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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Laloo’s ‘secular goondaism’ alias ‘bogus secularism’!

It is stated that Lalu Prasad is flaunting the Godhra report to garner Muslim votes, which is a blatant violation of EC rules. If this is accepted, why blame the BJP for seeking Hindu votes? What kind of democracy are we running? If this is called ‘secularism’, the meaning of ‘secularism’ has to be changed and replaced by ‘minoritism’. Nowhere is the majority community treated like this, says a letter to the editor of TNIE.

Here below are a few more lines from two other letters:

For an impartial observer the substance of the report only reinforces his apprehensions as there has been ample evidence from press reports about the present Railway Minister’s pre-judged and conclusive statements prior to appointing the commission as to what lead one is supposed to follow in trying to get the truth…We have a senior Minster going out of the way to prove that what was seemingly a terrorist act as an “accident”, only for minority votes. This is a most dangerous trend and sends a clear signal to terrorists that they can get away with anything. Laloo’s antics are putting the nation to a great security threat and must be stopped. It is rather sad that the Congress, which lost two of its leaders to extremists, is a mute spectator to the whole drama. If this is secularism, I would prefer honest communalism to secularist goondaism…The Banerjee Committee wants us to believe a nonsensical theory that an entire railway bogie with all the passengers can be consumed by fire in matter of seven minutes. Passenger in that bogie would not have remained unconcerned if the fire were due to a kerosene stove. The timing of Banerjee Committee report just a few days before the assembly elections and also the person (Laloo Prasad) at whose instance the committee was instituted suggest that it was aimed at maligning NDA and to wipe out the BJP in the northern states.


“If this is secularism, I would prefer honest communalism to secularist goondaism.” No one can improve the expression, I bet.


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