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Friday, September 02, 2005

Muslim League of Kerala insults Tricolour

Outrage in Kerala on Independence Day

By S. Chandrasekhar

Jawahar Lal Nehru once described the Indian Union Muslim League of Kerala as a 'Dead Horse'. But his party, the Congress, has been aligning with the same Muslim League and sharing power for the past four decades. Not to be outdone, the Communist government led by E.M.S. gave an exclusive district to these Muslims, namely, Malappuram which has now been acknowledged by all as a breeding ground for terrorism, extremism and anti-national activities. It is also a safe hideout for all perpetrators of Islamic terrorism right from Mumbai blasts to Coimbatore blasts.

Now in a glaring outrage that will boil the blood of any nationalist Indian, the National Flag of Bharat was flown below the flag of the Muslim League (which almost resembles the Pakistan flag with its green colour, star and moon) on the same flag mast in front of the Muslim League office in Muvattupuzha, near Kochi, on

the busy Muvattupuzha-Kothamangalam road, on Independence day. This humiliation to the symbol of national pride was noticed by the local RSS and BJP workers. They informed the police and sat in protest in front of the Muslim League office. Although, initially the police did not act, they had to arrive on the scene since the protest was mounting. Later, on instructions from the Muslim League bosses, the flags were lowered and the Tricolour was hoisted on the flag mast.

Bowing to protests from the Sangh Parivar, local Muslim League leaders ordered an enquiry into the matter. The police have, subsequently, arrested some League workers for violating the Flag Act and showing disrespect to the National Flag.

The Muslim League has never shown respect to symbols of nationality and culture. Muslim League Ministers refuse to light oil lamps at official functions.

This is not the first time that the Kerala Muslim League has shown disrespect to the Tricolour. Recently, when a reception was accorded to Industries Minister Shri P.K. Kunhalikutty (who subsequently resigned owing to involvement in a sex scandal) at Karippur airport in Kozhikode, League workers ransacked the airport, attacked the press and airport personnel, lowered the National Flag from its mast, trampled upon it and hoisted the Muslim League flag. The matter was hushed up owing to the intervention of Muslim League MP Shri E. Ahmed, Minister of State in the Union Cabinet.

The Muslim League has never shown respect to symbols of nationality and culture. Muslim League ministers refuse to light oil lamps at official functions, this, despite the fact that the Cheraman Mosque in Kodungallur, (considered the first mosque in Bharat which was visited by President APJ Abdul Kalam recently) has a brass lamp with oil burning 24 hours.

Even Arabs who participate in Indian functions in the Gulf wholeheartedly light oil lamps. A year ago a League Minister Cherkulam Abdulla was under threat of excommunication for wearing a red tilak which was applied on his forehead during a function. He was later removed from the state cabinet.

The League is able to get away with all these outrages due to a strength of 28 MLA in the 140-member Kerala Assembly. Unless the 54 per cent Hindu population gets united and politically equipped, such outrages from Muslim communities are bound to recur.


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