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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hate-India campaign by British muslim radicals

Date : 2005-08-18
By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

Britain has suddenly realised that radicalism has made deep inroads among its young Muslims. That would not have come as a surprise to Her Majesty’s government if it had cared to take a serious view of some of the patently objectionable and unacceptable activities of the people who have been preaching hate and intolerance in the island nation for quite some time and also listened to some voices from India. It is hardly a secret in the UK that the most radicalised section among its Muslims citizens are people of Pakistani origin, followed closely by those who trace their roots to Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan.

India has reasons to be concerned about this phenomenon and, in fact, New Delhi should take up the matter with London without any delay. Much to the resentment of the Muslim community as a whole, the Madrassas in the UK have attracted a lot of adverse publicity lately. They are thought to be the main recruiting grounds for Islamists and jehadis who have now brought their terrorist activities to the very heart of the country.

There are about 1000 Madrassas, most of them attached to the mosques, where they impart Islamic history and jurisprudence and teach languages like Urdu and Arabic. Going by the London police claims now, quite a few Madrassas obviously expand their curriculum to include preaching hatred to the young and impressionable pupils.

The clerics in these mosques run schools are often imported from Pakistan, presumably after they have been ‘cleared’ by the ISI. The Muslims from India have kept a remarkable distance from the activities of the extremists. Post-Godhra the ‘imported’ preachers and British advocates of hate and terrorism are targeting the Gujrati Muslim youth in Britain to become the ‘pioneer’ batch of Indian mercenaries of death.

It therefore comes as no surprise that ‘hate India’ lessons form an essential part of the British Madrassa curriculum. Pictures from Kashmir with provocative captions adorn the walls. The ‘serene surroundings’ of the Dal Lake are shown as being surrounded by ‘600,000’ Indian soldiers, a patent Pakistani propaganda. Gun-totting Indian troops are depicted as harassing ordinary Kashmiris by stopping and searching them in bazaars. A Kashmiri youth’s funeral is shown with a perversity that is common in the Pakistani media: ‘one more added to the genocide,’

Of course, there is plenty of ammunition against the West and posters exhort the youth to join the Jehad. Some posters carry ‘interesting’ messages: ‘Show Allah what he loves to see from jehad’. ‘Hurry to rescue your brothers in al-Fallujah and eliminate your rulers if they stand in your way’ and ‘to die for the sake of Allah is better than life and what it contains.’

Experts and scholars in the West say that many Muslim youth take to terrorism to avenge the ‘oppression’ and ‘torture’ of Muslims and the ‘occupation’ of Muslim lands by Western armies. Palestine is not the only fodder for fanning these feelings. In Britain where Muslims of Pakistani origin constitute the largest section of their community, Kashmir has long been projected as a case of ‘oppression’ of Muslims by ‘infidels.’

Thanks to that pernicious propaganda, not many in Britain are aware of the complex nature of the Kashmir dispute and, of course, virtually nobody there is even remotely aware that the Pakistani-backed and financed ‘freedom fighters’ had carried out an ethnic cleansing in Kashmir much before it became a reality in Bosnia for instance.

It is time India took up the matter of sustained hate-India campaign being carried out by the British Pakistanis in their mosques and Madrassas. In fact, even the British politicians of Pakistani origin, including members of parliament, rarely miss an opportunity to denigrate India even though their views may not exactly match the official British line. The British government, which claims to have good relations with India, cannot turn a blind eye towards this as it makes belated efforts to wipe out the cult of fanaticism and extremism from its young Muslims.

Some in India might be under the mistaken notion that the Madrassas in Britain attract mostly the poor. The fact is that the average middle class Pakistani (or British Pakistani) likes to send his child to the Madrassas, or the ‘second school’, where classes are held in the evening after the pupils returned from the regular schools. But more to the point is the fact that even a cursory glance at the background of those British Muslims who came to fight jehad in Kashmir would show that they mostly belong to the middle class, if not affluent families.

It was amusing to hear the Pakistani President, Gen Pervez Musharraf, telling the British the other day that there were no terrorists left in Pakistan but there were plenty of them in the UK and that they should have been rounded up by the British government long ago. He wanted Britain to ban organisations like Hizb-ur-Tahrir and Al-Mouhajiroun who had the ‘audacity’ to pass an ‘edict’ against Musharraf’s life. These organisations call for overthrowing Western governments through violence. Some of the most active members of these organisations are of Pakistani origin who are now trying to pre-empt a ban order with the help of champions of civil liberties—something which they oppose tooth and nail in their preaching.

Hizb-ur-Tahrir wants to establish a single Islamic state governed by Sharia. Its chief spokesman is a 35-year-old psychiatrist with Britain’s National Health Service, Imran Waheed---a man of Pakistani origin.

How he attends to his official duties is not clear but as a psychiatrist he certainly offers some strange explanation for spouting jehad from the British soil. He calls Tony Blair a ‘firebrand cleric’ who is instrumental in ‘radicalising’ the British (Muslim) youth by sending his troops to fight for ‘the Queen and the country.’

Imran Waheed is ambivalent about outright condemnation of London suicide bombers but has no hesitation in defending suicide bombing as, according to him, Islamic scholars support such an action against ‘military occupation.’

Perhaps, Tony Blair will heed what Musharraf has told him. In that case the British prime minister should also look into the close links that some of the Madrassas in Britain have developed with their counterparts in Pakistan. The Pakistani end sends some of its more rabid clerics for preaching ‘religion’ and their efforts are supplemented by regular supply of hate-India material from Pakistan to particularly lure the youth of Pakistani origin.

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