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Sunday, March 20, 2005

In the name of ‘Secularism’

By: Kiran R
March 18, 2005

Secularism as it is spoken of today has no meaning. If one speaks of Hinduism or makes a reference to a Hindu God or says he votes for the BJP - the conclusion from people around is - "this person is not secular". I have come across these many times -

People who claim to be secular fail in defining what is secularism

Ask them to define secularism and they will blink for some time and possibly smile - "what a question" - But they fail miserably in defining it. Ok say they define it as 'equality of all religions', 'respect for all religions'....etc. Agreed. But how do they apply the meaning? Ask them if the current Indian Government is secular? Of course, "Yes" is the answer - Isn't Laloo a part of the Indian government as railway minister - Is he secular? Is Laloo who seeks votes based on caste secular? Is the Indian Muslim League a part of the UPA secular? Was Rajiv Gandhi secular? These people who lose no time in pointing to Narendra Modi’s “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” have conveniently forgotten Rajiv Gandhi’s comments on the anti-sikh riots. [Rajiv Gandhi's unpardonable reference to the shaking of the earth when a banyan tree fell down]. In India it is no longer development that wins elections. It is 'caste alliances' -- it is no longer 'cast your vote', it is 'vote your caste'. Secularism is used as a political tool without meaning

They say that the BJP is fascist, that the BJP is communal

The problem with the Macaulay system of education that we inherited is that it created a breed of Indians who were "Indian by birth, British by education". We use big words like fascism without knowing the meaning. Ask 90% of the people to define it and they fail miserably - they use it to hurl abuses at a political party without knowing its meaning. Just ask them to define fascist.

27% of India's population votes the BJP. Are these people communal? Is 32 % of India that votes for NDA communal? Is one in every 3 Indians communal? Is one in every 3 Indians fascist?

Secularism in India is 'minority appeasement' and 'anti majorityism'

The political parties want the 'law to take its own course' in the Ram Janmabhoomi issue. But they had no compunctions when it came to amending the constitution in the Shah Bano case [A poor old lady wanted a maintenance/living allowance from her husband and when the court ruled in her favour, there was a hue and cry. The secular Congress government amended the constitution to reverse the judgement]. But why can it not be amended for the Ram Temple issue.

If Kashmir is a part of India, why should Article 370 exist? If there were no article 370, any Indian outside Kashmir would have been able to buy land in Kashmir, more people would have settled there and we may not have had the Kashmir issue. Why are people who want Article 370 abrogated communal?

When Muslims in the USA conform to a Uniform Civil Code in the USA, how come they do not want to have a uniform civil code in India? Our 'secular' lawmakers have turned a blind eye to it. People who want a common law for all religions are communal. Surely secularism in India is a 'junk' word.

In the name of secularism, irreparable damage has been done to the country

The media selectively blacks out information and does not fairly report both sides of an issue [eg His Holiness the Shankaracharya issue. Except for the Pioneer and Indian Express]. The country is being subjected to a disinformation campaign in the name of secularism.

Most of the Indian history we study originated from the ideas of ‘secular’ leftist historians. The efforts of Netaji, Savarkar, Chandrashekar azad, bhagat singh find cursory reference in our textbooks

Popular mandate is subverted in the name of secularism

-In Karnataka, people voted out the SM Krishna Congress government. It had a majority on its own but in the elections, its seats were almost halved. BJP emerged as the single largest party with few seats short of majority - It was an anti Congress mandate - conveniently subverted with the Congress entering into an alliance with the Janata Dal (secular) of Deve Gowda. A party that was voted out returned in the name of secularism

- The governors appointed by NDA in Goa, Jharkhand, Bihar and other places were asked to leave. The reason given was they are saffron or communal. We have seen the 'murder of democracy' in Goa and Jharkhand by the secular governors appointed by UPA. How many times can one subvert the popular mandate in name of secularism - In India there is no limit.

Saffron means renunciation

It is one of the colours of the national flag and has been worn by our great sages and rishis since time immemorial. It is today the most abused colour.
‘Secular’ India will never come to know how Netaji died

Recently, there were articles about the Taiwan Government that there was no air crash that history says killed Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. If there was no air crash how did Netaji die?

The Mukherjee commission and Dr Purabi roy and several researchers say there is material to prove that Netaji was captive in Russia in 1946 (much after his reported death). Netaji's elder brother had said in 1947 - "Subhash is alive and Jawaharlal knows it" Was Subhash Chandra Bose left to die in imprisonment in Russia under Stalin? God knows. Probably in ‘secular’ India, we will never come to know. With the 'secular' Congress government having decided not to extend tenure of Justice Mukherjee commission, we will probably never come to know. [ for details]. Was 'Secular' India a silent ignorant spectator to Netaji's possible secret imprisonment and death in Russia under Stalin?

'Secular' Nehru's gifts to India are well known. General Cariappa had said – “Give me 24 hours and I will get Kashmir”. We went to UN. And that part of Kashmir that was left unconquered is now POK (Pakistan occupied)

In the name of secularism, it will be interesting to see the many jokes that are going to be played on the Indian people and democracy in the future. The country has reached a stage where secularism has become a joke.

Kiran R

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At 3/21/2005 08:38:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with you. In india the so called "secular" politicians are never going to let the truth out about Netaji. But the so called "fundamentalist" weren't able to do much either, when they were given the chance for 6 years!


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