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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Black Paper on UPA Government’s education policy

Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), the country’s largest student organisation, has published a Black Paper on the education policy of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA)’s Government. Terming the conspiracies hatched by Congress-Leftists combine as “efforts to denationalise, politicise, communalise and commercialise education, the ABVP general secretary, Shri K.N. Raghunandan warned of a countrywide agitation if the government did not reverse its education policy.

“The education policy of the UPA Government is directionless and highly politicised. All decisions are influenced by Leftists, minorities and private management lobbies. Since Independence, no government has used the field of education so much for its political ends. There was assurance in the UPA’s Common Minimum Programme that ‘nobody will be denied professional education because he or she is poor’. But there are cases of students committing suicides in Kerala, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan where poor students are unable to pay the exorbitant fees. Even now the Central legislation draft for self-financing educational institutions (regarding admission and fee structure) is in favour of managements. This is the latest example of the way in which the UPA Government is working,” said Shri Raghunandan.

The Black Paper says: “50 per cent reservation for Muslim students in Aligarh Muslim University, Minority Education Commission formed on communal lines, special training and scholarship for Muslim students who are preparing for UPSC competitive examination and enactment of law to start Johar Urdu University by UP Government” are some of the examples that prove minorityism in education.

Reverting the decision of reduction in fees of IIMs, no enactment of Central legislation regarding admission and fee structure in private self-financing professional colleges, exorbitant hike in fee in Delhi University, formulation of no mechanism to control and monitor foreign universities and handing over even schools to private managements are some of the glaring examples that prove commercialisation of education under the UPA Government. Shri Raghunandan alleged that there was a conspiracy on the part of developed nations to bring education under the purview of GATTS and to make education a commodity in the international market. The Central Government is part of the whole conspiracy, he added. Talking to Organiser in New Delhi, Shri Raghunandan said the UPA Government was denationalising education to strengthen divisive activities according to Leftists’ agenda of class-war concept. He said the Black Paper would be distributed all over the country to bring about awareness among students and educationists.

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