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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Victimizing Varun – A case of ‘Secularist’ Vendetta

Victimizing Varun – A case of ‘Secularist’ Vendetta
By The Editorial Team, on 09-05-2009 23:40
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An advisory board of the Allahabad High Court has recommended revocation of the order to book Varun Gandhi under NSA. The advisory court's recommendation is binding on the state government which in effect has now revoked the order. With this the Supreme Court's observation that invoking NSA on Varun was too drastic a step now becomes true. Ironically, the secularist camp which pleaded for justice and justified NSA maintains a studied silence finding it very difficult to swallow the outcome. When NSA was unexpectedly invoked it was not surprising to note the ‘secularist' cam indulging itself in euphorically endorsing this authoritarian step evading any uncomfortable query as communal. Political parties too having displayed their obsession with "competitive secularism" endorsed the move understanding the implicit implications for their highly held vote bank.

Any neutral observer would not have given a second thought in realising the underlying political motives in invoking NSA, a law which is invoked in rarest of the rare case. Common people could have hardly appreciated such a move when many hardened criminals are roaming free and seeking tickets to contest elections. While these hardcore criminals even with proven links with terror network and mafia dons are rewarded by their political masters, a person like Varun Gandhi having not a single case against him was booked under NSA. Had the same kind of ‘speed' displayed by these ‘secularist' political parties India could have been freed from menace of terrorism and criminalization of society and politics - and the money stashed in Swiss Banks would have been recovered and Quattorcchi could have been cooling his heels in Tihar jail. It is an irony that in India law-breakers, terrorists and criminals are shamelessly sought to be defended by persons holding high offices. While the Jamia Vice Chancellor Mushirul Hassan declared legal aid to the SIMI activists arrested from the scene of Batla House encounter, the leaders of BSP, SP and Congress went along with Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid to express solidarity with the arrested SIMI activist Abu Bashir in relation to Ahmedabad blasts.

The ‘secularists' having failed in their bid to rationalize the terrorist attacks especially from jihadi groups through their half baked theories ranging from economic deprivation, lack of education, regional imbalances to attacks on the minorities have been in search of a new rationale. While SIMI was banned and its new avatara Indian Mujahideen went on bombing the Indian cities with serial blasts inflicting heavy casualities, attempts were made to find its Hindu equivalent in Bajrang Dal, Col. Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur. On failing to collect clinching evidence and material proofs against them, the ‘secularist camp' was desperately looking for an escape route. It seems that Varun Gandhi was their new scape goat. While it is considered ‘secular' to hobnob with Madani and Muslim League in India, one refusing to toe this sacrosanct ‘secular' agenda is dealt with vengeance.


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