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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mahatma Osama bin Laden

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The previous offering showed that Mahatma Gandhi, who said the Muslim is a bully and the Hindu is a coward, was by his own dictum and practice a Hindu coward, and that he left in place a creed called Nehruvian secularism to perpetuate such a Muslim-Hindu relationship.

These days the English-language national mainstream media is in what is called "election mode". The Election Commission of India has something called a model code of conduct for elections. Let us see how the media describe the implementation of this code by our Nehruvian secularists.

And let us see to where this real code leads.

The Nehruvian-secularist India Today (V'mala 26) editorially notes of Bihar that "the state has become the byword for backwardness where crime and lawlessness are rampant, and there seems little hope for any kind of order" (Feb 14, 2005). The overlord of Bihar is the notoriously Nehruvian-secular LP Yadav, a senior union minister whose party is an important ally of the prime bearers of Nehruvian secularism, the Congress Party. Pitted against LP Yadav is another senior union minister RV Paswan, declared Nehruvian-secular because, post-Godhra Gujarat, he resigned from a "Hindu"-led union government (though Yadav unkindly says Paswan resigned because he lost a lucrative ministerial portfolio). Paswan, believing in setting a dacoit to catch a dacoit, freely selects notorious dons to represent him ("Paswan to herald Jungle Raj II?", The Pioneer, Feb 6, 2005). Supporting both is the flag-bearer of Nehruvian secularism, the Congress Party.

Now, ask who is responsible if Bihar is today the absolute pits? LP Yadav runs the State with the support of the Congress. RV Paswan challenges him with the support of the Congress.

Ask now who are the voters who bring in the Yadavs and Paswans and whom the Congress supports. To borrow words from the same India Today editorial, ask who is the "catchment constituency" of the Yadavs and Paswans? Why, as it itself identifies, "the Muslim voter"! Observe the irony, and the tragedy. Nehruvian secularism panders communally to Muslims to vote in power those it itself then calls a "plague" on Bihar. The Muslim leadership encourages Muslims to vote as Muslims, not as Indians. The Muslim votes for those who, as Nehruvian secularists, suck up to Muslims - and then Nehruvian secularists complain that the entire State "has regressed on all counts of economics and development".

Did you kinow that retired Patna High Court judge Sarwar Ali compares LP Yadav's strategy - "working on the same lines" - to that of Narendra Modi (A Tewary, "Yeh swing kya hai, asks Lalu", The Pioneer, Jan 27, 2005). And Paswan's strategy is no different from that of Yadav's.

Did you know that RV Paswan now injects the same poison into Jharkhand? In his party's election manifesto he promises to Muslims in Jharkhand inclusion in the Scheduled Castes list, 10% reservations, and Urdu, Persian and Arabic universities in that State ("LJP promises 10% quota to Muslims", The Pioneer, Jan 31, 2005).

Inclusion in the SC list? Muslims are not a "caste" to Hindus. You mean Muslims treat other Muslims as low caste? Reservations on the basis of religion? The Nehruvian-secular Congress government tried that in Andhra Pradesh, and the Nehruvian-secular UPA government has done that in our central paramilitary forces. Not in Hindi university (let alone Sanskrit) because that would be "Hindu", but you mainstream Muslims by educating them in Urdu? Persian? and Arabic? Paswan promises not the teaching of these languages as university courses, but promises universities with these languages as the medium of instruction. To mainstream Indian Muslims into what? Arab culture? Where will these graduates get jobs? In Iran? In Saudi Arabia? What and where is the demand for Urdu-speaking jobs? More madrasas? So then, create more job reservations for them? Which Indian government uses Persian or Arabic as its working language? Recall VS Naipaul. What is this if not the promise and promotion of Islamic imperialism over India? The skullcap to replace the angavastram (K Gupta, "Paswan's Laden in Lalu's Bihar", The Pioneer, Feb 2, 2005)?

Our country's prime minister decries the "Lawlessness in Haryana, says Manmohan" (R Ahuja, The Hindu, Feb 1, 2005), and calls the government there "corrupt". This is entirely in consonance with his napunsak ethics (V'mala 69). He has no difficulty with his colleague RV Paswan electioneering amongst Muslims to appeal for their votes with a lookalike of world-terrorist Osama bin Laden (after all, says Paswan, "Osama does have some following among the Muslim youth" - K Gupta, op cit). He has no difficulty with colleagues who call each other communal (Md Taslimuddin on "anti-Muslim" LP Yadav - N Upadhyay, "Satraps shake M-Y edifice", The Pioneer, Feb 2, 2005), abductors (RV Paswan on "kingpin of all kidnappers" LP Yadav - A Tewary, "Kislay has poll-time release", The Pioneer, Feb 3, 2005), thieves and murderers (V'mala 82) in language that "would embarrass street bullies" (V Subramaniam, "Congress big dreams", The Hindu, Feb 3, 2005).

And he has no difficulty presiding, even nominally, over a dispensation which watches as communist terrorism spreads from 57 to 153 of the 493 districts in India (G Parthasarathy, "Spreading Maoist menace", The Pioneer, Jan 27, 2005).

Nominally? Well, over him is the National Advisory Council with such defenders of Democracy as Jean Dreze and Magsaysay-awardee and vocal Nehruvian-secularist Aruna Roy.

Roy "crusades" with her MKSS for "corruption-free elections" at the village level (S Sebastian, "A fight against `bribe' in panchayat polls" - The Hindu, Feb 2, 2005) though she herself at the national level has no difficulty keeping company with those who promote and encourage and support RV Paswan and his Laden lookalike, and LP Yadav under whose chhattrchhaya her own leader the NAC chairperson Sonia Gandhi herself finds that Bihar, "land of learning and wisdom has been taken over by anarchy and degenerate political actions" (V Ramakrishnan, "Making sense of Sonia's Bihar campaign", The Hindu, Feb 2, 2005).

And over all this sits our silver-haired President, votary of telling the truth (V'mala 67), who is pleased to dismiss the TN Governor for not serving tea, but is happy to retain the Goa Governor who dismisses a ministry that wins an assembly vote-of-confidence.

It is an indubitable historical fact that Mahatma Gandhi, "Father of the Nation", abased himself before Muslims. He revived Koranic Islam in India, and now he has been consumed by his own creation.

Meet the new Mahatma for India. Osama bin Laden.

Yes, RV Paswan, self-declared saviour of the Muslims, "worships" Osama bin Laden as the "Mahatma" (S Prasannarajan, "Lalu's Last Call", India Today, Feb 14, 2005).

Mahatma Osama. That's right. Mahatma Osama. Roll the words around your tongue. Savour them. Remember what Islam has done, in 50 years or so, to Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir. If the Nehruvian-secular Paswan and the forces behind him win, Hindus will need to say those words fluently to survive in Jharkhand and Bihar.

Mahatma Osama bin Laden. The Father of the New Nation, a Muslim nation, India on its way to being Dar-ul Islam.

This is the advantage of the open amorality of the Yadavs, Mayawatis and the like. Unlike the sophistical Nehru-Gandhis , they tell it upfront (V'mala 82).

By conferring on bin Laden the honorific Nehruvian secularism uses for MK Gandhi, RV Paswan exposes the false doctrine of Gandhian non-violence for what it really is - a doctrine to exterminate the Hindu.

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