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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Coalition Against Genocide and anti-India tirade abroad

By Pradip Kumar Sarkar

Coalition Against Genocide (CAG), an organisation of individuals drawn from USA and Canada hit headlines when it succeded in convincing the US administration to deny visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. It is a biased organisation or coalition because it is interested only in propagating genocide of Muslims and has no interest in curbing the genocide of Hindus and other minorities in the Kashmir Valley or in Bangladesh. Human rights of the minorities are freely violated by the Muslims in Kashmir and in Bangaladesh, but they become vociferous when talking of human rights violations in Gujarat.

The CAG sounds like the mouthpiece of the so-called secular front of India and comprises of fake sympathisers who raise their voice against genocide. It is strange how the US State Department can give credence to such fake organisations made up of a handful of persons.

In Gujarat, 60 to 70 Hindus were burnt alive in Godhra in a railway compartment by a Muslim mob and this became the immediate cause and provocation for mob violence and mass upsurge in retaliation.

Mr Mallford, the US Ambassador to India, gave reasons for denial of visa to Shri Modi “as head of the state government between February 2002 to May 2002, he was responsible for the performance of the state institutions at that time.” By the time Mallford declared the reasons for denial of visa to Modi, all the victims of the post-Godhra Gujarat riots were rehabilited by the same state machinery or institutions headed by Shri Modi, who spent thousands of crores of rupees on rehabilitating the victims. Further, the responsibility of the head of Gujarat state relate to a period three-years old. The denial, not being within two years time as per the relevant clause of the provisions of the American law applied in the case, does not pass the test of law of two years. So by refusing the visa, the US State Department has violated its own law.

It is surprising how the Americans, who send rockets after rocket with immaculate precision into space, have failed to adjudge the ground reality of their own law. It can be well presumed that they were guided by some external political factor. It will be very pertinent to explore how the policy decisions of the State Department of USA are made by looking at their historical background.

Historic Compulsions

At the end of the Second World War, after the summit at Yalta with Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill, President Rossevelt of USA travelled quietly in the ‘USS Quincy’ near the Suez Canal and concluded a treaty with King Ibn Saud (Sunni Muslim), the chieftain of the nomadic tribes of Saudi Arabia to explore the vast quantities of oil reserves in the Arabian Peninsula in return for full military support to the king. This treaty changed the entire course of global politics of USA to American ‘blood for oil’ or ‘energy independence’ strategies.

The fallacy is to accede to any whim or fancy of the Saudis and to prop up the nasty regime of the House of Saud. Denial of visa to Shri Modi by USA perhaps, is to satisfy an Arab whim at the instigation of Pakistan. Another pernicious consequence is to bear with Islamic aggrandisement adventures. In this backdrop, the emergence of Pakistan by dividing India cannot be ruled out as in US-British interests which are complementary to each other. The American policy of oil exports by any means necessary from the five countries of the Persian Gulf, which possess two-thirds of world’s oil, decimates the foreign policy of USA. The Al Qaeda tried hard to dislodge this nasty regime of the House of Saud from the clutches of the US protection by hitting at the American pride on 9/11.

Thus, it is a historic compulsion for USA to bear with or turn a blind eye to Islamic terrorism in Israel, Kashmir, Islamic expansionist designs, funding by Arabia of ISI, Pakistan and procuring nuclear weapons to connive in the crimes against humanity committed by Abdul Kader. It is highly paradoxical that the USA has been the champion of human rights violations in Kashmir Valley by the local Muslim militant groups with the aid of state police and administration and Pakistani guns and gunpowder. Again, intermittent and continuous genocide and human rights violations against the minority Hindus, Buddhists, Christians in Bangladesh by Khaleda Zia, by the Jamaat combine and by various Muslim terrorist outfits has become a routine affair in Bangladesh. But USA is a silent spectator, restricting itself to issuing formal press notes as a face-saving device out of historic compulsions. The treaty between President Roosevelt and King Ibn Saud encumbered USA with the historic compulsion of an Arabian nod for taking any action against the Muslims, amounting to appeasement of Muslims.

Glimpse of Human Rights Violations

After World War II, the UNO in 1945 adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights calling upon the nations to respect freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear. In 1961, Amnesty International was founded to police cases of human rights violations. After the formation of Pakistan in 1947, more than one lakh Hindus as the minority population was butchered in West Pakistan and 30 million were driven out in a bid to bring about ethnic cleansing. Similar was the case in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) where 30 million minorities became victims of ethnic cleansing and who migrated to India. Nearly two million minority population was killed by the East Pakistani soldiers in 1971 during the formation of Bangaladesh. So, the record of human rights violations against minorities in Pakistan even after the UNO charter is very grave.

Looking back at history, it can be said that human rights violations in propagating Islam in the dark Middle Ages were extremely shocking. Tamurlane (1336-1406), the most ruthless conqueror, ravaged all of Central Asian regions upto Russia in his bid to Islamise people and massacred all people refusing to embrace Islam. He is said to have made pyramids with human skulls. He then set out to Islamise China but died on the way. So, propagation of Islam caused flow of human blood from the Caspian Sea region to the Pacific Ocean and that may be called the darkest age of human rights violations.

Genocide in Kashmir

Human rights violations by the Muslims is continuing even today at the same pace. More than 5 lakh Hindu Pundits migrated from Kashmir Valley to various places in India in the wake of ethnic cleansing of minorities in 1990s in Kashmir Valley and are languishing in refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi for the last 15 years. It was an Islamic Jehad waged by the local Muslims against the Hindus, who were the owners of valuable orchards, with arms supplied by Pakistan. From 1990s onwards, there was systematic genocide, rape of women, arson, looting of the Hindu Pandits and other minorities to drive them out of Kashmir.

The 18 Pakistani journalists headed by Imtiaz Alam, Secretary General of South Asian Free Media Association, on a tour of Jammu in 2004 to facilitate the Indo-Pak peace process, faced the heat of the Hindu refugees, the Pandits. “We were killed because of guns and gunpowder sent to Kashmir by Pakistan. We feel Pakistan is a terrorist nation. It is not a freedom movement in Kashmir but a Jehad waged by the Muslims against the Hindus and other minority communities. The Muslims in Gujarat got justice and total rehabilitation because the Indian media fought for them. But in the last 15 years, the Pakistani media has remained silent on the violations of human rights in respect of the Hindus and other minorities in the Kashmir Valley and in fact is supporting the ethnic cleansing. The Pakistani media is a tool in the anti-Hindu and anti-India propaganda,” the Pandits said.

Bangladesh: Slaughterhouse of Hindus

In the wake of de-secularisation of the Constitution of Bangladesh by Zia-ur Rehman under pressure from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the lifting of ban on communal parties and declaring Islam as the State religion by Ershad, the flow of petrol-dollars from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries saw mushrooming of mosques, maktabas, madrasas in every nook and corner of Bangladesh. Militancy in Bangladesh was fuelled by Jamaat-i-Islam, Islamic Oikya Jote and Khilafat Andolan. In 1984, Jamaat-i-Islam and ISI recruited 5,000 madrasa alumni as Mujahideens for Afghanistan to fight against Soviet occupation. They were trained by Hizbul Islam, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Laskar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed and participated in Jehad in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kashmir and are at the vanguard of militancy in Bangladesh. Muslim sentiments in Bangladesh were inflamed following US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and thus Islamic terrorist bases in Bangladesh were strengthened.

o The Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-Islam (Huji) was founded in 1992 by the Mujahideens who fought in Afghanistan and it has now 15,000 activists who are getting arms training in Chittagong and Sylhet districts of Bangladesh. They participated in the Hindu cleansing operations during the post-Babri Masjid demolition and caused large-scale destruction of Hindu temples and desecration of Hindu deities apart from indiscriminate murders and gang rapes of Hindu women. Even Christian villages were not spared. Huji attacked Sheikh Hasina in 2001 with explosives in her home town of Kotalipara.

The Jamat-ul-Mujahideen (Jum) is the youth wing of HUji, and is spread over Dinajpur, Bogra, Chapai, Nabgunj, Joypurhat districts of Bangladesh and is engaged in fabricating ‘dirty bombs’ with enriched uranium.

The Jagra Muslim Janta (JMU), founded in Dhaka in 1998, has followers of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JMJ) and Jaish-i-Hind with 10,000 cadres to annihilate the Hindus in Awami League. They operate openly with the support of the local police. They have already killed 12 people in Rajashahi district. Siddiqui Rehman alias Bangla Bhai is its commander and he frequently visits India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is at present housed in a safe shelter in West Bengal.

The Sahadat Al-Hikma (SAH) was founded in 2003 in Rajshahi district with the support of a Bangladeshi minister, Maudud Ahmed and the organisation is funded by mafia don, Dawood Ibrahim. It has 10,000 commandos and 25,000 fighters who are getting ready for an Islamic revolution in Bangladesh.

The Hizbul Tauhid (HT) is active in Barisal district and propagates an Islamic revolution based on the Quran and Shariyat.

A strong competition is going on between the electronic and print media to consistently publicise human rights violations in Gujarat but not the fact of rehabilitation of the victims. The same media were and are conspicuously silent on the human rights violations of Kashmiri Pundits and other minorities. Not even once did they publicise the plight of the minorities and the Hindu Pundits who are suffering for the last 15 years. As a result, the world knows about human rights violations in Gujarat but not that of the Kashmiri Pundits and minorities.

(The writer can be contacted at 67, Gouri Bari Lane, Kolkata-700 004.)

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