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Friday, August 22, 2008

Cong, BSP and SP ‘cheerleaders of terrorism’: BJP

New Delhi, August 22: Criticising Congress, BSP and SP for their “minority appeasement policies”, the BJP on Friday said visit of MPs of these three parties to the house of Abu Bashir, the SIMI activist allegedly arrested for Ahmedabad serial blasts, showed they were “cheerleaders of terrorism”.

“The charge of the BJP that the UPA and its allies are soft on terror now witnesses a conclusive evidence with the visit of Ram Naresh Yadav (Congress), Akbar Ahmad Dumpy (BSP) and Abu Azmi (SP) to the Azamgarh village of Mufti Abu Bashir, the SIMI terrorist responsible for blasts in Ahmedabad,” BJP spokesperson Rajiv Pratap Rudy told reporters.

BJP was also critical of Syed Ahmad Bukhari, Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid, for visiting the parents of Bashir.

“The Congress, BSP and SP have become cheerleaders of these terrorist organisations, groups and individuals who are mercilessly targeting and killing innocents across the nation,” Rudy

“Is this overt, disgusting display of support to elements of terror an attempt to influence the judicial process?” he asked.

The saffron party also expressed anger at the Union Home Minister’s statement that terrorists were “boys who have been misled”. In the same breath, Rudy referred to the stand of RJD, LJP andSP that the ban on SIMI should be lifted.

“This sympathy with terrorists does not only mark supporting terrorism but also ascertains their collusiveness,” he said.

The BJP lauded Gujarat police for speedy detection of terrorists involved in the Ahmedabad blasts. The party also demanded that the Centre should give its nod to a POTA-like anti-terror law in Gujarat.

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