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Sunday, September 25, 2005

UPA has made India a client state of US: BJP

Press Trust of India

New Delhi, September 25: BJP leader and former Foreign Minister Yashwant Singh on Sunday criticised Manmohan Singh government for ‘abandoning’ Iran when it voted with the US-EU on a resolution on Tehran’s nuclear programme saying the UPA had succumbed to the US pressure.

“The veil is off. India is now firmly in the US camp. A government which came to power wooing to follow an independent foreign policy has finally surrendered its independence to US. The UPA government has made India a client state of the US,” Sinha said.

Making a statement in his personal capacity and not as a BJP leader, he said India had abandoned Iran to save its own questionable nuclear deal with the USA.

“It is a pity that the government of India decided to vote for the EU resolution against Iran in the IAEA. India’s consistent position has been that issues in Iran’s nuclear programme should be resolved through discussions and consensus and not through confrontation. By voting for a resolution to refer the matter to the United Nations Security Council, this avenue has been closed,” he said.

Sinha said New Delhi did not even choose to abstain from the voting on the EU resolution like Russia and China did.

“Clearly, the UPA government has buckled under the intense pressure of United States of America,” he added.

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