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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Modi, Godhra, Jihad & Reverend Bush

Mar 20, 2005
USA embassy has revoked Narendra Modi’s visa for so-called “violating religious freedom.”
There is not much point in discussing USAs actions because “America” is just the other name for “Fraud of Double Standards.” This is a country that has proved its credentials by tolerating and supporting Jihadi terrorism by Pakistan for several decades. It is a nation that has killed thousands of Iraqis just because Bush dreamt of WMDs in Iraq, while it continued to ignore WMD Wal-Mart – Pakistan.

Modi’s denial is just the result of the “unholy nexus” between “the holy Christian missionaries and the holy Jihadi sympathizers”. There is no doubt that American administration is hand in glove with the Christian Missionaries, that hold the exclusive rights to “violate others religious freedom” (by conversion). Let us understand well: the Jihadis and the Missionaries are always together while targeting the Hinduism.

.……….but the returns are good in this case. This action is sure to benefit India in the long run. Even the hard core supporters of Jihadis in our government were forced to protest the USA’s action. The UPA gang seems to have learnt some lessons from the Jharkhand democracy murder…that actions like this help Indians to open their eyes further more!!!

Actually, this is the best opportunity to bring some facts before the people, know more about the rights and religious freedom enjoyed by the minorities in India and the question about future of India.


What was the Post-Godhra riots about and how many people were killed in these riots?

The Gujarat riots was a reaction to the Godhra train burning. An entire coach was burnt down by a mob of 2,000 local Muslims in which 58 Hindus were killed. The victims included 25 women, 14 children and infants that were returning from Ayodhya. Hindu mobs rioted after this incident.
Gujarat administration completely failed to control the riots effectively in time. Over 700 people from both the communities were killed in the Post-Godhra riots. (Though the sympathizers of Jihadis, Communals, Criminals and the Anti-nationals claim it between 3000 to 10,000.)


About religious freedom in Pakistan, Bangladesh and USA

In view of this denial, How would USA embassy answer the Hate crimes against Indians in US?

Pakistan is a Sponsor of Terrorism, nuke Proliferator and the WMD Wal-Mart.

Hindu minority in Pakistan has reduced to 1% from 30% in 50 years. Hindu minority in Bangladesh has reduced to 7% from 35% today. Has USA ever refused visa to any Pakistani or Bangladeshi politician for violating religious freedom? Or is it right for the Pakistan and Bangladesh to violate the religious freedom of minorities? Is that why Mushrraf is welcomed at Bush’s Texas Ranch? More about “US policy toward India is war by other means”.

USA is certainly aware of the massacre and ethnic cleansing of J&K Pundits going for over 15 years for now, which is far worse than Gujrat and was stated because of Jihadi ideals without any Godhra kind of incident/reason? Thousands of Kashmiri Pundits have been killed and 700,000 Pandits are refugees in their own country.

Worst riots had erupted ten years back in USA (Los Angelis) that killed 54 people? 54 people were killed and billion of $ of property was destroyed in LA riots just because of a simple court verdict. Can Mister Bush answer what would have been the toll in LA if 58 were roasted alive in a train couch by the local terrorists?


How many people know the following about Godhra and Gujarat?

Godhra massacre was conducted by mob about 2000 Muslims wielding different weapons. The attacking mob even prevented the Fire trucks from reaching the spot after burning of the train?

  • 157 subsequent riots that happened in Gujarat were started by Muslims.
  • Over 40,000 Hindu refugees continued to languish in the Kankaria refugee camp after their homes were burnt down by Muslim mobs
  • A Hindu businessman built 90 houses in Ahmedabad, Gujarat for Muslims whose homes had been destroyed. Is this how the Muslims community returns this humanity?
Modi has neither been charged nor proved to be guilty of riots that followed after roasting of 58 people by local terrorists. No Indian court has indicted Mr.Modi in any case. The only thing sympathizers of Jihadis have been successful so far is “spreading the lies” with the help of “Missionaries”. Muslims community in UK screamed a lot when Modi visited UK….but they could not take the challenge of suing Modi.


Now, let us review the opportunities and rights enjoyed by minorities in India:

Indian minority has steadily grown from 8% to 12% (while it has reduced to near extinction in Pakistan and Bangladesh.) Can there be any other indicator to prove safety and religious freedom enjoyed by the minorities in India? Indian President is a Muslim. One of our billionaires is a proud Indian Muslim. Indian Govt pays crores of Rupees for the Muslim’s Haj pilgrimage every year. This money is paid by 80% of Hindu taxpayers.

Indian congress had changed India’s constitution to accommodate case of Muslims women Shah Banoo which is never done to satisfy any such religious fancies of any other religion in India.

"Most Muslims are much better off in India than even in Pakistan" as per study conducted in 2003.


India is the only country where –
  • Muslims are given subsidy to go to Haj.
  • Three Indian Presidents and one Chief Justice of India were Muslims. One of the Presidents was Sikh. India's defense minister (Mr. George Fernandez) has been, a Christian by faith. There have been three Chief Ministers in India from minority community - Antulay in Maharashtra, Gafoor in Bihar and Anwara Tamur in Assam. Mayawati is Chief Minister in U.P. The list is unending.
  • There are more muslims than all Islamic countries except Indonesia – but it is not an Islamic nation.
  • There are more Hindus than any other country in the world – but it is not a Hindu nation.
  • There are more Christians than Australia, New Zealand and many western countries – but it is not a Christian nation.
  • There are more Sikhs, Jains, Zorastrians, - but India is neither that.
  • Worlds most religions are born here – Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism to name the main ones.
  • It can proudly claim the title of World’s largest functional SECULAR DEMOCRACY.
  • In its ENTIRE HISTORY of over 5000 years India has never attacked or invaded a country or forced its religions or views on others
  • India has lost 50% of its land in last few centuries to the invaders.
Which other country in the world has given so much of freedom and equal rights to their minorities, even to occupy our mother land?

AND…all this is despite 1000 years of Islamic invasion and genocide of Hindus that has killed millions of Hindus so far!!!


So, Who is responsible for the national insult today (USA revoking Modi visa)?

Is it USA?
Or those Indian Muslims that continue their Jihad from the foreign land?
Or is it the Hindus that do not care for their land, nation and the future?

The Jurassic Park is already in India!
If the history is ignored, extinction of the sheep is not too far away!!!

Gujarat Riots - Genesis, Analysis, Facts & Figures

Hindu-Muslim riots in India: A History

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