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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Haran BR

Eraiyur is a small village in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu. This village is dominated by the "Vanniyar" (Backward Class) community (around 20,000 people) and some 2000 Harijans (Scheduled Castes) are also living there. The Catholic Church has converted both the communities long time back and it has also established the "Our Lady of the Rosary" Parish, supposedly in the 17th Century.

This parish comes under the Cuddalore-Pondicherry Archdiocese. The Vanniyars are supposed to be slightly superior to Harijans in the social order and hence the former treated the latter as "Untouchables". This caste discrimination has been going on for hundreds of years. Vexed by this discrimination, the Harijans built a new Church on their own by name "Our Lady of Perpetual Help". They demanded the Archbishop to recognize this newly built Church as a separate Parish and asked for a separate Priest. As the Vaniyars are a dominant community, the diocese with an intention of not rubbing them on the wrong side, has been dodging on this issue for quite some time, without making any sincere attempt to abolish the practice of discrimination there by ditching the Harijans. Archbishop Anthony Anantharayar of the Cuddalore-Pondicherry Archdiocese, has been aware of this burning issue, but did not take effective & timely measures to solve the issue, which has resulted in the "utter failure" of the "never failing" Jesus, as the people have been converted on the famous promise "All are equal in the eyes of the Lord"!

The Politics:

At this juncture, the champions of social justice, the great Dravidian Politicians entered the scene with the sole aim of abolishing untouchability and achieving social justice! The Harijans listen to VCK (Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi) leader Thol.Thirumavalavan and the Vanniyars listen to PMK (Pattaali Makkal Katchi) leader Mr.Ramadoss. Both the leaders have together founded the so-called "Tamil Protection Movement" in order to serve the Tamil Causes and protect the language of Tamil and they enjoy an excellent & close rapport with each other and both of them are also having good relationship the Christian Religious Heads of the state. But, in order to "achieve social justice", here in Eraiyur, they have "obviously" decided to work "separately"! The Harijan Converts sat on a hunger strike on the second week of March placing their demands of recognition of Parish, appointment of Priest, etc. The Vanniyar Converts, some five hundred of them, who got infuriated, attacked the Harijan colony and burnt down some thirty hutments. The police force, which came to control the situation, resorted to firing in which two Vanniyar Converts lost their lives. The District Administration (Collector, Superintendent of Police, District Revenue Officer) under the leadership of Higher Education Minister Mr.Ponmudi (he hails from Vilupuram) organized "Peace Talks" between the two communities represented by their respective leaders, which helped only for a brief period of lull. The point to note here is that, the political leaders of VCK and PMK have not participated in the so-called peace talks! Again after a few days, Vanniyar Converts attacked the Harijan Converts and burnt down two more hutments. Now, the Harijan Converts belonging to the nearby villages of Villupuram and Cuddalore districts have closed down their Churches as a mark of protest against the Catholic Diocese and also as a mark of support to their brethren from Eraiyur.

The 'Head'y Politics:

Though the 'converted' village Eraiyur has been burning for quite sometime, it seems the state machineries are in no mood to solve the issue. The Vanniyar converts want to continue the discrimination against the Harijan converts and the Church, which converted both the communities on false promises and allurement has not done anything worthwhile for them for the past several years. So, when the inevitable happened, ordinary poor and innocent heads have born the brunt. When the "ordinary heads" of Vanniyar Converts and Harijan Converts are "head on" against each other, the "powerful heads" (PMK & VCK) of both the communities and the "Religious Heads" (Diocese) are watching, playing & enjoying the game of communal politics with glee! The "State Head" (DMK-Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam), which claims itself to be a champion of social justice, is not at all bothered, as it doesn't have an iota of vote bank there in Eraiyur! The same is the case with the "Dravidian Head" (DK-Dravida Kazhagam), the "Chicken Heads" (Italian headed Congress) and the "Commie Heads" (CPI & CPM – Communists & Marxists). All these "Political Heads", which combined together to harass, ill-treat and threaten the poor "Brahmin Heads" in Temples in the name of "Tamil Cause" & "Social Justice", are conspicuous by their lack of action here in Eraiyur! The 'state head' 'caste heads' and the 'religious heads' share power and enjoy an excellent camaraderie with one another, but do not have the sincerity and will to put an end to the ugly episode. The 'caste heads', which are backed up & allegedly funded by the 'religious heads' of the revealed order, would do everything to prevent the "home-coming" (re-conversion) of the 'ordinary heads', while at the same time maintaining the issue alive and keeping their vote-banks in tact!

Latest reports say that, while the "Hindu Heads" are in a laid-back & lethargic attitude without utilizing the opportunity, prominent "Muslim Heads" of TMMK (Tamilnadu Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam) and Thauheed Jamad are already camping on the spot to fish in troubled waters with the uninterrupted supply of "Oil Money" to 'convert' the already converted ordinary heads! At this point of time, the Vanniyar Converts have sent feelers to Hindu Makkal Katchi, the only small & proactive "Hindu Head", for a "home-coming", which was "cautiously" and rightly so, received by HMK with an advice to the Vanniyar converts to relinquish "untouchability". The Harijan Converts are also thinking of reconverting to Hinduism. The HMK President Mr.Arjun Sampath, who is making arrangements for a grand "Home-Coming" ceremony for some two hundred and odd families of Christian & Muslim Converts in Thirunelveli District on the auspicious "Chithirai Thirunaal" day of Tamil New Year on the 14th of April – forget about the "Dravidian New Year" announced by the government on Pongal Day has categorically conveyed his opinion that there is no question of continuing the practice of untocuhability after the home-coming, as the Vanniyar Converts wanted to continue their discrimination practices against the Harijans even after reconversion to Hinduism. This arrogance & adamancy should not be encouraged by Hindus, who have reformed a lot over the years due to the unstinted efforts of trusted "Religious Heads" and not the distrustful "Rational Heads"! The "Hindu Heads" must become active and enlighten the "Ordinary Heads" of Vanniyar converts and Harijan converts to ditch their present "Religious Heads", discard their "Caste Heads", discourage & decline the "Muslim Heads" and embrace each other after embracing their parent religion that is "Sanatana Dharma"!

Remembering Kanthampatti:

The Eraiyur episode reminds us of another incident, which happened in Kanthampatti village near Omalur Town in Salem District a few months ago. There it was an issue concerning Temple entry. In Kanthampatti, Vanniyars have not been allowing "entry" for the Harijans into the Droupathy Amman Temple and the Temple has been locked for the last forty years, and the irony is that, the Temple falls under the jurisdiction of HR & CE Department! Both the PMK (Vanniyar Party) and VCK (Harijan Party) belong to the ruling DMK headed Democratic Progressive Allaince and they are deliberately keeping the issue alive in order to play politics every year keeping their vote-banks in tact, while actually it could be solved in no time, if they have the will & sincerity. It is only the "Religion" and "place of worship", which differ in both the places, but, in Kanthampaati, the religious leaders have not involved in the ugly politics while in Eraiyur the religious leaders have played their roles to the perfection in conversion, connivance and discrimination.


As the "Dravidian Heads" have been repeatedly making a farcical claim that they have worked hard and abolished untouchability, reformed the society and achieved social justice, the incidents like Eraiyur and Kanthampatti raise their "ugly heads" every now and then to prove that, the once glorious Tamil Nadu has become "Head Less"! As the state had become "Headless", the people of the state have lost their faces and become "Faceless"! Cheers to Davidianism and the so-called self-respect movement, which are under practice for the last forty years! Can any one say that there is no "social justice" in Dravida Nadu? Don't be stupid, only Aryans and Anti-Tamils will say that!

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