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Saturday, October 15, 2005

All for Muslim vote

by Dina Nath Mishra

Jammu and Kashmir and POK area has witnessed the worst earthquake. Scores of countries are rushing to Pakistan with relief material. India too offered the same. The Pakistani authorities refused the Indian proposal for Joint Relief Operation. The terrorist training camps in POK too have been destroyed in the quake. The Joint Relief Operation might have provided direct evidence of the fact that these camps were being run by Pakistan exposing it.

In the wake of quake, militant outfits, suspend its activity temporarily. But for those in Rajouri, Punch and other areas it was business as usual. After evacuating the Hindus from the valley, militants have an agenda of cleansing Hindu population in Jammu region. On the other hand, Indian establishment, including English media, did not even take notice of the slaughter of nine Hindus.

Right from the beginning, India specially under Congress regime drifted to pre-partition policy of Muslim appeasement. In fact, during the Congress lead UPA dispensation, Muslim appeasement have been infused in order to regain Muslim vote bank in a short span. The Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh promised five per cent reservations to Muslims in the Government jobs and the educational institutions, but it was struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. The Congress changed the definition and brought the Muslims in the backward category in the State. This act has yet to pass the Supreme Court's scrutiny.

Recalling what Pandit Nehru has said about reservation based on religion, "This way lies not only folly but disaster". In fact, the Constituent Assembly debated the question of reservation to the minorities and opted out of it. Placing the report, Sardar Patel said, "In the long run it would be in the interest of all to forget that there is a majority or a minority in the country and that in India there is only one community.

The majority of the speakers from all communitiessupported to abolish reservations on communal grounds. Nehru added, "If you seek to give safeguards to a minority, you isolate it. Maybe you protect it to a slight extent, but at what cost? At the cost of isolating it and keeping it away from the main current in which the majority is going. I am talking on the political plane of course at the cost of forfeiting that inner sympathy and fellow-feeling with the majority."

The Congress, is now being lead by Sonia Gandhi. In May this year Jamaite-Ulemai-Hind asked the UPA Chairperson, for proportional reservations to Muslims in the Parliament and the State Legislatures. Sonia Gandhi is oblivious of the fact that reservations based on religion led to the bloody partition and resulted in migration of crores of people.

Sonia's response? "That my party always strove to fulfil Muslim expectation and would continue consultations with him."

It is a well known fact of pre-partition India that AMU played a pivotal role in support of creation of Pakistan on the basis of demography. The Muslims of UP and Bihar too gave strongest support to partition of India. The UPA's HRD Minister Arjun Singh issued a notification enabling AMU to grant 50 per cent reservations for Muslims in higher academic disciplines.

They also went for 50 per cent reservation in MBBS courses. It was challenged in the Allahabad High Court, who quashed HRD Ministry's notification and cancelled admissions done on its basis. The High Court declared, "That admissions made on the basis of the HRD notification were illegal.

The AMU (Amendment) Act 1981 was an attempt by Parliament to overrule the Supreme Court judgment in the Ajeez Basha case of 1968, when the Apex Court asserted that AMU was not an institution established by the minority community, but created by Central legislation in 1920.

The Congress has assiduously created a vote bank comprising of Muslim Bangladeshis right from 1960s and developed vested interest in Bangladeshi infiltrators which continues till today. There was a big backlash in Assam by students' to push Bangladeshi Muslims back, the IMDT Act was passed, which left no way either for identifying them or pushing them back. In a recent judgement, the Supreme Court declared the IMDT Act unconstitutional.

The Congress leadership assured Muslim Bangladeshis to find some way to protect them from being sent back. The Muslim appeasement has left no sphere unpoisioned. The Finance Ministry has directed RBI to explore the possibilities of Islamic Banking in India. After the demand Shariat Court, now Islamic Banking is being sought.


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