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Thursday, November 13, 2008

CNN-IBN crosses the line

Offstumped is taking a break from the indisposition of this blogger to take issue with what has now become a no holds barred Hindu bashing by english language media outlets in India.

First let us put this issue into perspective.

Since 2004 this nation has been subjected to more than 13 attacks of mass terror.

During the same time Maoist violence has peaked.

Meanwhile separatist violence in Assam has not just been out of control but is now assuming dangerous proportions with the cross breeding of terror between the ULFA, NDFB, HUJI and others manifested in the recent serial blasts.

Through this entire 4 year period of extraordinary Internal strife, the nation suffers from

- absentee leadership from a Sonia Gandhi who runs away from responsibility in 2004

- executive delinquency from a Manmohan Singh who has gone more often on the record on what he cant do than on demonstrating what he can do

- utter incompetence and empty bravado from a Shivraj Patil who has managed to even embarass the word “shame” with his abject lack of it

Through this same 4 year period of extraordinary internal strife and a government in hibernation you had card carrying cadre of the UPA’s partners in crime, the CPI-Mafioso indulge in rape in Singur and war on the Constitution in Nandigram while the UPA looked the other way.

But somehow none of this has mattered to the english language media across India.

They have carried on as if

- there was no War on Terror

- there was no need for alarm on the dysfunctional governance

- there was no reason to raise a hue and cry when card carrying members of a Party Government in connivance with the Police make the Constitution irrelevant.

But then something happens in a non descript town in the interiors of one State, where one bomb explodes and a few people died.

It was all the excuse the english language media and their sponsors in the Congress to completelt lose perspective and to whip up a politically motivated campaign based on lies and rumors to bash Hindu symbols and to give currency to meaningless phrases like “Hindu Terror”.

This Orwellian Campaign has reached its nadir with this image splashed across the landing page of CNN-IBN.

IN ORANGE COUNTRY: The Centre said such groups have tarnished the image of the country internationally.

Here is the problem with this imagery.

No group involved in any criminal or terrorist activity has either used the “OM” to claim moral sanction or sought moral sanction from any Hindu Scripture, Text or Religious Institution.

With this irresponsible association of “OM” with an insinuation of terror against groups none of which have either claimed responsibility nor have been charged with acts of terror, CNN-IBN has crossed a very sacred line.

It now stands guilty of completely communalising the public debate on Terrorism and aiding and abetting a slander campaign with no responsibility towards facts or truth.

Rajdeep Sardesai & Co. have time and again transgressed that fine dividing line between Journalistic Freedom and utter partisanship.

After their disgraceful conduct during the Gujarat Elections, their criminal conspiracy to absolve Manmohan Singh of the taint of Cash for Votes Scandal they have exhausted any journalistic currency to peddle untruths and to push an agenda.
Tainting “OM” with insinuations of Terrorism is unacceptable.

Cookbook on dealing with Orwellian Media Tactics

It is now clear that the Communal Socialists in the media would not rest till the phrases “Hindu Terrorism”, “Hindutva Terrorism” and “Hindu Terrorists” gain enough currency to completely dilute India’s War on Terror and strategic response to Terrorism that swears by Islam and Jihad.

It is disturbing to note that some who swear by Hindu Dharma are relishing the currency these phrases are gaining.

It is disturbing not only because they maybe condoning terrorism but more importantly because of their lack of intellectual clarity that makes them succum to the media’s Orwellian tactics.

Here is why the application of these phrases is patently wrong.

Reason #1 - To date there is not even a shred of evidence to conclude that there is a conspiracy to commit acts of Terror by any organization let alone one that swears by Hindutva

Reason #2 -Even if we were to indulge the theory floated in the media to date there is no factual basis to establish that those who have committed these acts of Terror have sought moral sanction from Hindu Dharma

It is critical to make this important distinction

- There is a variety of Terrorism that swears by tenets of Islam and goes to great length to quote from the Quran and Hadiths to seek moral sanction for its actions

- It does not exclusively target one community and is generally secular in its choice of victims

To date we have not been presented with any claims of responsibility by anyone by claiming moral sanction from any tenets of Dharma or any remotely hindu oriented doctrine of ancient or modern origin.

If anything that can be told of these acts of terror in Malegaon and Modass it is that they were targetted at areas with a high probability that the victims would be Muslim.

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