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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Advani not PM material: Manmohan Singh

by Dr Mrs Hilda Raja
Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 3:02 AM

Mr Manmhohan Singh is trying to be a politician though career wise he had been a bureaucrat groomed to sign papers. On the eve of the General Elections he is trying to find his voice and convince people that he has an independent voice and is not an echo. But he fails miserably because—one cannot change the leopard’s spots. Some people like to be led—that’s their personality and Manmohan Singh belongs to such a personality type. Simply talking soft does not make a man correct in his statements and does not hide the arrogance and the self righteousness buried in his soft speech. It is not for him to convey to the people whether his opponent is PM material. Was he PM material and still was he not inflicted on the nation? Had he been elected by the people then there is no grouse because we will get what we deserve. But to be inflicted on the nation by one hand is not democracy and is not fair to the people. But here is a man who is shying to fight the elections and face the electorate but reels out of his success story. This is in lay language is hollow boast and is not befitting of Manmohan Singh to give it an Indiannness and culture sheen.

In his quiet voice he has made snide remarks when he retorted that he will not accord Advani the privilege of being ‘an alternative Prime minister’. It is not for him but for the people of this country to decide who will be the alternate PM. This is the height of pride. What has Advani achieved he queries? What has Rahul achieved for Manmohan Singh to project him as the PM? Any Indian can be an alternative PM. Who is Manmohan Singh the handpicked man of Sonia Gandhi to deny that? This reveals his arrogance and his inability to appreciate democracy. The fact is that even with his success story which he and the Congress boasts of, he is not sure that if he faces the electorate he will win. It is compulsive for the Congress to have one like him back as PM because then Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s hidden agenda can be enacted. Manmohan Singh can be manipulated—Mrs Sonia Gandhi can continue being the puppeteer and when she decides he will on health grounds vacate the seat for Rahul to take over. This can be done only with Manmohan Singh in the gaddi—no other person with some integrity and self respect will be such malleable material and a puppet. For this and this alone it is compulsive for Mrs Sonia Gandhi to usher in Manmohan Singh through the backdoor as the PM. She is not prepared to take risks and hence Manmohan Singh does not want to stand for election but submits himself to be led by the hand to the gaddi hopefully.

Manmohan Singh denies that he was a weak PM. But he had confessed that he was ‘out of the loop” when questioned how without the knowledge of the PMO Quatrocchi was allowed to flee with his loot which was freezed in UK. True Manmohan Singh is not a good speaker—which he accepts but he says he can take decisions. He is no Kamaraj who was a poor speaker but a doer. This is no debating society and the country is not looking for a good debater but a debate with Advani will enable him to narrate his 85 percent success story—his achievements, the people expect the doer to state this doings? The man who claims that he can take decisions to enumerate the decisions he took and to justify these. Manmohan Singh by shying off from facing Advani has proved he is not confident of himself—for that he gives lame excuses.

Have we not experienced his indecisions? Was he not engrossed with the N-deal for full four years of his tenure? Have we not experienced his misleading Parliament?

Talking loudly is not a sign of strength—yes .He should extend that advice to his Congress colleagues who by their throat power stalled the governments of Deva Gowda and Gujral.

Under Rajiv Gandhi a group called the ‘shouting brigade’ was kept ready to shout down the treasury benches and to stall Parliament. To whom is Manmohan Singh now narrating a new story? Parliament witnessed the most acrimonious scenes under the Congress, it not only stalled Parliament but brought bring down a government by sheer throat power. So what’s the new attribute Manmohan Singh is now conferring on the BJP that it did not allow Parliament to function? It is under Manmohan Singh’s tenure that cash for vote was witnessed in Parliament. This was a blot to Parliamentary democracy.

Of course the Congress has expertise when it comes to buying votes, earlier it was in suitcases and Buta Singh was involved, but this time bundles of currency flowed out of bags on the floor of the House for a single vote. It did not agitate this cool, soft PM. He was unperturbed because he is made of PM material! It was again Manmohan Singh who was not even aware where one of his cabinet ministers was?

Manmohan Singh is confused because he is trying to be what he is not and in that projection he nullifies the basic democracy norm –to seek election which makes democracy vibrant. Instead he seeks to justify his backdoor entry by citing Indira Gandhi’s one and half years, Deva Gowda’s 11 months and Gujral’s 10 months. tenures as PMs!! What a shame for a man who was for 5 years the PM opting for the backdoor entrance to Parliament. Is this the culture of Indian democracy or the Indianness-to be led?

We have tasted the pudding once and will not do the mistake of tasting it again—the pudding which is baked by the Italian chef tastes like pasta.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

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