00 PM, Blogger pahoja said...

BJP threw away the opportunity to move towards Hindutva when they were in power at the centre. Their six year rule was no different from the Congress rule. The people elected them to power on the issue of Ram temple. But after coming to power they disowned the Ram temple issue all together. The people have punished them for this folly and now they have to sit in the opposition. But even now, they do not seem to realise their fault. In Gujarat Modi has got almost three fourth majority based on Hindutva. Why can't the central leadership realise the force of Hindutva as a central issue. They do not seem to want to capture power again.


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