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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nataraja Statue Banned from Malaysian Bharatanatyam Dance Performance

13/06/2008 13:34:28

IPOH, MALAYSIA, : At the beginning of every Bharatanatyam performance, artistes of this famous South Indian classical dance pay obeisance on stage to a statue of Lord Nataraja. However, on Monday night, a group of Bharatanatyam dancers performed before a full gallery at the Taman Budaya public auditorium without the customary on-stage prayer to Lord Nataraja. This was because the owner of the venue, the state Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Department, permitted the dance on condition they did not install a statue or portrait of the deity and offer their prayers on stage. This is not the first time that dancers from the three Bharatanatyam schools of Nrityakalanjali, Natyakalamandir and Anandanarthana Choodamani in the state had performed at the venue. The department said the organizers were informed beforehand of the conditions and chose to go ahead with the performance.

The department’s public relations officer, Shaliza Azlin, said the organizers had agreed that the prayers would be performed backstage to respect the sensitivities of the audience, who also comprised Chinese and Malays. “We did not stop them from doing the puja. We did not want them to do it in public.”

Shaliza said the same conditions had been imposed on other cultural groups. Perak state assembly speaker V. Sivakumar, who was at the performance, said: “The prayer is very much part of the cultural performance and should have been allowed on the stage.” He said he would bring the matter up with the state government as well as his party so that such “intolerant behavior” could be nipped in the bud before it became widespread.

P.S. - If Hindus can't do Puja in public in a Muslim Majority Country ,why do Mullahs scream "Allah-o-Akbar" in public and over loud speakers causing nuisance and sound pollution in Muslim Minority Countries like India?


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At 6/15/2008 04:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop all the pisshole pingus muslims to rant their shit allaho around. Ban Ban Ban....


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