Hindu dharma is implicitly at odds with monotheistic intolerance. What is happening in India is a new historical awakening... Indian intellectuals, who want to be secure in their liberal beliefs, may not understand what is going on. But every other Indian knows precisely what is happening: deep down he knows that a larger response is emerging even if at times this response appears in his eyes to be threatening.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Proposed quota expansion has serious political and social ramifications and will divide India : Indian Supreme Court

Media Release
May 29, 2006

Indian Supreme Court said proposed quota expansion has serious political and social ramifications and will divide India on the basis of caste.

The vacation bench of Justice Arijit Pasayat and Justice L S Panta challenged Manmohan Singh's Government with three basic issues.

How does Indian Government fix the OBC categories?

How does the Government justify the basis of fixing the OBC categories?

What will be modalities and basis for modalities after the quota is imlemented?

The justices gave Manmohan Singh and his Congress party led Government eight weeks to answer and file counter-affidavit on implementation of the policy.

UPA encouraging religious conversion: Dr Swamy

5/30/2006 1:15:30 AM HK Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Janata Party President Dr Subramanian Swamy has alleged that the present attempt by the UPA Government to introduce reservations in the institutions of higher learning and in private corporate sector was a conspiracy to encourage nefarious foreign forces, 'especially those that want to launch a programme of massive religious conversion in India'. In a statement issued to the media on late Monday, Dr Swamy, a former Union Minister for Law and Company Affairs, pointed out that the research and studies carried out by the Central Statistical Organisation in 1998 proved beyond doubt that the backward communities, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes have been given due representation in all government services, educational institutions and public sector units in accordance with the per centage of their population. "According to the economic census of the Central Statistical Organization, 33% of all corporate enterprises are owned by members of other backward community, while 12% were owned by scheduled castes and tribes. So it makes no sense to seek to reserve jobs in the corporate sector on the basis of caste when it’s ownership is already in the ratio of castes," Dr Swamy, an economist of international repute, said in the statement. Based on these facts and the evil designs of the crooked HRD minister Arjun Singh, Dr Swamy asked the President to demand the resignation of the UPA government and order fresh election.

He remarked that the concept of social justice must begin by ensuring that children of the backward classes and scheduled castes and tribes were provided first rate primary and secondary education so that they could be enabled to compete for admission on the basis of merit at the college and higher levels. "Reservations for unqualified candidates on the basis of quota will seriously hamper India’s knowledge revolution taking place especially in the cutting-edge applications in IT, bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries," said Dr Swamy.

He also said that the attempt by the UPA Government to impose quotas for other backward class in higher education was anti-national and would only facilitate a downward spiral in academic excellence. "India will suffer in vitally needed innovation and quality R&D for becoming a world power by 2020," Dr Swamy warned the government. "The HRD Minister Arjun Singh is playing the same role as Jai Chand did in past Indian history by pursuing his personal interest to benefit the foreigner who has malafide intention for India," Dr Swamy pointed out.

Secularism Vs Minorityism

5/29/2006 12:39:18 PM G.Vijayalakshmi,

Secularism in India was replaced with pseudo-secularism, and now what is being practised is plain minorityism. The anti-BJP UPA partners used to taunt the BJP as being communal, but now these parties have shed their pretences and now they stand exposed as being the worst communalists and casteists.

The UPA now has the dubious distinction of polarizing India on caste and communal lines. Anti-BJP parties are brazenly playing the caste and communal cards for petty vote banks. These parties prefer the organized minorities to the unorganized majority, master-minded by the communists. Enlightened citizens have to play their part to save the country from sinking deeper into the quagmire of minorityism and revive the secular fabric of the country.

The two major Dravidian parties of TN are engaged in one-upmanship over the 'anti-conversion law'. It is imperative to bring in a centralized 'anti-conversion Bill' to maintain communal harmony and protect the majority Hindus from the cultural assault of the aggressive religionists. Why should Hindus allow themselves to be led like dumb animals to the sacrificial alter? It is common knowledge that Christian groups want to 'plant the cross in India' by hook or by crook.

Aggressive proselytization is already going on in the country. Contrary to the Pope's baseless allegation that there is religious 'intolerance in India, the truth is that it is the Christian hierarchy that is intolerant of other religionists. In Russia, the Orthodox Christian church is vehemently opposing the Hindus there from being granted the permission to build just one temple for themselves in Moscow, after the mayor of Moscow demolished the one and only temple that was there. To make matters worse, the Archbishop Nikon had described our lord Krishna in the vilest terms. No Hindu religious leader has ever used such bad language against any religion so far. The Pope cannot feign ignorance about the happenings in Russia and in India.

That Christians are using overt and covert means of conversion is common knowledge. A Sikh friend of mine was in tears when she told me how her daughter got converted to Christianity and the 'fathers' also visited her house to 'bribe' her sons, who stoutly showed them the door.

The other day when I was passing through Mylapore, I saw a poster showing a couple of religious leaders in light orange-coloured clothes. I also saw the names 'Veda nayaga Sastriar' and the word 'sat kalakshepams'. Curious to know who these Swamijis were, I went closer to read. I was taken aback, because they were not Hindus. The 'christian harvesting society' or some such organization was holding this meeting. The words 'sat kalakshepams', 'aradhanai', Bhagavathar Veda nayaga Sastriar' etc. and the poster itself was meant to entice naïve and gullible Hindus to attend the 'sat kalakshepams' and convert them in a deceptive and fraudulent manner!

It is also a myth that Christian organizations do more social service than Hindus. Christian organizations, who get lot of foreign money, very often misuse the money to convert people. They never help their own community people who are in dire need of help. A few months back my husband and I brought a six-year old boy afflicted with congenital cataract, and his parents from Kerala to Sankara Nethralaya to help the boy gain his vision. The eyes were operated free of cost there because they were poor patients and we bore all the other expenses. We will be booking the tickets again for the check-up next month. When they were here, I asked the boy's mother that since Christian organizations have lots of money, why they did not approach any Christian organization to help them with the surgery. She said they never help- even in the Mission hospital they will not get free medicine. So much for Christian charity! When they do help others, it comes with a price-the person has to embrace Christianity! But we Hindus, in accordance with the teachings of our Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, indulge in service by 'nishkama karma', i.e. we serve without expecting anything in return. That is why hundreds of Hindu social service organizations serve without publicity. Political parties must know this truth.

It is a sad commentary on our political life that unscrupulous politicians, with an eye on the vote-bank, are pampering the minorities and trying to crush the majority Hindus. It is a dangerous game to give preference to alien religions over the native Hindu religion which is the most tolerant of all the religious faiths in the world. It is the duty of all Hindus to see to it that the pristine glory of Hinduism is maintained, not only in India but also in Nepal, Russia and the world over.



Palash Sen slams govt for 'dividing India'

Monday, 29 May , 2006, 17:24

Mumbai: Hitting out against the UPA government's reservation policy, doctor and singer Palash Sen on Monday said the government should rather focus on removing the huge economic disparity in the country than indulging in "vote-bank politics".

"Poverty is the major cause of concern in the country. It has created a deep divide in the society. This needs to be bridged by creating more employment opportunities than enforcing reservation. Poverty comes by birth, not caste," said Sen, the lead singer of rock band Euphoria.

After singer Rabbi Shergill and Art of Living proponent Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, Sen is another celebrity to pledge his support to the anti-reservation campaign.

"It is appalling to see that the political leaders are leading the nation towards path of destruction," Sen said on the sidelines of his troupe's performance at a musical concert in Mumbai on Sunday night along with Pakistani rock band Strings.

A practising medico himself, the singer said, "I know how much I toiled to get a medical seat. We put in our blood and sweat while the government gifts away seats on a platter to some not even eligible for it."

"These politicians partitioned our nation on the basis of religion. Now they are dividing the country on caste basis. While we are trying to bridge the communal divide by having Pakistani rock band Strings perform with us," Sen, whose troupe members sported black arm bands to protest the government decision, said.

He also objected to every political leader rushing abroad for medical treatment. "This shows that they themselves don't have faith in our doctors," Sen said, adding, "they continue to harness vote bank politics."

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Roots of terrorism


Terrorism is simply the name of a technique:

Intentional attacks on civilians.

I understand that a 'Symposium on Roots of Terrorism' was held in Washington DC on 28-29 April. It was sponsored and organized by America Truth Forum. A large number of prominent and highly-placed intellectuals and experts on Islamic studies attended the symposium. Many of them were celebrities and known personalities on national TV and radio stations. A forceful Indian and Hindu view point was presented by Dr Babu Suseelan, a psychologist and Director of Addiction Research Institute, Pennsylvania and board member of Indian American Intellectuals Forum (IAIF) on that occasion.

What is very gratifying to note is that more than 375 intellectuals and US opinion makers, many of them Jewish and Christian Americans, took an active part in the Symposium. To quote the words of Narain Kataria in this context: 'This was a rare occasion for IAIF members to interact with American mainstream personalities and exchange the Indian viewpoint openly on the menace of terrorism. It was, probably, for the first time that the presence and scholarship of Hindu Americans was recognized and appreciated by renowned global experts on counter-terrorism'.

Dr Babu Suseelan insisted that it was absolutely essential for the world to understand the deadly ideology that successfully transforms the simple human beings into deadly suicide bombers and terrorists. He said that we cannot deal with the problem of terrorism until and unless we completely comprehend the ideology which extols the virtues of killing and preaches hate, incites violence and enjoins on its followers to instill terror in the hearts of those who do not believe in Allah (8:12); insists on its followers to make a war on unbelievers who dwell around them (9:123); compels its followers to be harsh to unbelievers; tells them that ultimate abode of infidels is Hell, directs them to lay hold on infidels; bind them; burn them in the fire of Hell, then, fasten them with a chain seventy cubits long. The only fault of infidel was that he did not believe in Allah, the Most High.

Jihad, fundamentally, is a do or die doctrine of permanent warfare. Jihad, Holy War and Terrorism are all interchangeable words in all contexts and all situations relating to so called infidels or non-believers or what Islam calls Kafirs. He pointed out that Muslims have been in a state of perpetual war wherever they live, be it Afghanistan or Iraq, Chechnya or Sudan, Kashmir or Thailand, Indonesia or Bangladesh, Philippine or Spain, USA, UK, or India. Dr Prithipal, Professor of Comparative Religion, University of Alberta, Canada has categorically observed: 'Muslims will only live as an oppressive majority and in turbulent minority'. This is because of the supremacy and paramountcy of the Islamic Jihad.

Surveying the History of India, Dr Suseelan pointed out that the Afghanistan was once Hindu and a part of the original India of that time. In 1947, Pakistan too was forcibly carved out of the Indian Territory by Islamists. Now, feverish efforts are on by all Islamic nations to wrest the Indian Kashmir from the Hindu India. Threats of violence, loot, murder and rape of Hindu people all familiar tools of terrorism have become a routine thing in the Indian Kashmir today.

Many people are under the mistaken impression that terrorism in the world began on 11 September, 2001. This assumption is based on total ignorance of the known facts of history. Dr Suseelan added: 'India has been experiencing terrorism for hundreds of years. Even the so-called Moghul King Akbar-the-Great had killed 30,000 to 40,000 innocent Hindus in one day'. He then referred to 14,000 young Hindu girls who had to immolate themselves in fire in a city named Chittor in Rajasthan in India when Hindu soldiers were not able to defend the honour of their womenfolk against the barbarian Islamic forces. 1,00,000 Hindu prisoners in one day were put to death by Timur-the-Terrible.

The sword of Islam was washed in the blood of the infidels of India ever since the Arab conquest of Sind in 712 AD.

To quote Dr Suseelan in this context: 'The whole world knows that six million Jewish people were murdered by Nazis. It is also known that 1.2 million Armenians were butchered by Turkish Muslims. But nobody knows about the Hindu Holocaust. There are various estimates on how many million Hindus have been slaughtered by Islamic invaders inspired by holy Quran. Prof Bill French of the Centre for the Study of Political Islam, Tennessee, who has conducted an in-depth research on the subject, told me that Muslims have killed 120 million human beings around the globe (including 40 million Hindus in India alone). Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch says that in sheer numbers, no group of people has suffered from Islam like the Hindus. He further said that it is amazing how few Americans and British of Indian origin seem to know the history of their own ancestors. Prof K S Lal writes that 60 to 70 million Hindus were murdered by Muslim rulers'.

In conclusion, Dr Suseelan said that Hindus and Hinduism are under siege in India. At present the Muslim population in India is rising by leaps and bounds. There are 162 million Muslims living in Pakistan. There are approximately 150 to 160 million Muslims in India; Bangladesh has another 147 million Muslims. Roughly one-third of the world Muslim population lives in the Indian sub-continent. This is a very frightening scenario for India. Enlightened members of the audience in the high-profile Symposium were horrified and shocked by the detailed and documented information provided by Dr Suseelan.

Returning to the Indian context, since 1989, more than 13500 civilians and 5300 security personnel have been killed by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. By contrast, over the same period, till December 2004, just 62 persons have been indicted for terrorism in the State. Our Courts of Law don't and won't deliver. When someone at the greatest risk to his life acts to save the country, a shriek is sent up, Human Rights Violation.

During the last 20 years about 64,000 have been killed in terrorist related violence within the territory of India. By the end of 2004, 220 districts, covering 40 to 45 per cent of the country's territory had come to be affected by insurgencies of one kind or another. K.P.S. Gill has given three reasons for these killings: i) Islamic fundamentalism; ii) Left wing extremism; and iii) Ethnic Fundamentalisms in the North East. Arun Shourie has rightly observed that it is more or less taboo to talk about the first. The second is explained away in fashionable circles as the counter to State-terrorism as a direct consequence of Land Reforms not having been implemented. The third is lauded as 'The rise of consciousness among indigenous people'.

India is a State in denial, a State which has withered away for good or for evil.

Against this crumbling edifice of national security situation, it is shocking to see our pusillanimous Prime Minister offering on bended knees with supplication an offer of a new deal to the terrorists and quislings of Kashmir today. The same Prime Minister treats the striking students of IITs and Medical Colleges as quislings, ably assisted by the Human Resources Destruction (HRD) Minister and a known page boy of the Nehru family. The Hindu victims of Islamic terrorism in Kashmir are being treated like disposable consumables in the crucible of an artificially sponsored peace process founded on a superstructure of sanctimonious humbug. We have a weak government; we have a weaker economy; we have puny men at the highest levels of governance with contempt for our own nation and her people. Is this a sign of our tolerant culture? Is it a sign of our being a democracy? Is it a sign of confidence and strength? Or is it a sign of our being confused, of our having been fed guilt, and of our having internalised it?

It is in this context I am reminded of the strong stand taken by Deng Xiaoping, President of China when the Western nations spoke about violation of human rights in China, after the suppression of the riots in Tiananmen. Deng Xiaoping said that the troubles had been executed by 'so called democrats' who were in fact the scum of the Chinese nation. Deng Xiaoping gave a warning as follows: This turmoil has been a lesson for us. We are more keenly aware that first priority should always be given to national sovereignty and security. Some Western countries, on the pretext that China has an unsatisfactory human rights record and an irrational and illegitimate socialist system, attempt to jeopardize our national sovereignty. Countries that play power politics are not qualified to talk about human rights. How many people's human rights have they violated throughout the world!... They are not the United Nations. What grounds have they for interfering in the internal affairs of China? Who gave them power to do that? The Chinese people will never accept any action that violates norms of international relations, and they will never yield to outside pressure.

One million of our so-called Nethas cannot equal one Deng Xiaoping. When are we going to get tall leaders with judgement, courage, vision and above all political integrity?

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Indian greedy politicians using quota to get votes

Medical doctors and students resist the tricks of Indian Government
Media Release
May 24, 2006

As the medicos'' strike against the government's reservation proposal entered the 13th day on Wednesday, agitating medicos took up the task of trying to thwart the recruitment drive launched by the government to replace them in the strike-affected hospitals.

The interviews at Safdarjung Hospital were postponed as the protesting doctors went to different hospitals trying to convince candidates arriving for walk-in interviews to return.

"We have postponed the interviews for resident doctors," Medical Superintendent of Safdarjung Hospital R S Salhan said.

"Three persons had come to Safdarjung Hospital for interview, but we convinced them against it and they have joined us," Dr Kumar Harsh from AIIMS Resident Doctors Association said.

Why PM Manmohan Singh so quiet about merciless killing of Hindus by Islamic Jihadists in Jammu?

Sunil Razdhan
May 24, 2006

Activists of Shiv Sena burn an effigy of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during their protest of round-table conference in Jammu on Wednesday.

Why PM Manmohan Singh is so quiet about merciless killing of Hindus by Islamic Jihadists in Jammu?

India needs to securer all its minorities Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and others. Hindus happen to be minority in Kashmir. That does not mean Pakistan gets a free hand in killing them. Pakistan wiped out Hindus in Pakistan after the partition of India in 1947. But that cannot happen in India.

It is time for India to get strong and tell the world communities - enough is enough. It is time for Pakistan to look itself in the mirror and count the skeltons in its closets.

It is time for PM Manmohan Singh to stand tall and decide not to confer with those who kill innocent people. These are terrorists - they do not belong to round table talks.

Quota politics – and the death of a dream

Kill pill

24 May 2006: The irony would be missed by nobody except the government. On a day that the UPA government approved the quota death pill, school leavers in Delhi, Chennai and other CBSE centres set record high exam scores. The girls did better than the boys, how nice, ninety percenters were more than ever, and eight hundred and twelve students, let us be precise about this, scored one hundred per cent in math. Terrific.

But sad too, many of these brilliant students will struggle to get quality admission in Delhi or Chennai, in Tamil Nadu, it is abysmal, with reservations exceeding sixty per cent. And it is going to get worse, with extra twenty-seven per cent OBC reservations coming from the next academic year.

What’s the point of brilliance?

Why work hard?

Why compete?

The tragedy, the utter, benumbing horror of it, is not a whimper of protest from the political establishment against the OBC quota, not even in the face of a heroic doctors’ strike in Delhi and other places. It would appear the only man to be concerned, and which occasioned all the dilly-dallying on going ahead with quotas, was the prime minister, Manmohan Singh. A PM who sets up a knowledge commission should understand what he is about, more to the point, knows the knowledge gaps in society, and hopes for a radical solution to them. But he was pre-empted and bushwhacked by the PM-aspirant, Arjun Singh, and all the plans and vision washed out.

You may ask, what use a PM who cannot take a stand? Well, true. Indefensible as he is on that, and right cowardly in not coming to the defence of the knowledge commission under attack from Arjun Singh, Sharad Yadav and Sitaram Yechury, there is something else. Probably the PM was the last holdout against quota, or blanket quota hikes as envisaged, the PM and Sonia Gandhi, perhaps, but there was a strong pro-quota sentiment in the Congress, and of course, the allies bamboozled them on it. In the end, it was vision against narrow politics, and politics won out.

The Congress’s internal quota impulses come from a fear that the party is losing its political bearings with Manmohan as PM. The quota became a vehicle to attack the PM, but since Sonia, for whatever reason, was covering him, the attack did not get personal. By now, otherwise, Manmohan Singh would have been booed within the party.

But what swung in favour of the pro-quota-ists, including the likes of Jairam Ramesh, was the strong UPA allies’ pitch for it, and here is another story. After the Congress’s defeat in the assembly elections, the Left and the DMK were expected to turn the heat on the Centre. The quota became the issue, and they got a reluctant Manmohan Singh to push it forward. But here, another story attaches, the most significant of the political narratives so far.

OBC politics has arrived with a bang. So far, OBC politics ate into the political base of a national party like the Congress in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh of and on, and more permanently in North India. OBCs kept away from the Congress, as we illustrated in an earlier commentary piece ( “No gain,” 17 May 2006), preferring their own leaders, Mulayam, Laloo, Nitish Kumar & Co, or stayed with the BJP, Uma Bharati (before), the Scindias (though not for OBC reasons), Kalyan Singh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and so on.

But now, the OBCs have stormed the Centre, this is more than a Mulayam as defence minister or Laloo in railways, the OBCs are meaning to control Central – or national – politics, and they have just succeeded with the quota kill pill. See it this way, with its national, political instincts, the Congress leadership, in the main the PM and Sonia Gandhi, resisted, but the OBC allies of the Congress, from Laloo to the DMK, PMK, rammed down the resistance.

The Left assisted in this. The Left’s central leaders are doing different politics from regional leaderships, here, they are as lowdown as it takes to power. By not putting any opposition to quotas – how can it with such a powerful OBC section within? – the BJP has also given in to the OBC wave at the Centre. There is, in addition, the pressure of its ally in Bihar, Nitish and Sharad Yadav. Don’t be surprised if there is an OBC push in the BJP for central leadership control.

But the Congress gets a message too from the quota disaster, the tail has begun wagging the dog, and the Congress has the UPA allies’ plant within, Arjun Singh. It is Arjun Singh’s victory and the Congress’s defeat, maybe the PM’s defeat, because Sonia can always make adjustments and survive. But the survival of the Congress is at risk.

At this late stage, the party cannot assimilate the OBC vote stream, nobody will give up their share, and second, this the Congress should take note, it has lost its leadership role in the government. The PM is nominally the PM, even more nominal than before, which makes him nothing, and more and more, the allies will set the agenda and drive the government. The Congress has given up leadership in return for stability and to continue in power.

At this rate, it is the end of the Congress, you cannot become like everyone and survive. The party is afraid of its own identity as a national party, a far-seeing party with vision. It is living day-to-day, making compromises on an hourly basis, to retain the conceit of having its PM, who has little to no power left.

If the Congress and the PM had stood their grounds against quota, going for a comprehensive solution, including reopening the whole issue of affirmative action, the allies could have threatened but done little else. They couldn’t have pulled down the government risking a return of the BJP with or without elections. By standing firm, they would have captured the space to build a dynamic new equitable knowledge society. It could have been a great plank for re-election.

Instead, we stand looking at the ruin of an Indian dream.


Are Brahmins Dalits of today?

Francois Gautier, (The writer is a renowned French journalist and author, residing in India for several years), Manuj Features.

"The Indian government gives Rs 1,000 crores (Rs 10 billion) for salaries of imams in mosques and Rs 200 crores (Rs 2 billion) as Haj subsidies. But no such help is available to Brahmins and upper castes." At a time when the Congress government wants to raise the quota for Other Backward Classes to 49.5 per cent in private and public sectors, nobody talks about the plight of the upper castes. The public image of the Brahmins, for instance, is that of an affluent, pampered class. But is it so today? There are 50 Sulabh Shauchalayas (public toilets) in Delhi; all of them are cleaned and looked after by Brahmins (this very welcome public institution was started by a Brahmin). A far cry from the elitist image that Brahmins have! There are five to six Brahmins manning each Shauchalaya.

They came to Delhi eight to ten years back looking for a source of income, as they were a minority in most of their villages, where Dalits are in majority (60 per cent to 65 per cent). In most villages in UP and Bihar, Dalits have a union which helps them secure jobs in villages. Did you know that you also stumble upon a number of Brahmins working as coolies at Delhi's railway stations? One of them, Kripa Shankar Sharma, says while his daughter is doing her Bachelors in Science he is not sure if she will secure a job. "Dalits often have five to six kids, but they are confident of placing them easily and well," he says. As a result, the Dalit population is increasing in villages. He adds: "Dalits are provided with housing, even their pigs have spaces; whereas there is no provision for gaushalas (cowsheds) for the cows of the Brahmins." You also find Brahmin rickshaw pullers in Delhi. 50 per cent of Patel Nagar's rickshaw pullers are Brahmins who like their brethren have moved to the city looking for jobs for lack of employment opportunities and poor education in their villages. Even after toiling the whole day, Vijay Pratap and Sidharth Tiwari, two Brahmin rickshaw pullers, say they are hardly able to make both ends meet. These men make about Rs 100 to Rs 150 on an average every day from which they pay a daily rent of Rs 25 for their rickshaws and Rs 500 to Rs 600 towards the rent of their rooms which is shared by 3 to 4 people or their families. Did you also know that most rickshaw pullers in Banaras are Brahmins? This reverse discrimination is also found in bureaucracy and politics.

Most of the intellectual Brahmin Tamil class has emigrated outside Tamil Nadu. Only 5 seats out of 600 in the combined UP and Bihar assembly are held by Brahmins --the rest are in the hands of the Yadavs. 400,000 Brahmins of the Kashmir valley, the once respected Kashmiri Pandits, now live as refugees in their own country, sometimes in refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi in appalling conditions. But who gives a damn about them? Their vote bank is negligible. And this is not limited to the North alone. 75 per cent of domestic help and cooks in Andhra Pradesh are Brahmins.

A study of the Brahmin community in a district in Andhra Pradesh (Brahmins of India by J Radhakrishna, published by Chugh Publications) reveals that today all purohits live below the poverty line. Eighty per cent of those surveyed stated that their poverty and traditional style of dress and hair (tuft) had made them the butt of ridicule. Financial constraints coupled with the existing system of reservations for the 'backward classes' prevented them from providing secular education to their children. In fact, according to this study there has been an overall decline in the number of Brahmin students. With the average income of Brahmins being less than that of non-Brahmins, a high percentage of Brahmin students drop out at the intermediate level. In the 5 to 18 year age group, 44 per cent Brahmin students stopped education at the primary level and 36 per cent at the pre-matriculation level. The study also found that 55 per cent of all Brahmins lived below the poverty line--below a per capita income of Rs 650 a month. Since 45 per cent of the total population of India is officially stated to be below the poverty line it follows that the percentage of destitute Brahmins is 10 per cent higher than the all-India figure! There is no reason to believe that the condition of Brahmins in other parts of the country is different. In this connection it would be revealing to quote the per capita income of various communities as stated by the Karnataka finance minister in the state assembly: Christians Rs 1,562, Vokkaligas Rs 914, Muslims Rs 794, Scheduled castes Rs 680, Scheduled Tribes Rs 577 and Brahmins Rs 537. Appalling poverty compels many Brahmins to migrate to towns leading to spatial dispersal and consequent decline in their local influence and institutions.

Brahmins initially turned to government jobs and modern occupations such as law and medicine. But preferential policies for the non-Brahmins have forced Brahmins to retreat in these spheres as well. According to the Andhra Pradesh study, the largest percentage of Brahmins today are employed as domestic servants.

The unemployment rate among them is as high as 75 per cent. Seventy percent of Brahmins are still relying on their hereditary vocation. There are hundreds of families that are surviving on just Rs 500 per month as priests in various temples (Department of Endowments statistics). Priests are under tremendous difficulty today, sometimes even forced to beg for alms for survival! There are innumerable instances in which Brahmin priests who spent a lifetime studying Vedas are being ridiculed and disrespected. At Tamil Nadu's Ranganathaswamy Temple, a priest's monthly salary is Rs 300 (Census Department studies) and a daily allowance of one measure of rice.

The government staff at the same temple receive Rs 2,500 plus per month. But these facts have not modified the priests' reputation as 'haves' and as 'exploiters.' The destitution of Hindu priests has moved none, not even the parties known for Hindu sympathy. The tragedy of modern India is that the combined votes of Dalits/OBC and Muslims are enough for any government to be elected. The Congress quickly cashed in on it after Independence, but probably no other government than Sonia Gandhi's has gone so far in dividing Indian society for garnering votes. The Indian government gives Rs 1,000 crores (Rs 10 billion) for salaries of imams in mosques and Rs 200 crores (Rs 2 billion) as Haj subsidies!

But no such help is available to Brahmins and upper castes. As a result, not only the Brahmins, but also some of the other upper castes in the lower middle class are suffering in silence today, seeing the minorities slowly taking control of their majority. Anti-Brahminism originated in, and still prospers in anti-Hindu circles. It is particularly welcome among Marxists, missionaries, Muslims, separatists and Christian-backed Dalit movements of different hues. When they attack Brahmins, their target is unmistakably Hinduism. So the question has to be asked: are the Brahmins (and other upper castes) of yesterday becoming the Dalits of today?


Hindus are under siege in Malappuram

11/1/2005 2:36:29 PM V.S. Babu

Hindus are under siege in the Muslim majority district of Malappuram - Kerala. The district was carved out to create a Muslim majority district by the Communist government headed by E.M.S Namboothiripad.

Today, we see a continuation of social, economic and political exclusion of Hindus in Malappuram. Hindus are marginalized and controlled by social, educational and political engineering by Muslim fundamentalists. Hindus are restricted in employment, educational opportunities, political participation and upward mobility. The municipality and all Panchayats are controlled by Muslims. Muslims intimidate and threaten Hindus to deny them active political participation. Their ultimate political goal runs through a vital interim objective-the creation of an unremitting paralyzing sensation of fear in the target Hindu community.

Today, Muslims in Malappuram differ from the invading Muslim army of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Muslim armies of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan murdered thousands of Hindus, destroyed hundreds of Hindu temples, engaged in forced conversion, murder, loot, rape, sabotage and blackmail. The tactics of invading Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali were different. However, the tactics of Muslims in Malappuram is to achieve wider goals, including marginalizing and force out Hindus from the district.

Several thousand Muslims from Malappuram are employed in Gulf countries. With the free flow of money from the Middle East and with the political power of the Muslim League cabinet ministers, Muslims work to undermine economic security of Hindus and disrupt Hindu family life. The goal of their strategy is to drive Hindus out of the district. Some congress politicians become a tool in the hands of the Muslim fundamentalist groups in Malappuram district.

All the schools and colleges are controlled by Muslims and special privileges are accorded to them enabling them to neutralize Hindus. Hindu students are an easy target for psychological indoctrination. One of the most telling examples of such policy in action is the cancellation of educational classes on Friday and Muslim holidays including the month of Muslim Ramadan. By using such psychological manipulation, Muslims succeed in creating anxiety, fear and panic among young Hindus. The atmosphere created by such acts casts a great shadow over Hindu society. Hindus also feel unsafe in their own homes and workplaces, daily life is disrupted, causing considerable harm to personal and family morale. Hindus in general are depressed, marginalized and demoralized. Suicide rate among Hindus are increasing in Malappuram. The Muslim message is: until you leave Malappuram district, you will not be safe.

Muslims exert economic pressure on Hindus with money and political power. Muslims try to amplify Hindu fear by denying them economic and educational opportunities at institutions and businesses controlled by them. With the free flow of money from the Gulf countries and government subsidies, Muslims are grabbing lands, property and small businesses from poor Hindus. Poor, unemployed Hindus are driven out of urban areas dominated by Muslims.

Government policy of Muslim appeasement, special privileges and financial aid exclusively for Muslims is what makes strategic threats of Muslims more harmful to Hindus.


The Hindu population that must live under the threat of jihadis in Malappuram, are in need of economic aid, employment opportunities, political and social support for survival. And this can be done through more educational opportunities, technical support for information processing business, social and political support in order to prevent the damage caused by Muslim domination.

Hindus from across the country must provide support to neutralize Muslim social pressure and economic exploitation. Special privileges and appeasement of Muslims by the government must cease. The government and the political decision makers have a responsibility to all their citizens in providing economic and educational opportunities. Among other things, decision makers can help by allocating the necessary funds for Hindus for education, and economic activities. Above all, Hindus all over Kerala must recognize the strategic psychological damage which could be caused by ignoring the plight of Hindus in Malappuram. It is time for Hindus to be organized and united to prevent another mini Pakistan forming in Malappuram.


Forces at work to Destabilise India : K.S. Sudarshan

10/31/2005 1:32:02 PM Kochi

The RSS Chief, Sri. K S Sudarshan has alleged that the US President, Mr George Bush, along with the Vatican was trying to convert people to Christianity.

Speaking at the Ernakulam district meet of the RSS here, Sr. Sudarshan said that increasing incidents of terrorism and conversion pointed to the fact that forces are at work to destabilize the nation.

Lashing out at the Indo-Pak talks, he said that the measures taken by the Centre were helping the growth of terrorism. “ If earlier talks were on Pak-occupied Kashmir, now it is centered around Jammu and Kashmir ".

He said that Hindutva line had registered growth and even the politicians have started thinking along those lines. " Those politicians who run after Hindu and Muslim vote bank would soon change their minds ", he added.


OBC reservations: A plot to divide Hindus

5/18/2006 11:50:52 AM HK Correspondent

NEW DELHI : The VHP today called Hindu students not to fight with each other over reservation proposal which is a conspiracy by the UPA Government to divide Hindus in the country.

VHP leader Ashok Singhal during a press conference here said that the students should not fall in this trap. OBCs are also Hindus and efforts should be made for the uplift of the entire Hindu community.

Shri. Singhal criticized Congress government responsible for high level illiteracy in the country.


Dr. Subramanya Swami calls on the Hindus to unite

11/5/2005 6:01:08 PM
From Mahadev
Kochi, Nov 05

The Hindus are under siege today and to resist this siege they first need unity, said Dr Subramanya Swami fromer Union Minister.

Speaking at a meeting of the Hindu saints in Mumbai recently, Dr Swamy said “We Hindus are under siege today, and we do not know it !! That is, what is truly alarming is that Hindu society could be dissembled today without much protest since we have been lulled or lost the capacity to think collectively as Hindus.

To resist this siege, he said, we first need Hindu unity. Numbers [of those claiming to be adherents to Hinduism] do not matter in today’s information society.It is the durability and clarity of the Hindu mindset of those who unite that matters in the forging of an instrument to fight this creeping danger.
In 1947, temporal power was defacto restored to the Hindu majority. But theIndian state formally adopted secularism, which concept however was never properly defined or debated. For example, it left vague what an Indian’s connection was with the nation’s Hindu past and legacy. In the name of secularism, it was taboo for a public servant even to break a coconut or light a oil lamp to inaugurate an official function on the ground that religious symbols must not invade public life. Such orthodoxy was promoted by Jawarharlal Nehru and his Leftist advisers.

But then government took over supervision of temples, legislated on Hindu personal laws, and regulated religious festivals, but kept aloof from the Muslim and Christain Religious affairs.The secularism principle was foisted on As a result, the renaissance that had begun in the late nineteenth century to redefine the Hindu identity [in contemporary terms and norms valid in a pluralistic society], was aborted by the confusion thus created in Hindu minds by a vaguely understood concept of secularism.

Electoral politics further confounded the issues arising out of secularism, and hence the Indian society became gradually and increasingly fragmented in outlook and of confused perspective. Hindu society became divided by caste that became increasingly mutually antagonistic. Attempts were made through falsification in history texts adopted for curriculum in the education system to disconnect and disinherit the contemporary Indian from the past glory of Hindu India. The intrinsic Hindu unity was sought to be undone by legitimizing such bogus concepts as Aryan-Dravidian racial divide theory, or that India as a concept never existed till the British imperialists put it together, or that Indians have always been ruled by invaders from abroad. Incidentally, the Aryan-Dravidian myth has now been exploded by modern research on DNA of Indians and Europeans conducted by Professor C. Panse
and other scholars.

Modern India was sought to be portrayed by foreign interests through this curriculum as a discontinuity in history and as a new entity much as are today’s Greece, Egypt or Iraq. That curriculum is largely intact today. On the contrary efforts are afoot to bolster the disparagement of our past in the new dispensation today. A rudderless India, disconnected from her past has, as a consequence, become a fertile field for religious poachers and neo-imperialists from abroad who paint India as a mosaic of immigrants much like a crowd on a platform in a railway junction. That is, it is clandestinely propagated that India has belonged to those who forcibly occupied it. This is the theme around which the Islamic fundamentalists and fraud Christian crusaders are again at work, much as they were a thousand years ago, but of course in new dispensations, sophistication, and media forms. Thus the concept of intrinsic Hindu unity, and India’s Hindu foundation are dangerously under challenge by these forces. Tragically most Hindus today are not even cognizant of it.

The challenge today confronting Hindus is however much more difficult to meet than was earlier in history because the forces at work to erode and undermine Hindu faith, unlike before, are unseen, clandestine, pernicious,deceptive but most of all sophisticated and media-savvy. Tragically therefore, a much more educated and larger numbers of Hindus have been unwittingly co-opted in this sinister conspiracy directed by foreigners who have no love for India and who also see much as Lord Macauley saw in the nineteenth century, that the hoary Hindu foundation of India is a stumbling block for the furtherance of their nefarious perfidious game.

Adherence to Hinduism is also being sought to be diluted in the name of modernity and this dilution is made a norm of secularism. Religion, it is advocated, is personal. To be a good Hindu today is conceptually being reduced to just praying, piety, visiting temples, and celebrating religious festivals. The concept of a collective Hindu mindset is being ridiculed as chauvinist and retrograde, even fundamentalist.

The concept of a corporate Hindu unity and identity however is that of a collective mindset that identifies us with a motherland from the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean and it’s glorious past, and the concomitant resolve of it’s representative leadership defined as “chakravartin” earlier by Chanakya, to defend that vision. It is this concept and resolve that is being discarded or is just evaporating under the onslaught of the Nehruvian secularists.

However pious a Hindu becomes, however prosperous Hindu temples become from doting devotees’ offerings, when the nation is in danger it is this collective mindset of the people that matters, and not the piety of the individual in that collective.

Hindu society today lacking a cohesive corporate identity, is thus in the process of becoming fragmented, and hence increasingly in disarray. This fission process is on simultaneously with the reality of millions of Hindus who go to temples regularly or walk to Sabarimalai or participate in Kumbh Mela.

This is not what I mean when I speak of Hindu unity to this august gathering, he said. I am instead referring to the Hindu consciousness which encompasses the willingness and determination to collectively defend the faith from the erosion that is being induced by the disconnect with our glorious past. What Swami Vivekananda, Bankim Chatterjee, Sri Aurobindo, and Subramania Bharati had achieved by raising Hindu consciousness to that end, has now been depleted and dissipated over the last six decades. Even the patriotic and anguished writings of Dr. Ambedkar, and his oration in the Constituent Assembly for a strong united country have been vulgarized to advocate Hindu society’s disintegration. In his scholarly paper presented in a 1916 Columbia University seminar [and published in Indian Antiquary, vol. XLI, May 1917 p.81-95] Dr. Ambedkar stated: “It is the unity of culture that is the basis of homogeneity. Taking this for granted, I venture to say that there is no country that can rival the Indian Peninsula with respect to the unity of it’s culture. It has not only a geographic unity, but it has over and above all a deeper and much more fundamental unity---the indubitable cultural unity that covers the land from end to end”. Ambedkar wrote several such brilliant books, but alas, Nehru and his cohorts so thoroughly frustrated him that in the end bitterness drove him to Buddhism. Thus, if this degeneration and disconnect are not rectified and repaired by a resolve to unite Hindustanis [Hindus and those others who proudly identify with India’s Hindu past], the Hindu civilization may go into a tail spin and ultimately fade away like other civilizations have for much the same reason.

Of course, this sorry state has come about as a cumulative effect of a thousand years past of Islamic invasions, occupation and Imperialist colonization. But we failed to rectify the damage after the Hindus overwhelmingly got de-facto power in 1947. For this transfer of power, we sacrificed one quarter of Akhand Hindustan territory to settle those Muslims who could not bear to live or adjust with the Hindu majority.That is, by a failure to usher a renaissance after 1947 India lost her opportunity to cleanse the accumulated dirt and unwanted baggage of the past. The nation missed a change to demolish the birth-based caste theory as Ambedkar had wanted to do. The battering that the concept of Hindu unity and Indian identity has taken at the hands of Nehruvian secularists since 1947 has led to the present social malaise. Thus, even though Hindus are above 80 percent of the population in India, they have not been able to understand their roots in, and obligations to, the nation in a pluralistic Hindustani democracy.

Today the sacrilege of Hindu concepts and hoary institutions, is being carried out not with the crude brutality of a Ghazni or Ghori, but with the sophistication of the constitutional instruments of law. The desecration of Hindu icons, for example the Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, is being made to look legal, thereby completely confusing the Hindu people, and thus making them unable to recognize the danger, or to realize that Hindus have to unite to defend against the threats to their legacy.

Propaganda against Amrita University

11/1/2005 2:05:21 PM Kochi

AMRITA UNIVERSITY, a Deemed University designed to provide the best higher education has transformed University Education in India so radically that it has received respect and acclaim from the professional community around the world. The Amrita University inspired by Mata Amritananda Mai has transformed higher education with spiritual values and has been providing quality value based education for several years. Hindus and non-hindus have been attracted to the university for its quality, professionalism and value based higher learning.

Hostile forces inimical to value based higher education have been creating obstacles ever since Amma introduced value based education. Several vested interest groups and Communist party have been trying to discredit and marginalize Amrita University ever since Amrita University attracted students and faculty from around the world. For several years, Communist media and pseudo secular intellectuals have been making inflammatory accusations to create a negative image of the esteemed center for higher education.

Now Communist Party aligned with the Central Congress government is trying to force the central government to withdraw Deemed University status of Amrita University. This will enable the Christian/Muslim led government in kerala to interfere with the daily operation of the Amrita University. Several professional colleges including the medical college will become under the purview of Kerala government. They may interfere, disrupt, undermine and subvert value based education and dismantle the university system formed by the divine inspiration of Amma..

It is time for hindus around the world to wake up and thwart the destruction of our sacred University established by Mata Amritananda mai. Hindus need to unite and stop this chaos, disorder, and political manipulation by atheist anti-national Communist party and their fellow travelers.


Kashmiri Pandits accuse Centre of bias

Kavita Suri

SRINAGAR, May 27. — The displaced Kashmiri Pandit community, which has been included in the talks on Kashmir for the first time, has expressed anguish that while the Centre is implementing several confidence-building measures for militants and anti-national elements, nothing has been done for the rehabilitation of the minority community. The Kashmiri Pandit community is into its 16th year of exodus from valley.
Dr Agnishekhar, convener, Panun Kashmir, who represented the Kashmiri Pandit community at the second Round Table Conference on Kashmir here at SKICC, told The Statesman that he had asked Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh for a special recruitment drive for Kashmiri Pandit youths until a solution is found to end their plight.

“We asked for a comprehensive economic package for the displaced community until some political solution is arrived at,” said Dr Agnishekhar, adding that he also invited the chief minister of J&K to visit all the Kashmiri Pandit camps, particularly the Battal Balia camp of Udhampur. He said that the camp should immediately be shifted to a safer place in Jammu.

Dr Agnishekhar said the recent Doda massacre should be an eye opener for the Government of India, as it reveals the militants’ big game plan to “cleanse” the so-called greater Kashmir across the river Chinab of Hindu minorities, going by Pakistan’s “Operation Topac”.

“The massacres and violence that have taken place between the first and second Round Table Conferences vindicates our claim that the situation in Kashmir will never be conducive, particularly to the Kashmiri Pandits and so, the carving out of a separate area for the rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pandits with full constitutional guarantees is the only solution for their settlement and return to the Valley,” he said.
He added that the comprehensive, compact rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pandits in a secure location in the Valley, with full institutional and constitutional guarantees, was not possible under present conditions. Rejecting the proposals of self-rule and demilitarisation of the PDP, the Panun Kashmir convener called these “steps to boost the Musharraf doctrine” and appealed to the Prime Minister that priority be given to de-terrorisation ~ instead of to demilitarisation.

Dr Agnishekhar hailed the statement of Dr Farooq Abdullah that the Government of India should not hold talks separately with the Hurriyat and other separatist groups. He said the Centre should send a clear message to the Hurriyat and their masters that they would go ahead “with or without them.”

Bizarre move to divide Hindu society

By Shyam Khosla

The UPA Government’s claim that it proposes to grant minority status to Jains and Kashmiri Pundits to empower these communities is absolutely bogus. It is no one’s case that Jains are a disadvantaged or deprived community or they are vulnerable to persecution because they constitute a miniscule part of the country’s population. As for the Kashmiri Pundits, granting a minority status to them will not obliterate the horrendous atrocities committed on them. They were driven out of their homes and hearths as part of the religious cleansing by anti-Indian elements and the only lasting solution of their uprooting is to create a congenial and peaceful atmosphere in J&K so that they can return to their homes confident of their safety and dignity. Certain self-style leaders of the community may grab the lollipop offered by the Government but the large sections of self-respecting Pundits will settle for nothing short of restoration of their properties—illegally occupied or “purchased” by non-Pundits—and their rehabilitation in the Valley. The move to grant minority status to more and more religious and linguistic groups is a bizarre move that will divide India and lead to further fragmentation of the Hindu society.

The Government of the day is following in the footsteps of the colonial rulers who after the first war of Independence in 1857, that we lost, felt threatened and fine-tuned a strategy to wean away the Muslims from the national mainstream and weaken the Hindu society by encouraging small religious groups to claim separate identity by denying their larger Hindu identity. The process was set in motion by introducing a separate column for Sikhs—without saying who is a Sikh—in a special census conducted in Punjab in 1868. They took the process ahead in the census conducted in 1881 by defining Sikhs as Khalsa that observe Panch Kakars (Five Ks) ordained by Guru Govind Singh. The British introduced a separate column for Jains in 1881. In the census held in 1891, separate columns were introduced for Arya Samajis and Brahmo Samajis as well. Leaders of certain religious groups did try to secure for their communities a minority status but their claims were rejected by judicial pronouncements.

The latest in the series is the August 8, 2005 landmark judgment by the Supreme Court of India through which it dismissed the Minority Commission’s plea to grant minority status to Jains saying, if only on the basis of a different religious thought or less numerical strength or lack of health, wealth, education, power or social rights, a claim of a section of Indian society to the status of ‘minority’ is considered and conceded, there would be no end to such claims in a society as multi-religious and multi-linguistic as India is. It went on to say that a claim by one group of citizens would lead to a similar claim by another group of citizens and conflict and strife would ensue. The apex court bench headed by the then Chief Justice of India, Justice R.C. Lohati, made the following significant observation, “The so-called minority communities like Sikhs and Jains were not treated as national minorities at the time of framing the Constitution. Sikhs and Jains, in fact, have throughout been treated as part of the wider Hindu community that has different sects, sub-sects, faiths, modes of worship and religious philosophies. In various codified customary laws like Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession Act, Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act and other laws of pre and post-Constitution period, definition of ‘Hindu’ included all sects, sub-sects of Hindu religions including Sikhs and Jains”.

The Government’s move is a blatant defiance of the Supreme Court’s order and the constitutional provisions. Explanation II of the Article 25, clearly states that the reference to Hindus in sub clause (b) of clause (2) of the said Article shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikhs, the Jains or Buddhist religions, and the reference to Hindu religious institutions in the said sub clause shall be construed accordingly. The Congress has seldom shown any sensitivity to constitutional and legal niceties. It is, therefore, not surprising that it’s acting in a manner that amounts to contempt of the court and utter disregard for the fundamental law of the country. Its purpose is simple. It wants to woo various sections of society with “concessions” that may or may not benefit the communities concerned but will give space to the ruling party to exploit these communities for electoral purposes. The hidden agenda, of course, is to further divide the Hindu society so that the Hindu nationalists are weakened.

Why everyone from a service and spiritual society like Ramakrishna Mission to a miniscule religious group like Jains, petition various organs of the Government to grant them minority status? One obvious reason is that every community wants to enjoy freedom in running educational and other institutions. As of now, the government can and does interfere with the functioning of private institutions even in matters of admissions, fees, recruitment of teachers and other employees and the content of what they should teach. The simple solutions is that we move on to a regime that gives identical, less regulated freedom to all institutions run by private parties regardless of the identity of the religious group running it. This is not to suggest that the Government should have no mechanism to regulate institutions, particularly those funded by Government. However, above a reasonable threshold, all institutions run by religious groups should be allowed freedom to administer. If this is done, there will be less enthusiasm for minority status. At a more fundamental level, vote-bank politics is responsible for the clamour to get minority status. More and more religious and social groups feel that they will get benefits from “secular” political parties if they are able to establish a separate identity and get a minority status. Our Constitution guarantees equal rights and freedoms to all citizens. Provision of minority rights in the Constitution has led to the proliferation of separate identities and rights. These provisions need to be reviewed. Our goal should be to establish a society where citizenship rights are independent of religious identity. Special rights and privileges on the basis of religious and sub religious identities are a great hindrance to the development of a strong and integrated India.

Systematic ethnic cleansing: Hindus always become the victims

By M.V.Kamath

There is one thing that nobody, not even the wisest among us can do: and that is to re-live history. Like it or not, we have to live with it. We have to accept the fact that a predominantly Hindu country was ruled for some eight centuries by Islamic invaders and some of their tyrannical successors and for another one hundred years by the British.

That was to give many Hindu intellectuals some of them described as Macaulay’s children a tremendous sense of inferiority. They were often willing to think the worst of Hindu royalty while unwilling or hesitant to look at anything but the more benevolent side of Islamic rule whether under an Aurangzeb or even a Tipu Sultan.

If there is a communal riot in Gujarat it is condemned as a `pogrom’ to eliminate Muslims or, worse still, as genocide on a scale practised by Hitler.

But let lakhs of Hindu Pandits be driven out of their ancestral home in the Kashmir Valley and there is silence in the secular press.

According to a Bangladesh Human Rights activist and writer Shahriar Kabir, an `ethnic cleansing’ has been going on in Bangadesh since 2001 and he has gone further in recording it in a 3- volume publication titled Bangladesh-e-Sankhyalaghu Nirjataner Ponerosho Diner Swetpatra (White Paper on 1, 500 days of Torture on Minorities in Bangladesh). We ignore it. On the contrary, we invite the prime minister a Bangladesh and honour her.

A foreigner, Chris Blackburn, who is a close observer of the Bangladesh scene has described the country as “the site of al- Qaeda-run training camps financed by Middle Eastern charities, including backing from rogue elements within Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence”.

Hindus in Kashmir are routinely terrorised and killed but that is seldom noticed. There were six killings in 2000, another six killings in 2001, some seven killings in 2002 and just this May terrorists massacred 32 Hindus and our secular media took everything in its stride.

The wailing of women whose husbands, sons and fathers were murdered in cold blood went unheard. In early March, violence erupted in two prominent marketplaces in Lucknow, Aminabag and Kaiserbagh when Muslim protestors, after Friday prayers, marched through the streets damaging shops and setting ablaze over two dozen twowheelers. Bank of Baroda’s Aminabad branch and a post office were torched by rioters who also damaged two cinema halls.

Writing in Outlook (20 February) K. P.S. Gill raised an important point. He said: “Why does the Muslim world not rise up in rage against these fanatics and political opportunists who are bringing disgrace to their faith? Why are the voices of criticism against extremist Islam and Islamist terrorism so muted? Our secularists pretended not to have read Gill. When dams are raised and huge lakes are formed, ancient temples get submerged but Hindus don’t raise a hue and cry.

They understand the price they have to pay for modernity, and concede that what is more important than preserving a heritage building is the larger interests of the nation. In Saudi Arabia, mosques are razed almost routinely.

The London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat (5 Sept. 2005) noted that operations of demolition of important signs in the holy city of Medina are neither the first nor would they be the last, as earlier, seven mosques, including the Bani Qoreyza Mosque were raised to the ground despite their religious, historic and cultural importance.

According to Tarek Fatah, a Pakistani Canadian Muslim activist and broadcaster, writing in Canada’s widely-circulated paper Toronto Star, in the last two decades 95 per cent of Mecca’s 1,000 year old buildings have been demolished and, indeed, in the early 1920s the Saudi rulers Aal-e-Sa’ud bull-dozed and levelled a graveyard in Medina— cemetery of Al Baquee that housed the shrines of the holy Prophet Muhammad, his daughter Fatimah Az-Zahraa his grandsons Imam Hasan Al-Mojtaba, Imam Jafar As-Sadeq and Imam Baqer.

Furhter more, wrote Fatah, the house where the holy Prophet’s beloved daughter Sayyedah Fatimah Az-Zahraa was born as well as house of his wife Sayyedah Khadija were demolished in the pretext of (undertaking) an expansion project.

It would seem that even the Prophet’s own house in Mecca was demolished. Toronto Star quoted Tarek Fatah as saying that he found it incomprehensible that while the demolition of the Babri Mosque by Hindu zealots at Ayodhya continues to remain an emotive issue with Muslims, what the Saudi authorities plan to do has evoked no protest at all.

Wrote Fatah: “What makes this demolition (of the Holy Prophet’s home) worse is the fact that it is to make way for a parking lot, two 5- storey hotel towers and seven 35- storey apartment blocks; a project known as the Jabal Omar Scheme, all within a stone’s throw of the Grand Mosque. Yet, despite this outrage, not a single Muslim country, no ayatollah, no mufti, no king, not even a Muslim Canadian imam has dared utter a word of protest.

Such is the power of Saudi influence on the Muslim narrative”. The writer wondered if the lack of response is because Muslims have become so overwhelmed by the power of the Saudi riyal currency or because Muslims had lost all courage and self-respect.

And he added: “Or is it because they feel the need to cover up Muslim-on-Muslim violence, Muslim-on-Muslim terror or Muslim-on-Muslim oppression”? The Babri Masjid in Ayodha was not demolished because the Vishwa Hindu Parishad wanted to build a 35-storey apartment house on the site.

It was because a general of Babar had demolished a temple dedicated to Sri Ram to insult Hindus, right in the holy city of Ayodhya, just as other Muslim rulers had demolished 2000 odd other Hindu temples on the sites of which mosques were built.

And may it be said that these facts are brought out not to defend the demolition of a dargah in Vadodara it is unfortunate that this happened but to say that there should be a limit to hypocrisy. What Pakistan and Bangladesh have done to their one-time Hindu population is not just a disgrace but a crime against humanity.

At no time has India practised genocide as its two Muslim neighbouring countries have done. It has suffered from terrorists and it continues to do even today and there has not been a voice of protest from Muslim organisations, which should also know that many are the Muslims in India who have been giving shelter to Muslim terrorists and their ISI patrons.

They could organise a protest against President Bush: why can’t they organise a similar protest against General Musharraf and his paid thugs? Is that too much to ask? Or are the wails of Hindu widows the price we have to pay for our vaunted secularism?

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Da Vinci: Cross with the Code?

By Sandhya Jain

It must have come as a surprise to Information & Broadcasting Minister Priyaranjan Das-munshi that India’s supposedly small Roman Catholic community can field two hundred organisations to protest the screening of the Hollywood blockbuster, Da Vinci Code, based on Dan Brown’s bestselling novel by the same name. Certainly it would have mattered to him that not only are these the UPA chairperson’s co-religionists, but belong to the same majority Christian sect, headquartered in Vatican City.

Little wonder then, that while the Christian world will view the film with no cuts or disclaimers, India’s I&B Minister feels the Catholic Churches’ Association of India (CCAI), rather than the Censor Board, should have the final say in the matter. After all, this is a secular country, and secularism, as I have argued elsewhere, is the twin god of Christianity, the face it turns towards the world when it wants to conceal the designs of the cross.

In fairness, however, the Vatican and the Indian evangelical industry are right to be wary of the film. The Da Vinci Code is no ordinary fiction. It represents the latest in a long history of dissent in the Catholic church regarding the true nature of the mission of the Christian church that suddenly emerged in Rome in the early centuries AD. Was Christianity ever intended to be anything more than a political movement, or did it have religio-political goals, and why did Jesus and his Apostles break with Jewish community and opt for aggressive evangelism among non-Jews? These are not questions that will go away until the Vatican opens its archives and furnishes some credible answers.

Indeed, the core issue is how and when the early Christian Church conceived its plan for world dominion, and the driving force behind this ambition. Anyone who is concerned with fundamentalist Islam’s jehadi face and its plans for world conquest, must be interested in the early Christian Church, as this is where a blueprint for such dominion was first conceived and implemented. It would be a mistake to believe that the quest has been consigned to the dustbin of history—all rich Western nations have a huge budget for evangelical activities oversees, and conversion is a major foreign policy agenda. Indeed, the Christian nations do not spare even fellow monotheistic traditions like Islam, and Christian missionaries are very active in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Malaysia, not to mention other parts of the globe.

This central mission of an unknown group striving for control of the whole world and its economic resources and thought processes, is what the Da Vinci Code exposes in the form of a novel. It is bound to make the thinking public ponder about the supposedly spiritual content of this faith, which is unable to win adherents without resort to special tactics, and does not even have a credible theology around its key figures. Forget that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had a child or children, or even the stories that he was not the first born child of his own mother, Mary. These are side issues for Indians.

What is important, however, is why there is so much suspense about key components of the Christian story, when it is a religion that supposedly began with one man and his band of followers. It would be safe to say that Jesus was born in a Jewish family and initially aspired for leadership of his own community. On being shunned, he turned towards the Gentiles, the non-Jews of Jerusalem, who were in search of a religion.

But what was the religion he preached? Was the heavenly father he spoke of the same as the Jewish Yahweh, or someone else? Who or what is the Holy Ghost, the third element of the Christian Trinity? To the best of my knowledge, there is absolutely no credible information about the role and purpose of this divinity in the spiritual evolution of Christians. Ultimately, we are asked to believe what the Vatican says, and it says very little beyond the fact that belief in Jesus is imperative for human salvation. Yet Christians are prone to deride Muslims for similar adherence to the Prophethood of Mohammad.

This makes the criticism of the film by some Indian Muslim organisations highly suspect, and the UPA government would do well to take adequate precautions that vested elements do not create trouble on the pretext of protests against the film. The protests are an act of muscle-flexing by the Christian church that is determined to plant the cross in India. And typically, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, a Roman by birth and a Catholic by faith, has refused to reveal her mind over the agitations, though anyone who has observed the disproportionate rise of Christians to top jobs in the Congress party and its state governments will know how avidly she promotes her community’s interests.


Minority appeasement by DMK

5/25/2006 2:05:20 PM HK

Chennai: DMK of Tamilnadu also marching forward fastly to compete with other Pseudosecular parties in terms of Minority appeasement.Todays addressal by Tamilnadu Governer Surjith singh Barnala in assembly clearly stated that Congress and CPM supported DMK Ministry will go to any extend in appeasing the Minorities and making Hindus who voted them as mere stamp-pads used only for voting.

Karunanidhi headed ministry is going to introduce a legislation to provide for separate reservation for Christian and Muslim minorities in all educational institutions and employment opportunities.

More than that the Governor also promised a legislation formally repealing the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Forcible Conversion of Religion Act in the current session itself.

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Double Standards of Intelligentsia and Media in Kerala

5/25/2006 6:29:17 AM

Kamala Suraiya's latest gimmick for publicity is yet another instance of what she is worth for. It is the pseudo secular self-styled intelligentsia group of the third-rate writers in Kerala who have given Suraiya this level of publicity (or notoreity?). Known for her nymphomania-driven writings, she cannot be expected to do anything wiser than this.

But the saddest aspect of the story is that of the so many members of the Sahitya Academy there was only one bold man, namely Mr. Yousuf Ali Kechery to honour the ancient culture of the land. We must salute him for his concern for the values and ethos of the great religion called Hinduism. But what has he obtained in return? No media has given any space for him to express what he has to say in detail. After watching yesterday's news cast I was thoroughly disappointed and shocked by the partisan and grossly cowardly attitude of many of the TV channels in that they were so eager to give live phone-in programs with everyone except Mr. Yousuf Ali! They were diligently airing out opinions of pseudo secularists like Sukumar Azhikode, Thomas Mathew (do not remember the name correctly), etc., etc. But it was complete black out for Mr. Yousuf Ali!! What is the reason? He has committed a heinous crime - the crime of honouring the five thousand year old religion which surprisingly is still the religion of the majority and of Azhikode himself.

Desabhimani reported an article by Azhikode titled 'I am ashamed of the stand taken by Yousuf Ali'! In this article he strongly criticized Mr. Yousuf Ali for his respect for Hindu culture, decrying it as Hindu appeasement! Is it an appeasement to bring out a fact before the public? The answer in current India is yes, if it is for the sake of the majority and a categorical no if it is for the sake of the minority.

It was made clear by (Dr. Suvarna Nalappat), one of the family members of Suraiya herself that the said land is a Sarpakkavu and that they used to offer poojas there once in a year. This was a quintessential proof for the fact that Desabhimani is a news paper reporting total lies. (Desabhimani had reported that it was the local BJP and RSS activists who offered pooja, and that too only after Suraiya declared to hand over the land!) It sounded a joke to me that Azhikode still has a feeling called shame!

I remember an incident reported by the Indian Express a few months back. The news was about the brutal killing of hundreds of school children in Russia (the name of the exact place was Beslan, if I remember it right) by the Chechen Muslim terrorists. When the whole world was shocked and aggrieved by the inhuman cruelty, the Indian Express correspondent tried to contact this pseudo secularist to know his opinion about the incident. Unfortunately his mobile was always switched off! When his home number was contacted, the reply was that he was out of station! Finally, he incarnated from thin air four days after the massacre was reported. But the Indian Express correspondent was curious enough to catch on to his trail for an opinion. Then his reply was that there was no point in commenting on the same, as the incident was in Russia!! The correspondent did not leave him, and questioned why, then he used to pass his opinion on issues like Bush’s policy on Iraq, American policy on Cuba, etc. Then he started singing a different story. ‘Since the incident took place four long days back, it is now too late to comment on it’ was his reply then!!! See how shrewd, shameless and hypocritical he is! This man is now generously ashamed for the sake of Yousuf Ali, because this free flowing shame does not require to be paid for in democratic and secular India. I don’t know whether this hypocrit ever gave an opinion about this incident since.

It is not difficult to understand that his abruptness and eagerness to attack Hinduism is because of the firm conviction that he will never get a retaliation for the same. Whereas he would think twice before criticizing the Muslim fundamentalists because he knows pretty well that the retaliation will be in terms of his life itself (and the live scenes of which would most probably be available on Al Jaseera).

Islam is a dangerous ideology - Beware of it

5/23/2006 6:47:29 AM Narayin Kataria

For the life of me, I cannot understand the Indian policy since the days of Gandhi through Nehru and on to the present day of the grand appeasement of Muslims in India. If another free, democratic country did that, our media and intellectuals would accuse them of selling out
their country for profit.

Islam as a threat to the world around is over 1,400 years old, dating back to the 7Th century AD. By the year 1,000 AD the advanced Persian civilization, with medicine, astronomy, advanced mathematics, literature and other marks of civilization was plunged back into the darkest of dark ages by the advance of militant Islam. Even Omar Khayyam had to flee to Samarkand to avoid the Jihadi assassins. The cruel Islamic warriors continued their onward march with destruction to destroy ancient Buddhist and Hindu civilization in Afghanistan and India. Thousands of centers of higher learning, cultural institutions and temples were destroyed. Millions of Buddhists and Hindus were slaughtered by the Jihadi Muslims. Thousands of women were raped, children were abused and killed. Several hundreds of Buddhist and Hindu religious leaders were beheaded, libraries were burned. The death and destruction continued all over India unchecked. Millions of people lost their inheritance, millions were forcefully converted under the sword of Islam. Jihadi terrorism, beheading, bombing, plane hijacking, passenger bus burning, rioting and destruction of property are still continuing all over India unabated.

India maintains its secular status as a free society for all religions beliefs. Special status, privileges and rights are accorded to Muslims under the Indian constitution for fear of riots and Jihadi terrorism, and a special way to appease Muslims. Islam is not a party to any treaty with either secular or religious nations. It has one doctrine:conquer the world for Allah. If the Indian leadership believes it hasa bunch of secular Muslim leaders in India, Pakistan or any other
Muslim nations, it is dead wrong. Thousands of Indians are slaughtered daily by Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangla Desh.Indian citizens are discriminated, tortured and humiliated in Islamic countries.

Indian insist on secularism, a useless way to fight a rigid, dangerous Islamic ideology. For thousands of years, Hindus were under intense persecution by the Jihadi Muslims--that's the way Islam operates.Islam fight for Allah until infidels are subjugated and surrendered.India must be wary in order to be able to protect what few freedoms we have left (compared to the freedoms our forefathers enjoyed prior to Islamic invasion).

Indians are notoriously ill-informed when it comes to the various threats to its people and its national security by militant Islam.Finding Muslim terrorists that are capable of bringing down our nation and identifying Jihadi terrorists beheading innocent men, women and children are important to preserve and protect our nation. Coercion,terrorism, violence, rioting, beheading, hijacking and torching temples and business centers certainly are the basis of Islam. Not every Muslim subscribes to voluntarily as a terrorist. At least not willingly. So far, all the terrorists have been Islamic.

Right now, Islam is still the world's most dangerous ideology. Indians need to recognize that publically to unwind the coils of Islam. India should join the civilized world to combat militant Islam. Otherwise,the growth and spread of Islam will continue until it is the world's dangerous force. I think it will be contained prior to that time. I hope it may not not only a wishful thinking.

UPA trying to make Hindus minority

By Premendra Agrawal

Why Ram Krishna Mission turned itself as non-Hindu? Why Jain wants to be minority? Why there is a competition to be backward instead of forward? Why the Union Minister, without portfolio A.R. Antulay is in the search of provinces where Hindus are in minority? Is this sign of democracy, secularism and progress?

The original architect of Mandal politics, VP Singh, has recently declared his intention to fight for caste-based reservations in the Parliament as well as the judiciary.

Arjun Singh (V.P. Singh-II) should learn from the beautiful words of C S Levis: “Beauty is not democratic; she reveals herself more to the few than to the many, more to the persistent and disciplined seekers than to the careless. Virtue is not democratic; she is achieved by those who pursue her more hotly than most men. Truth is not democratic; she demands special talents and special industry in those to whom she gives her favours”.

Govinda tried to act ‘Karorpati’ to be Big ‘B’ but could not succeeded. Every one has right to participate to be ‘World Queen’ or ‘Indian Queen’.

But to be ‘Aishwarya Rai’ or ‘Yukta Mukhi’ cannot be on quota basis. Every player has right to play cricket but Tendulkar or Dhooni can’t be made on quota basis. We can’t adopt Arjun-V.P. Singh’s Mandalisation in world cup tournaments, Bollywood and IITs - IIMs. We should not show cowardness and backwardness. We should face competition to give every one equal opportunity to develop.

Arjun Singh forgot Supreme Court decisions of Shah Bano case, Common Civil Code, Hindutva and so on. In the name of inner voice Sonia Gandhi renounces again and again. For just a moment don’t think about ‘vote bank’.

The new policy, if implemented, would take the overall reservation in the Central Government-funded higher education institutions from the current 22.5 (for SC and ST students) to 49.5 per cent. The Centre has already directed State governments to increase reservation for backward categories in the State-level institutions. Arjun Singh has also written to the States to frame laws in the light of the 104th Amendment, passed in the winter session of Parliament

To follow this amendment means dishonour the soul of the Constitution, tear the unity of India and outsource the Indian talents towards USA and other European countries.

Arjun Singh said government will follow Supreme Court. He forgot Supreme Court Decisions of Shah Bano Case, Common Civil Code, Hindutva and so on. In the name of inner voice Sonia Gandhi renounces again and again. For just a moment don’t think about ‘Vote Bank’. Let people know the inner voices of all parties and their leaders.

That was Arjun Singh whose son tried to join BJP just before general elections. That was Arjun Singh who left Congress during P.V. Narasimha Rao tenure. And now following the footsteps of V.P. Singh, the same Arjun Singh is disturbing law and order and peace of mind of the youngsters.

Arjun Singh has opened the reservation basket to spread poison in the unity of India. V.P.-Arjun & Co is engaged in Vote Bank business to adopt divide and rule policy through Mandalisation of Education aiming to spread this evil in every field of our nation and by counting the heads of army and suggestion placed by Manmohan Singh to the Industrialists indicate this and are bent upon to encourage fundamentalist to take religious shape.

These great names do research on reservation just to earn their political height by selling this sugar coated poison. Raja of Mandu spoke against the ‘Licence-Permit-Control-Quota Raj’ in the 1950s and 1960s. Now he has great love in caste base quota.

The students have to work collectively for a better future for all of them. Only then they can defeat the divide and rule policy of these Singhs.

Why brutality on Medico Students?

Delhi medico’s students faced brutality of the police all day for an opportunity to meet HRD minister Arjun Singh. V.P.-Arjun are VIPs. Why they bother Indian leaders having their treatment abroad on taxpayers’ money. Over six crore was spent on the treatment of former Prime Minister and former Raja of Mandu V.P. Singh abroad. He came to the support of Sonia Gandhi though he was to drum up Bofors scandal. He supports Medha Patkar and Arjun Singh.

Marx has said that everything is subject to change and the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. It has been reported that the CPI(M) owns property worth Rs 30,000 million in the tiny state of Kerala alone. Leaders can now afford to fly executive class and can have the best medical care in the West.

Rajiv Goswami engulfed in flames after he set himself alight during a demonstration on September 19, 1990, after Prime Minister V.P. Singh announced the implementation of the Mandal report. He died on February 24, 2004, of causes related to the injuries sustained then. This should not be repeated in any case. Now V.P. Singh-II should not be allowed to execute the same drama of V.P. Singh I.

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Ancient India teaches lessons of pluralism Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

(India News in Europe Programme; e-mail

Brussels: The well-known Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar while addressing the diplomates and journalists at the European Parliament in Brussels on May 8, 2006, said that Ancient India has shown the world how pluralism can work. The Indian Guru currently on a tour of Europe was invited by the British MEP of Sri Lankan origin, Nirj Deva.

The spiritual leader also shared some words of wisdom on “Human Values in our Globalising World” in the context of peace building processes in Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo. Speaking about the necessity for interdependence, he gave the example of the enlarged European Union.

“It is absolutism in religions that bring clashes,” Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said while appealing for mutual respect between human beings in the globalised world. He bemoaned the depression that has afflicted 27 per cent of the European population and expressed the desire to help them using his famous breathing and yogic techniques namely, the Sudarshan Kriya which is said to bring great medical benefits.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar stressed the need for broad based interactive education for children and at the school and college level. “A sense of pride is associated with arrogance and violence today. Suicide-bombing has become a sort of fashion,” he lamented.

When asked if he would go to Afghanistan to help its war ravaged peoples, he seized the opportunity expressing a desire to train youth leaders in his art of living method. He also expressed a similar desire to try to aid the displaced people of Darfur, Sudan.

After explaining the dire need for women empowerment, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar took his audience on a spiritual journey through an enlightening meditation. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation has humanitarian projects in over 150 countries. The silver jubilee of the foundation was attended by an international audience of over 2.5 million people in Bangalore.

Ethnic cleansing planned to the last detail

by Dina Nath Mishra

Recent killings of Doda Hindus are in continuation of more than half century old systematic plan of de-Hinduisation of Kashmir Valley by Pak exported terrorism and pan-Islamic fundamentalism.

Ethnic cleansing of Hindus is targeted at eliminating Hindus and Hindu resistance by implanting terror among the Hindu segment of the society. Even individual killing serves the purpose of creating sense of utter insecurity. I am citing a few terror incidents of 1990:

Brij Nath Shah was kidnapped on 27th April 1990 form his home at Sadhu Ganga, Kupwara in Kashmir. Two days later, his body was found hanging by a tree. His lips had been stitched. Sham Lal of Chiragam in Anantnag, Kashmir, was kidnapped in May 1990. The hands and the feet of the unfortunate man were chopped off and his skull battered. Sham Lal's dead body was stuffed in a sack and left on the threshold of his house, where from his brother recovered it.

Pran Nath of Uttarsu in Anantnag District, Kashmir, was kidnapped on 27th May 1990. His body was found impaled; his chest and feet nailed. Three officials of the LIC were kidnapped in Srinagar. They were subjected to torture and then confined in an abandoned Kashmiri Hindu house. The house was set ablaze. Two of the officials were burnt alive while the third official escaped with more than 50 percent burns. Bhushan Lal of Ompura in Budgam, Kashmir, was kidnapped on 27th April 1990. He was tortured, and then strangulated to death. His body was found the next day.

Girja, a schoolteacher in Bandipora, was kidnapped from the house of Muslim colleague. The unfortunate woman, after being gang raped, was sliced on a mechanical saw. Brij Nath Kaul of Hermain, Shopian, an employee of the Agricultural Department, and his wife were tied to a speeding vehicle. Their mangled bodies were recovered 10 kms away from their home. It continued unabated at irregular intervals.

Dozens of families were compelled to flee from the valley. Major massacres of Hindus in the recent memories can be recounted. At Sangrampora, Srinagar in 1997, seven Hindus were butchered, and in Shanna-Thakaraie village, Doda 16 Hindus were killed. In Champnari, Doda, 1998, 26 Hindus were butchered; Thattri, Doda 1999, witnessed killing of 15 civilians, Udhampur 1998, 13 Hindus were killed, Kupuwara 1999, nine people were killed. In Chatisighpura, Anantnag, 2000, 35 Sikhs were massacred. Pakistani terrorists butchered 35 innocent labourers in Chamba district of HP. All these massacres compelled thousands of Hindus and Sikhs to leave their ancestral homes.

A very systematic ethnic cleansing is occurring in J&K. As per 2001 census and first report on religion, only 1,11,377 Hindus lived in six districts of Kashmir Valley. Most of them are adult male literate Hindus. Only a few thousand of Hindu females and children are there. Most of them are either Government servants or are working in private companies. This is the story of entire Valley after the forced exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. The valley has been totally cleansed in 20 years. Now it is the turn of Doda, Rajouri, Punch and Udampur.

In 1951 Doda had 60 per cent Hindu population whereas in the year 2001 the Hindu population has been reduced to 45 per cent of the total population. Earlier it was a Hindu majority district, now it has become Muslim majority district. Somewhat similar is the case of Udhampur, Punch and Rajouri. In all these districts declining Hindu population, as per census report of 2001 is very much visible. Driven out of their ancestral homes in the valley they have come to Kathua and Jammu.

Media did not miss portraying devil in recent condemnable Baroda riots, which stand no-where in comparison to Doda massacre. Media's bias is evident from the fact that when leader of opposition LK Advani took up this cause and went to Doda to console family members of the victims and injured persons lying in the hospitals, the English media ignored it.

Not only that, his adjournment motion in the Parliament, hardly found a mention in the English media. That is how the ruling combination and the media are treating the horrifying tale of ethnic cleansing. UN General Assembly passed a convention on prevention and punishment of genocide, which came into effect some decades back. Genocide was defined. Whatever has happened during all these years in J&K clearly comes under this definition. Unfortunately human rights of terrorist ride above this convention.

Getting justice from international justice system is absolute uncertainty, nay-definite impossibility. For justice one has to fight as individual, community and nation.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nehruism, communism and secularism!


The word 'secularism' today has become a hallowed and sacred word in India's political parlance. Almost all political parties are competing with one another for coming under the sheltering and cosy umbrella of 'secularism'. Muslim and Leftist scholars and scribes of all shades, colours and hues have conferred on 'secularism' a sanctity which is unknown in the history of India. All of them are enchanted by its incantation. Secularism has become the Gayatri Mantra of all political parties. While Gayatri Mantra is viewed as saffron, communal and non-secular, 'secularism' is viewed as both white and green, non-communal and splendidly non-saffron. It has therefore become the most popular product for aggressive political marketing in India. All the political parties have been hailing it as the quintessence of what they uphold as India's composite culture. Few of them seem to know or understand that secularism as propounded, proclaimed and practiced in post-independent India is entirely a contribution if not creation of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru and purely a direct product of his ideological commitment to 'communism'.

In his marvellous and path-breaking book 'Genesis and Growth of Nehruism' Sita Ram Goel, an intellectual kshatriya in the line of Arjuna and Parasurama, states as follows: 'I can now see quite clearly that Pundit Nehru had learnt studiously to look through communist glasses on every problem that arose in pre- and post-independence India. The solutions he sought for various problems were also suggested by what he eulogised as the GREAT SOVIET EXPERIMENT. He did not prevail every time because there were other forces in the field. But he tried his utmost and to the end of his days to steer the Freedom Movement, the Indian National Congress and the country at large in a decisively communist direction. Had not Mao Tse-Tung spoiled his game in 1962 when Nehru was at the peak of his power and prestige, at home and abroad, he would have handed over the country to the communist mafia'.

It need not therefore be surprising that in the self-chosen process of pressing forward communist patterns of thought and action, Nehru became more and more alienated from India's indigenous society and culture. At the same time, he became more and more friendly towards every factor and force which was out to disorganize, disintegrate and decimate this ancient country, uproot its people and destroy its cultural heritage. Thus he became a combined embodiment of all the imperialist ideologies that have flooded this country in the wake of foreign invasions or interventions for centuries�Islam, Christianity, White Man's Burden and Communism. The cumulative end results of this prolonged pernicious process are there for all of us to see.

Swami Vivekananda had observed long ago that every member of India's ancient society who converts to Christianity or Islam is not only one member less but one enemy more. I have no doubt that he would have said the same had he seen the latter day converts to different brandishing brands of communism. The innate hostility which a communist harbours towards everything authentically Indian�nationally Indian�culturally Indian�socially Indian�has to be seen in order to be believed. Sita Ram Goel correctly concludes: 'The fact is that Islam and Christianity and Communism are basically projections of the same poison in the human psyche which produces permanent enmity between a people's past and its present, between one section of that people and another, and between different peoples of the world. It is only the verbiage which they use for presenting their dogmas which sounds different. Christianity and Islam have snapped the ties which linked many people in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas to their cultural past. They have created civil strife in every society they have visited. And they have led many imperialist onslaughts from the lands of the believers to those of the unbelievers. Communism did the same wherever it came to prevail. India under Pundit Nehru and his dynasty could not be an exception'.

Sita Ram Goel documents, from Pundit Nehru's own writings and speeches, the genesis and the growth of his communist ideology�how he was drawn into the Comintern network in 1926; how he became a worshipper of the Soviet Union after a brief visit to Moscow in 1927; how Lenin and Stalin became his heroes par excellence; how he smuggled the Comintern line into the foreign policy resolutions of the Indian National Congress long before our independence; how he patronised the Communist Party of India and its fronts and fellow-travellers all through his life; and how he forced independent India's foreign policy to follow consistently the line laid down by Moscow.

It becomes clear that Nehru was a committed communist in every sense of the word. This is also confirmed by Phillip Spratt who has written a foreword to Sita Ram Goel's Book 'Genesis and Growth of Nehruism'. What is fascinating to note is that Phillip Spratt was the top most Comintern agent who came to India in 1926 in order to organise the Communist Party of India. He later became the chief accused in the 'Meerut conspiracy case' of 1929. Ultimately he turned against communism after reading Mahatma Gandhi. Phillip Spratt in his foreword wrote in October 1963 (seven months before the death of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru): 'The purpose of the Kamaraj Plan is to arrange the succession to Nehru in such a way that the pro-communists retain control. The dispute over this question is of the greatest importance for India's future. But the partisans on both sides are still afraid of speaking plainly, and many of the public are still unaware of what it is all about. Sita Ram Goel's book helps greatly in making it clear what the groups in the congress are fighting over. It is really over whether India shall continue to be ruled by a Government of usurpers, who will go on pushing the country against its will towards communism or the Government shall follow a policy which genuinely commends itself to the majority of the public'.

Pundit Nehru failed to hand over the Indian establishment to the Communist mafia because of the rude setback he suffered at the hands of Red China in 1962. The planned nefarious operation of Nehru was completed by his daughter Indira Gandhi to a considerable extent. She had no political ideology worth the name except unbridled, unchecked, uncontrolled and unchallenged power for herself and her family. No wonder she was prone to use and be used by those unscrupulous elements who could support her single-minded pursuit of power. An unnoticed critical fact is that by the time Indira Gandhi split the Congress party in 1969, the Communist mafia had perfected the Kumaramangalam Plan of supporting her as the rope that supports the hanged man. And at the Bangalore session in 1969 she walked into the trap by ditching Sanjeeva Reddy in the quest of what she called 'call of conscience'. Her walking into the trap was also prompted by the communist apparatus she had inherited from her father. I am reminded of what Lenin wrote in what is considered to be his maturest work, namely 'Left-wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder', first published in June 1920. This book has been the guiding principle of all the Communist States and Communist Parties in what is called their 'United Front Tactics'. In this book Lenin wrote: 'I want with my vote to support Henderson in the same way as the rope supports a hanged man'. Sonia Gandhi is getting such a guided and wonderful support from the CPI (M) and the CPI today!

Indira Gandhi surrounded herself with Moscow's men and women, recruited directly from the Communist Party of India and its Fronts. PROGRESSIVE flocks from all over the country rushed to her RESCUE in her confrontation with known patriots of longstanding in her own party like Kamaraj, Morarji Desai, Nijalingappa and others. Such forces helped her to the hilt in retaining power. In exchange, they made her push her father's communism-coveting policies farther and deeper afield and monopolised all positions of power and prestige in the truncated Congress Party called Congress (I). The crowning moment of glory for the Communist mafia was the establishment of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) which was created and financed on a fabulous scale for assembling communist 'PROFESSORS' from all over the country for pontification on all subjects with puffed up authority and arrogance. These sycophants and time-servers became the bugle boys for the Congress (I) Party. This bunch of Moscow's hatched men were guided, controlled, supervised and directed by P N Haksar, who was Indira Gandhi's Principal Private Secretary.

People seem to have forgotten that this is the same mafia which had joined hands with British imperialism in 1942, receiving British patronage as well as largesses, and spied on the patriots locked in battle with the British Police during 1942-45. This is the same mafia which had hailed, all through 1967-69, Mao Tse-Tung as its Chairman, let loose a reign of terror and assassinations in West Bengal and elsewhere and played football with the heads of policemen it had decapitated. The tragedy today is that nobody seems to care as to how and by whom this Communist mafia is being financed and used after the collapse of the Soviet Union and whether it has been hired by the oil-rich Islamic Imperialism for working in close collaboration with the Fifth Column of Pakistan in this country. To crown it all what we are witnessing is that the Communist mafia has expanded its base, and recruited in its ranks most of those others who swear by Nehruvian Secularism. Thus the noose around the neck of our beloved Bharat Mata is complete and will only become tighter day by day!

(The writer is a retired IAS officer)
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