Hindu dharma is implicitly at odds with monotheistic intolerance. What is happening in India is a new historical awakening... Indian intellectuals, who want to be secure in their liberal beliefs, may not understand what is going on. But every other Indian knows precisely what is happening: deep down he knows that a larger response is emerging even if at times this response appears in his eyes to be threatening.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Fifth Column in India

By Dr Gautam Sen

Islamic jehad has entered a new phase in its assault against India, funded by extorted Saudi oil wealth and Pakistan’s Islamo-fascist mindset. It recalls Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s revealing proposal to Lord Willingdon in the mid-1940s, suggesting an Anglo-Muslim condominium over India, leaving the Hindus without any political representation at all. In this context, the apparent attempts of some supposed adherents of Hindutva to rehabilitate Jinnah are utterly baffling. In fact, the time has come for Hindus to make clear that if India goes down they will take Pakistan and Saudi Arabia with it, by any means available. And the Islamo-evangelical fifth column alliance that has usurped political power in India today should be viewed with complete indifference by Hindus, who have an absolute right to defend their families, their country and their homes against incessant murderous assault in which the Quislings are proudly complicit.

It is vital to recognise that if your enemies appear to be approving your actions one must be somehow failing to remain true to one’s goals. The opposite is what is happening to various Hindu organisations in Orissa, Karnataka and Kerala since the anti-Hindu foreign-inclined and often foreign-owned media is evidently enraged with them. The actions of demonised Hindu organisations are truly a noble uprising in defence of their faith and their political autonomy. Here, the people of Jammu have demonstrated courage without parallel in the civil society of modern India. And not just Hindus, but all communities who wish to resist injustice. Their shameful misrepresentation by the English media confirms the depths of iniquity and foreign penetration that have occurred in India.

There can be little doubt that an evangelist cabal is running the Indian Union today and seeking to facilitate its political transformation through subversion. By contrast, the incumbent BJP CM of Karnataka has shown his mettle by insisting that the duplicity of conversion will be investigated instead of succumbing to the tirades of airhead NDTV newsreaders and its evangelist owners. The evangelical churches are branches of foreign governments that historically incited colonial wars against Hindus for centuries and are now attempting to unmake them after India slipped out of direct control in 1947. Virtually every major European country has justified wars of colonial conquest as a prelude to loot and genocide in the name of Christianity as any moderately well informed observer will acknowledge. Conversion is merely a means of creating a docile native constituency that will respond to the wishes of Washington, London and it seems Rome. There is nothing of the spirit of Jesus Christ about them, just venal efforts to subjugate. That some educated and well-connected Indians support their activities only means that traitors exist and should be treated as such.

The original Constitutional concord of India, underpinning its foundation as a nation, has been nullified by these fifth columnists. They are rapidly re-populating various parts of the country, including its capital, with Bangladeshi infiltrators, illegally allowing them to become voters as well as offering virtual incitement to Jihadi bombers as a means of remaining in political power. They are also acting brazenly on behalf of foreign Christian governments by threatening states like Karnataka, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh for failing to meekly facilitate the apparent God-given right of evangelists to harvest souls and transform Hindu India into a culture of converted catamites, without dignity or autonomy. Telephone calls from foreign embassies and even lowly foreign consulates in Indian cities are all it seems to take for the incumbent UPA government to issue threats to state governments. This is a huge conspiracy that requires unremitting challenge on the ground even if Hindu leaders are murdered by evangelist-sponsored assassins.

In many significant respects, the UPA at the Centre has become the counterpart of the PDP in J &K and just like it essentially a mouthpiece for jehadists. Senior Cabinet members openly side with SIMI murderers and the silence of their chairperson is a resounding testament to the seizure of the Indian State from within on behalf of foreign powers. These foreign powers have outsourced the internal conquest of India to local Christian evangelical groups by providing funding and training, which is exactly what the ISI has done recently by setting up cells within India to wage jehad, encapsulating the new tactics of the Pakistani government. Yet, the Indian PM insists that the Ghazi State of Islamic Pakistan, waging a deadly terror campaign against India, is also a victim of the same terror! There is apparently some confusion in his mind about which State he happens to represent.

The past two decades have also shown that many human rights NGOs operating in India are simply fronts of terror groups originating in Pakistan or owned by militant Christian evangelists. And both are determined to test the resolve of Hindus. The striking co-operation between jehadi mosques, militant Islamic groups and Christian evangelists, underlined by their tender concern for each other, emphasise their sinister designs. Recently, an American CIA official justified jehadi bombings of Indian cities by asserting that the reason for them was Hindu oppression of Muslims. He seemed to have rather forgotten that over almost the entire past century it is the US and the UK that have subverted every democratic movement in the Muslim world, from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and instigated the murder of more than one million Iraqis in the past six years. Curtailing the international travel of Indian politicians like Narendra Modi is a sop to jehadi terror orchestrated by their US Christian evangelical allies. All these diabolical actions are designed to weaken Hindu resistance in order to ensure a freer hand for harvesting souls and creating jehadi cantonments on Indian soil that will be useful to an eventual Pakistani military assault on India.

A new and clear-sighted leadership is required to save India, especially from some individuals who have infiltrated the Hindutva movement itself and who must be rooted out. The leaders of the movement in Karnataka and Gujarat as well as various elements from other Hindu organisations are showing the path of resistance to the calamity that threatens Hindus and the future of their civilisation, which is greater than any they have faced in the past thousand years. The blatant attempt by US evangelists and Islamic fronts to seize India from within and convert millions to transform Indian permanently, a goal that never succeeded in the long past of foreign conquest and tyranny that overtook India, cannot be allowed to prevail. The defence of India must imitate Joseph Stalin’s ruthless, unforgiving campaign against the Nazi attempt to wipe out Russia and its Slavic people. Stalin executed dissenters and collaborators without pity and eventually crushed the Nazis in epic struggles without parallel in recorded history.

(The author taught at London School of Economics & Political Science for over two decades and writes on international political economy).

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