Hindu dharma is implicitly at odds with monotheistic intolerance. What is happening in India is a new historical awakening... Indian intellectuals, who want to be secure in their liberal beliefs, may not understand what is going on. But every other Indian knows precisely what is happening: deep down he knows that a larger response is emerging even if at times this response appears in his eyes to be threatening.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hinduism in 21st century

By R.V. Bhasin

The emerging tragedy noticeable in this period of time is to find a total lack of interest in Hinduism among the Hindus, particularly amongst the young Hindu urbanite children, including the high-level students educated in colleges and universities in the metropolitan cities. Hinduism has survived till date in spite of severe persecutions at the hands of Muslims. Islam percolated into India from ‘Arabland’ and settled in this country mostly on the point of the sword. Partition of India was done on the basis of Hindus and Muslims being declared as two different nations irreconcilable to live together as common citizens of India. The recent Census figures prove that the rate of growth of Muslims as against the Hindus is frightening. On the basis of such figures, the Hindus shall find themselves overtaken in numbers by the left-over Muslims, with the Muslims definitely growing in strength and demanding another Muslim homeland out of the present territory of India. The present problems of Kashmir and the population of Christians growing in the north-east are political Islamic ends of the sword already held on the neck of India. Who is behind this?

Only Pakistan that represents the Islamic worldwide millat. Bangladesh is the aider and abettor, with the ISI of Pakistan continuously infiltrating by sending Muslim hordes into India to destabilise India, so to say, the only land of the Hindus. Once it was said by scholars like Max Muller and Dr Annie Besant that India without Hinduism is unthinkable. The Muslim's sole aim, as is undeniable, is to wait for an opportune time to convert any Darul Harb into Darul Islam. Present-day India as per the world's Muslims is Darul Harb that must be reconverted into Darul Islam because in the past the Muslims ruled over this land. Many Hindus, then living on this land, got converted into Islamic followers in the period of about 1,000 years.

India, the original land of the Hindus, stood partitioned on the sole basis of religion called Islam. Hence a time period of 1,000 years was all that was taken for Arab imperialism started by Prophet Mohammed to create another Islamic land out of that part of earth which admittedly never was Islamic. From that land which became Islamic by the name of Pakistan, even the original Hindu population stood practically wiped off. It is this process that is going on very fast and must make the Hindu thought in India shudder in the background of pseudo-secularism now being talked of even by the leaders of the Hindus.

This latest trend is disturbing the present Hindu culture that must protect it or be warned that this century shall see India being reconverted into Darul Islam. Hinduism shall be diluted to an irredeemable level and its social, cultural and spiritual basis shall be made very weak and ultimately India shall be politically captured by the Islamists. The conduct of the pseudo Hindu leaders is mostly to satisfy their personal urges to politically remain in power even at the cost of their culture and the country. The talk of a pluralistic society in India could have had some worthwhile meaning if it was done when India was being partitioned or when the Hindu leaders falsely presumed that Pakistan as an independent nation, without India, shall collapse. Time has already proven them wrong. One after another, political blunders have been made which continue to date by India agreeing to open its doors to the advantage of the infiltrating Muslim terrorists, including agreeing to the system of passport check being substituted by ordinary, forged and illegally printed entry forms. Where then was any need to put hundreds of miles of fencing on the Indo-Pak border?

Lack of knowledge and interest on the part of the younger Hindu urbanite population augurs ill for the future of India and the Hindus. Unless political parties immediately rise to the occasion to sprout some firm, dedicated and acceptable Hindu leadership, India itself shall meet its doom by sinking its own ancient glory through their usually adopted political policy of timidity and pseudo-secularism by pampering the Muslim minority in India. Where at all is any justification for a secular State to subsidise Haj pilgrimage when no such aid is allowed to any other community?

Time has ripened for all Hindus to unite and politically polarise themselves to protect their social, cultural, political and spiritual cherishments that eventually must also reach the pockets of the Hindus, since loss of political authority invariably affects the economics. The Hindu ‘Bania’ mentality shall soon see itself totally unsafe in the domination by Sonia Gandhi as a Christian Catholic still living in India as a Christian widow of a Hindu-converted dead husband. The danger to ancient Hinduism and its culture is very real and it is warranted of the Hindus to polarise politically and effectively by using their number superiority by founding a new political party.

India, since its Independence, for the wrong policies of Nehru-Gandhi is practising multi-theocracy rather than true secularism. Hinduism believes in secularism and its policy of extreme tolerance and freedom to one and all to worship one’s Creator for one’s salvation as one may like can never be found fault with. There is no State religion or faith but the State, due to its population and various beliefs, can never be irreligious. The Hindu youth, particularly in the urbanite metropolitan society, must be made aware of the grand Hindu seers and the unparalleled philosophy of this ancient land of the devas. From the cities, the Hindu NGOs must percolate to every Indian village with the clear message of Hindu polarisation to finally take over and control India's or Bharatvarsha's or Hindustan’s politics with its clear Hindu policies as the only Hindu land in the world. Assertion in the name of Hinduism does not at all mean belittling of any other faith, least of all Christianity or Islam, both being most spread out the world over.

Finally, it is for the Hindus and their religious and political leaders to rise to the occasion to begin spreading the forgotten faith in Hinduism in the minds of their young children. The entire Hindu diaspora the world over, particularly the Hindus in India, need to learn what real Hinduism and its deep Vedic or Sanatan Dharma philosophy is all about. Hindus must commence their rejuvenation in the present kaliyuga. Hindu philosophy has earned continuous applause from the wise people of the world all throughout the past period. Hindu philosophy with its love for truth and logic and reason through a spirit of tolerance is indeed the correct direction for the present world to follow. The minimun that Hindu thought includes are theory of reincarnation and its never dying attributes, belief in the principle of God and through His grace, the acceptance of Divinity and spread of the universal message of love and tolerance of each other, shedding hatred and adopting simple habits of renunciation and believing in true spirit. Let every Hindu be an honest, straightforward believer in Hindutva which begins with the Gayatri mantra commemorated to memory, and its recitation, whenever one can.

(The author is an advocate of Supreme Court of India.)


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