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Friday, June 27, 2008

Life in Kashmir in standstill, Hindus have no future?

MIL, Jun 26, 2008. Dr. Raj Baldev

New Delhi, India: June 26, 2008 - It seems that Hindus have no voice anywhere in this so-called democratic India, wherever the basic privileges are announced in their favor, the protests emerge against them. The govt.can’t think of even giving basic amenities to the Hindu pilgrims, how ridiculous!

Every year, thousands of Hindus visit Amarnath cave, considered one of the holiest shrines of the Hindu faith. They have no basic amenities on their way like toilets or to give some rest to the old pilgrims.

In absence of such amenities, the passages which the pilgrims use are normally affected by non regular toileting on their way and that created unhygienic environment.

In addition, the sick and old people used to suffer dreadfully in absence of any resting place where they could be given first aid or rest for a while to ease their fatigue. As a result of non hygienic conditions, the people have been urging the govt. to improve the passage by providing basic amenities of toilets and provide pre-fabricated huts to meet the emergency of the old and the sick.

There has been a long outstanding demand from the public, the Hindu pilgrims, that some arrangement should be made to provide basic amenities to them like toilets and temporary pre-fabricated huts to help then on the way.

As a result of long outstanding demand to give basic facilities to the pilgrims, the state government decided to transfer around 40 hectares of forest land to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board - the organization which organizes the pilgrimage.

As said, Hindus look to have no right to avail the
basic facilities in democratic India, at least in some parts, where they have their holy shrines. I don’t know who to blame?

The local environmentalists protested against the decision and local politicians joined them in opposing the issue, irrespective of showing any respect to the human values, emotional sentiments of the Hindu pilgrims or the human considerations, is it so that they are Hindus?

Since the protestors have no logical argument to oppose the issue, they started alleging that the transfer of land to the shrine board is part of a "conspiracy to settle non-local Hindus in the valley with a view to reducing the Muslims to a minority".

Really it is unfortunate, where the question of their settlement arises. The govt. did not settle any Hindu in 50 years and now they would do it?

If this is the thinking of the people in Kashmir,it is unfortunate. They turned away thousands of Hindus Pundits from their valley, and they were protected and rehabilated by the Govt. in other states of the country.

They are now protesting against providing basic amenities to the Hindu pilgrims, blocking the way, shutting the shops in the valley and creating unending traffic jams not allowing the passengers to move about, all educational institutions are closed and normal business has come to a standstill. What’s this?

How much India aids to Jammu and Kashmir in which the tax ratio of the Hindus in India is more 80%. In other words, the financial aid that comes to this state from India, comprises substantial contribution from the Hindus, still they are denied even basic amenities in Kashmir while visiting their holy shrine.

Since political parties have no credibility of their loyalty, their loyalty is restricted to cheap publicity stunt and nothing else have also joined the protestors like National Conference and constituents of the governing coalition - the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and the Communist Party-Marxist (CPI-M); the former CM Mufti Mohammad Sayed has also demanded to revoke the transfer of land.

I really don’t know where India is going and how Kashmir is thinking? It is not a good sign of harmony?


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