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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hindus are under siege in Malappuram

11/1/2005 2:36:29 PM V.S. Babu

Hindus are under siege in the Muslim majority district of Malappuram - Kerala. The district was carved out to create a Muslim majority district by the Communist government headed by E.M.S Namboothiripad.

Today, we see a continuation of social, economic and political exclusion of Hindus in Malappuram. Hindus are marginalized and controlled by social, educational and political engineering by Muslim fundamentalists. Hindus are restricted in employment, educational opportunities, political participation and upward mobility. The municipality and all Panchayats are controlled by Muslims. Muslims intimidate and threaten Hindus to deny them active political participation. Their ultimate political goal runs through a vital interim objective-the creation of an unremitting paralyzing sensation of fear in the target Hindu community.

Today, Muslims in Malappuram differ from the invading Muslim army of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Muslim armies of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan murdered thousands of Hindus, destroyed hundreds of Hindu temples, engaged in forced conversion, murder, loot, rape, sabotage and blackmail. The tactics of invading Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali were different. However, the tactics of Muslims in Malappuram is to achieve wider goals, including marginalizing and force out Hindus from the district.

Several thousand Muslims from Malappuram are employed in Gulf countries. With the free flow of money from the Middle East and with the political power of the Muslim League cabinet ministers, Muslims work to undermine economic security of Hindus and disrupt Hindu family life. The goal of their strategy is to drive Hindus out of the district. Some congress politicians become a tool in the hands of the Muslim fundamentalist groups in Malappuram district.

All the schools and colleges are controlled by Muslims and special privileges are accorded to them enabling them to neutralize Hindus. Hindu students are an easy target for psychological indoctrination. One of the most telling examples of such policy in action is the cancellation of educational classes on Friday and Muslim holidays including the month of Muslim Ramadan. By using such psychological manipulation, Muslims succeed in creating anxiety, fear and panic among young Hindus. The atmosphere created by such acts casts a great shadow over Hindu society. Hindus also feel unsafe in their own homes and workplaces, daily life is disrupted, causing considerable harm to personal and family morale. Hindus in general are depressed, marginalized and demoralized. Suicide rate among Hindus are increasing in Malappuram. The Muslim message is: until you leave Malappuram district, you will not be safe.

Muslims exert economic pressure on Hindus with money and political power. Muslims try to amplify Hindu fear by denying them economic and educational opportunities at institutions and businesses controlled by them. With the free flow of money from the Gulf countries and government subsidies, Muslims are grabbing lands, property and small businesses from poor Hindus. Poor, unemployed Hindus are driven out of urban areas dominated by Muslims.

Government policy of Muslim appeasement, special privileges and financial aid exclusively for Muslims is what makes strategic threats of Muslims more harmful to Hindus.


The Hindu population that must live under the threat of jihadis in Malappuram, are in need of economic aid, employment opportunities, political and social support for survival. And this can be done through more educational opportunities, technical support for information processing business, social and political support in order to prevent the damage caused by Muslim domination.

Hindus from across the country must provide support to neutralize Muslim social pressure and economic exploitation. Special privileges and appeasement of Muslims by the government must cease. The government and the political decision makers have a responsibility to all their citizens in providing economic and educational opportunities. Among other things, decision makers can help by allocating the necessary funds for Hindus for education, and economic activities. Above all, Hindus all over Kerala must recognize the strategic psychological damage which could be caused by ignoring the plight of Hindus in Malappuram. It is time for Hindus to be organized and united to prevent another mini Pakistan forming in Malappuram.


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At 6/08/2008 08:13:00 PM, Anonymous madan said...

This display of antagonism against hindus is going to hit back on the muslims.

Look at all places in the world where there is a muslim majority. There is no progress and extremist mullahs take them on the opposite direction of progress and prosperity.

India is the only country in the world where muslims have dignity and self respect.

If they continue what they are doing in mallapuram now, they are only confirming the view of the western world that muslims have to be treated as subhumans.

I wish they have the intelligence to see the reality and start respecting the nation they are living in.

At 4/29/2009 08:11:00 AM, Blogger Aboobacker said...

I had a similar view about Malappuram before. I thought Malappuram is one of the worst districts. I believed people are not good. I happened to visit Malappuram many times and got many opportunities to interact and work with them. I can assure you that Malappuram is one of the best districts and theya re very nice. They don't believe in communal discrimination. I think the reason behind about the misconception could be due to majority of population are muslims...


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