Hindu dharma is implicitly at odds with monotheistic intolerance. What is happening in India is a new historical awakening... Indian intellectuals, who want to be secure in their liberal beliefs, may not understand what is going on. But every other Indian knows precisely what is happening: deep down he knows that a larger response is emerging even if at times this response appears in his eyes to be threatening.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Moulavi shows the way to the hapless Hindus

According to the media reports, Muslims blocked traffic (on Feb. 4.) at the Bailey Road in Patna (in Rabri-Aloo Khan’s Bihar), in protest against the detention of a Moulavi (muezzin, who calls out the hours of prayer for Muslims, five times a day, through the blaring loudspeakers fitted to the minaret of a mosque) for disturbing the court proceedings in violation of an undertaking. According to the police who brought him to the Police station, the Moulavi was arrested following the directive from the Patna High court which objected strongly to the blaring loud speakers at the mosque, near the Court premises.

Taking exception to the use of loudspeaker at the mosque adjacent to the court, Justice R. S. Garg issued notice to the District Magistrate, Senior Police Superintendent and SP (Traffic) in this regard. Thus, the top police officers, having been pulled up by the High Court, had to arrest those responsible for violating its order regarding the use of loudspeaker. As a result, a police team reached the mosque and picked up the Moulavi and three others in this connection. They were also produced before court, which fixed Feb. 28 as the next date of hearing.

But soon, the lawful arrest triggered protests with Muslims staging protests at Patna before the Police Station, demanding immediate release of their religious leader. The protesting Muslims even offered their prayers on the Bailey Road itself, following which traffic was affected for more than 3 hours.

Later, the Court ordered the release of the Moulavi after he signed an undertaking at the Police Station to maintain the sanctity of the earlier one given in 1999 under Loudspeakers Use and Control Act, 1995. The Bench posted the hearing to Feb. 28.

However, in the evening, after the Moulavi’s arrest and subsequent protests, Judge R. S. Garg was greatly upset and was agitated to learn that the vested interests among the police had tried to communalize the incident and tried to defame him by spreading false news that it was he who had issued the arrest order. The Judge promptly denied any such move and even sought a transfer -- concerned over his safety. He decided to approach the Supreme Court seeking a transfer.

Speaking to the media, Justice R. S. Garg denied that he had given any order to arrest the Moulavi, adding that he was being defamed through a conspiracy. He alleged that he was being dragged into political controversy. The Judge then declared that he would now seek a transfer, saying it was not possible for him to work in Patna under the present circumstance and that it was becoming difficult for him to discharge his duties as a Judge.

This is a classic example which goes to show that in India even the High Court Judges have no freedom to discharge their lawful duties, and the so-called minorities are holding them to ransom in the name of ‘minority right’ and ‘secularism’. What a tragedy in an independent India! While the majority Hindus are being gradually emasculated in guise of ‘secularism’, and the so-called minorities are made aggressive and assertive by our dung-headed politicians who are only bothered about their gaddi and not the welfare of the society and the country.

Will the Tamil Nadu ‘Amma’ who has been, time and again, sermonizing the Hindus in general and the Kanchi Acharyas and his followers in particular that the law should take its own course and that all are equal before the majesty of law, advise the Moulavi concerned that the law should take its own course and that he is equal to others before the law of the land? I bet she will not, because she dares not.

Will the hapless Hindus learn a lesson or two from this incident? Better late than never. However, they should at least thank the Moulavi who has shown them the ‘secular’ way of safeguarding their Dharma and their society. And now it is unto the Hindus to follow suit.

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