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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The "secular" Indian educational system

The terror mindset
Balbir Punj

In the fight against terrorism, the UPA Government’s Janus face has been thoroughly exposed. On one hand it is taking strict action to curb the menace, whereas on the other it is promoting the very mindset on which terror organisations — whether SIMI or Lashkar-e-Tayyeba or Al Qaeda — are founded. Systematically, a mindset of perpetual victimhood has been encouraged, which, ironically, is the same thing that radical Islamist organisations try to foster in order to justify a forcible return to orthodox Islam.

Of course, one must add here that this is not the view promoted by many moderate and modern Islamic scholars. Nonetheless, this extremist ideology prospers because of some people who are obsessed with the past glory of an Islamic supranationalism. The teaching of history that embraces the imagined ‘humiliation’ heaped on Islam by the West and promotes the idea that Muslim rule in the sub-continent was done in by the British “in connivance with the Hindus” — the last bit being taken from official history textbooks taught in Pakistani secondary schools — is what cultures the petri dish of hate.

Conclusive evidence gathered through investigations carried out by various international investigative agencies have revealed that the LeT and its various alias are the creation of the Pakistani Army as one of its tactics is to bleed India dry. Even “capturing India”, according to LeT ideologue Hafiz Saeed, is only a comma on the Islamic outfit’s path to other goals targeting the whole world. Saeed has never hidden his aim of “planting the flag of Islam in Washington, Tel Aviv and New Delhi” and says so openly through his various ‘motivational’ sermons.

We just cannot ignore these ideologues and their ideology of hate for they have, unfortunately, found resonance among some young Muslims in our country too. The persistence of SIMI despite a ban imposed on it for the last six years and the return of this ‘student’ organisation in the form of the Indian Mujahideen should be warning enough for us to try to wipe the ideology that breeds this justification of extremism.

There should be no such illusions that these extremists are poor uneducated Muslims. Almost every SIMI activist captured till date has been found to be well educated. This is further demonstrated by the deft handling of e-mails, satellite phones and sophisticated explosive devices by the jihadis. Some of those terrorists arrested have been even found to have held important technical posts in large corporations. The pattern is in congruence with those jihadis who carried out the 9/11 attack in the US. None of them came from poor backgrounds or deprived circumstances.

The Government proposal to legislate the recognition of madarsa certificates as being equivalent to secondary school leaving certificates issued by secondary school boards including the CBSE, is a measure that clearly shows the UPA Government’s Janus face. Has it even considered the serious implications of such a move? May be the Government hopes to fund these religious schools to add some science and general education classes to their exclusively religious curricula. Even that would not really make them equivalent to the education — in content, quality, context or intent — that is provided by secondary public or private schools of the country.

The fundamental fact is that secondary education as we know now is imparted in schools with a mixed student population. Even schools run by Christians, Jains, Arya Samaj, etc, follow the curriculum as laid down by the respective State boards or the CBSE. Also, students from various communities study together in these schools. Even in schools run by Christian, Hindu or Sikh bodies, religious instruction is imparted only to the students of that specific community while other students are made to attend moral education classes where tolerance and plurality are emphasised. The very fact that the children spend hours in these schools mixing with other students from different faiths goes a long way in fostering the idea of India and secularism among these students. Finally, these schools are monitored by Government appointed authorities.

However, this is not the case when in comes to madarsas. Therefore, if the Government implements this dangerous idea of equivalence with secondary education in secular schools, it would tantamount to the state endorsing a community specific framework of learning where Muslim students interact for 10 or 12 years only with other Muslim students and do not have even the least acquaintance with either the greatness of other faiths or the people practicing them.

Yet, these very students, soaked in Islamic ideas and sanitised from others, would have an opportunity to be recruited in Government sector organisations. A country whose Constitution declares it as secular would soon be swamped in its administrative heart by a set of people who have imbibed the idea of Islamic exclusivity and have had no contact as students with other Indians from different faiths that exist in this great country. Certainly, SIMI and LeT would be sending e-mails of thanks to HRD Minister Arjun Singh and UPA Government for doing them this favour.

The Government may claim that these madarsas would be brought under the purview of the state, and that there will be educational boards overseeing their curricula. However, this claim ignores the harsh reality that even under the regime of former President Gen Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan the attempt to register madarsas and bring them under the purview of the state never materialised.

Fundamentally, why should there be schools exclusively catering to one community, which ipso facto are barred to students of all other communities? Also, in a state where say 15 per cent of the population is Muslim, we will see 85 per cent of students answering the same civil service question paper but 15 per cent answering a completely different set of questions that will be based on exclusive, anti-diluvian, religion-based curricula. Does the UPA Government truly understand what this would do to the idea of India as a secular, democratic country? Should we have a Saudi Arabia growing within our secular society?

Where are India’s liberals to oppose this dangerous move? Don’t they know what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia teaches in its schools? That many of these madarsas are funded by Saudi money is itself a warning that the Government will ignore at its own peril. One cannot change the madarsa mind-set by equipping them with computers. This entire exercise will only result in making modern tools available for spreading a medieval ideology.

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At 2/08/2009 11:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


2. My Take:
Yes indeed. If the Hindus had done " tit for tat " and had converted/killed at least ten of the Sullas, for each Hindu murdered by them, then Hindus would not have become victims of, barbaric crimes, inhuman torture, beastly lust, and utter humiliation, at the hands of " good-for-nothing " savage Sullas.
Surinder Paul Attri

At 2/08/2009 11:46:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By S.P. Attri ( USA )
1. If you put this top-flight question to a Phoney-Liberal Hindu politician in India, he would most likely recant with a saucy, sarcastic, high-spirited query in the opposite way, such as:
“ What would happen if earth stopped rotating ? “
But wouldn’t you worry if, the warlords of Islam take over your land, your people, and everything else ? Therefore, you need not be emotionally-crippled about this possibility. There is no need to be hesitant about examining, how Islam will boss this world.

To express the answer in a few words: It would be like being taken over by the Fourth-Reich ( of Islam ), and all Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) of the world, shall domicile in the:
“ Biggest Dog-House of the world. “

2. There is prolific evidence from 1000 years of Islamic rule in India, to divulge to us what would be the fate of Kafir ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) subjects under Islamic-Domination of the world. Islam claims to be the most gracious, and the most merciful faith on earth. This excessively kind religion of “ all-merciful Allah “ shall bless the Kafirs of the world with, slaughter & destruction of hateful-Kafirs, on a scale without parallel in human history. These acts of moral outrage are completely justified in Islam, as long as these are conducted against Kafirs, in fact these acts are reckoned as acts of piety by Allah, who rewards his followers, with luxuries of Janat ( Moslem’s Paradise ), especially choicest sex with 72 houries for each Moslem. Make no mistake. Islam is fully committed to robbing & murdering Kafirs, under the dress of Jehad ( Holy-War ), which is the most sacred duty of a Moslem. Jehad is a mighty pillar of Islam, without which Islam would lose, a major part of its grandeur, greatness, and raison d’ etre. This holy-war is for the conquest of all Kafir ( Non-Moslem ) lands. Moslems are taught that, they have no recourse other than to overthrow, all governments that do not rest on pure Islamic principles, and are corrupt & corrupting. Islamic government is the government of divine rights, and its laws cannot be changed, modified, or contested.

3. Acts of murder, loot, pillage, rape, and destruction, are considered shameful acts, by civilized societies of the world. But Hazrat Mohammad told his followers that, since he was the last prophet, for all time to come, such raids were now sanctioned by Allah. Moslems must follow Hazrat Mohammad, as the Divine Model Of Practice. This is what Islam expects of Moslems. If they don’t, then they are sure to enter Hell, because then the Prophet will not intercede on their behalf.

4. If Islam ever gets control of the whole world, the mindless, empty-headed Sulla barbarians shall impose at least the following 20 shameful disabilities on the Kafirs of the world :
( 1 ). Kafirs shall not build any new place of worship
( 2 ). Kafirs are not to repair any old place of worship, which has been destroyed by the Moslems
( 3 ). Kafirs are not to prevent Moslem travelers from staying in their place of worship
( 4 ) Kafirs are to entertain for 3 days, any Moslem who wants to, stay in their homes, and for a longer period if the Moslem falls ill
( 5 ). Kafirs are not to harbor any hostility or to, give aid & comfort to hostile elements

( 6 ). Kafirs are not to prevent any one of them, from getting converted to Islam
( 7 ). Kafirs have to show respect to every Moslem
( 8 ). Kafirs have to allow Moslems to participate in their private meetings
( 9 ). Kafirs are not to dress like Moslems
( 10 ). Kafirs are not to name themselves with Moslem names

( 11 ). Kafirs are not to ride on horses, with saddle and bridle
( 12 ). Kafirs are not to possess arms
( 13 ). Kafirs are not wear signet or seals on their fingers
( 14 ). Kafirs are not to sell or drink liquor openly
( 15 ). Kafirs are to wear a distinctive dress, which shows their inferior status, and separates them from Moslems

( 16 ). Kafirs are not to propagate their customs and usages among the Moslems
( 17 ). Kafirs are not to build their houses in the neighborhood of Moslems
( 18 ). Kafirs are not to bring their dead, near the graveyards of Moslems
( 19 ). Kafirs are not to observe their religious practices publicly, or mourn their dead loudly.
( 20 ). Kafirs are not to buy Moslem slaves

This is not a complete list of disabilities, imposed upon Zimmies ( that is, those Kafirs who have not been murdered, and are allowed to live in the Islamic lands ( Dar-Ul-Islam, or the land of peace ), upon payment of Jiziya or Poll-Tax.

5. Hindu Dharam Shastras recognize six types of gangsters:
a. He who sets fire to other peoples properties
b. He who poisons other people
c. He who wields weapons for committing murder
d. He who robs other peoples wealth
e. He who forcibly occupies other peoples land
f. He who forcibly carries away other peoples women

Hindu Shastras & tradition prescribe that, the gangster should be killed as soon as he is sighted.
But in Islam, above mentioned acts of gangsterism, are sanctioned by Allah. Any Moslem who performs these acts ( on Kafirs ) stands hallowed as apostle, prophet, sufis etc etc. Worse yet, Islam lays down that, those who object ( that is, the Kafirs ) to advocacy of gangsterism or resist gangsterism, should be put to death.

6. American & Western-European leaders, as well as the Phoney-Liberal politicians of India, have a penchant for saying that:
" Radical Islam is a problem, but Islam is not a problem. "

This is pure un-adulterated Non-Sense. The problem is Islam itself.
What brutal tyranny, ruthless slaughter, savage-suppression, did the Moslems not inflict on Kafirs, in the name of Islam ? This excessively kind religion of Islam, mercilessly cut down hundreds of millions of innocent Kafirs, under the Islamic sword of bigotry. What was all that for ?
For the glory of Allah, and for the establishment of a global Islamic empire. Are these the actions of a peaceful religion ( Islam ) ?

7. The civilized societies of the world, practice the concept of democracy & human rights, in which everyone ( man or woman ) is entitled to all rights & freedoms. But the Islamic Clergy does not consider democratice system suitable, either for the Moslems or for the practice & expansion of Islam. Kafirs can Never be considered equal to Moslems in Islam. Ideas of individualism, liberalism, constitutionalism, human rights, equality, liberty, rule of law, democracy, free markets, separation of church & state, have no resonance in Islam.

8. What about nationalism & secularism ?
Nationalism & Secularism, are totally incompatible with Islam, because Islam's goal is global-empire ( Islamic empire ). In nationalism, all citizens are brothers & equal. But in Islam, a Non-Moslem is a Hateful-Kafir, who is an alien & needs to be eliminated. Islam totally rejects the idea that, citizenship depends on birthplace, Islam asserts that citizenship depends on belief, and Non-Moslem beliefs are totally un-acceptable to Islam. That is why, when Islam expands, nationalism is destroyed.

9. We are face to face with the fanaticism & blind-terror of Islam. In civilized societies, politics & religion are separated, but in Islam politics is religion & religion is politics. Moslems feel that ideologies of liberalism & nationalism, led by Kafirs, have caused Moslems to forsake the God-given law ( Allah's law ) of Quran, and the religious life vouschafed to them. They consider their Jehad as a war between good Moslem world & evil Kafir-world.

10. Let the Kafirs of the world be warned that:
Democracy, Nationalism, Secularism, Individualism, Liberalism, Separation Of Church & State, Human Rights, Human Freedom, Free Markets
Are ideas of universal validity.

Islam is something evil. It is a cold-blooded killer & is plunged in darkness. If Islam ever takes over the world, then these ideas of universal validity, shall go to hell. They shall all be in the direct line of Islamic fire, and shall be demolished “ Brick By Brick. “

Surinder Paul Attri


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