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Monday, October 13, 2008

Ban Congress, DMK and RJD too

It's sheer hypocrisy of Congress and pseudo-secularist parties asking for a ban on Bajrang Dal, accused of unleashing violence against Christians. All the political parties should be banned as they had involvement in violent activities..

CJ: B D Narayankar

IT’S A matter of great concern that while Congress-led central government has miserably failed to curb terrorism, it has trained guns shamelessly on Bajrang Dal. The government has started working towards imposing ban on the nationalistic Bajrang Dal.

Making comparisons between Bajrang Dal and SIMI is uncalled for and is mere foolishness. SIMI’s agenda is to spread terror all over India, which is clearly reflected in their leadership being indicted in countless terror attacks. Banning Bajrang Dal is altogether different as it has not been involved in any terror attacks.

If Bajrang Dal is to be banned, then Congress should also be banned for killing Sikhs in 1980s. We should also ban some mosques, madrassas and churches, because some of their members are terrorists and murderers. Besides, banning Bajrang Dal will not solve the problem. In fact, it will provoke it’s members, forcing them to take up arms.

Shouldn’t Karunanidhi’s DMK, an ally of UPA, banned? In fact, Karunanidhi can easily be bracketed as an international terrorist for giving LTTE militants a chance to use India to launch attacks on neighboring Sri Lanka. He not only harboured LTTE militants, but also funded them.

What about Union Railway Minister Lalu Prasad and Mulayam Singh Yadav, who openly support SIMI activities and protested the ban on it. Both leaders are directly or indirectly supporting anti-nationals, who are involved in spreading terrorism in the country. Thus, UPA government doesn’t have any right to call any organization as communal and seek its ban.

In last 15 years, almost all political parties have ruled the country and none of them have addressed the root cause of terrorism. Islamic jihad taught in madrassas has spread terrorism in the country. Madrassas and other places where terrorism is spread should be uprooted to end terrorism like it was done in US and Britain, where madrassa education has been banned.

Blaming entire organisation for wrong doing also is inappropriate. It is illogical to hold a party responsible for wrong doings. Can you imagine anybody blaming entire Congress for burning down Chauri-Chaura police station in pre-independence days? Likewise, entire Bajrang Dal cannot be blamed for the crime committed by few. More so, until and unless the crime is not proved.

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