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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why Hinduism can never be fundamentalist like Christianity (or Islam)

By S.P. Attri (USA)

1. The reason why Hinduism can never be fundamentalist like Christianity (or Islam) is because of the vast dis-similarity that Hinduism has from Christianity (and Islam). To perceive this dis-similarity, it is instructiveto gaze at the modus operanda of both Hinduism and Christianity (and Islam) and then relate them to the consequences that follow in the aftermath.

2. When we try to compare the religions of the world, we find that there are two primary types of religions in the world: Religions of Exclusivity and Religions Of Non-Exclsusivity (or Religions of Inclusivity). The practitioners of the Religions Of Exclusivity believe with an intense determination that their religion is exclusively and electively the only true religion in the world and that all other religions in the world are preposterously false, they are doing nothing but evil in the world, therefore, it is the duty (sacred duty) of their faithfulls to move the miscreant rascals away from the path of perfidious falsehood and towards the only true path of religion, theirs. The teachings of these Exclusivity Religions always involve an Exclusive God (and no other God but theirs) which is available only through their religion and only through their favored intermediary.

Because their belief in their alleged "Exclusive Truth" is unbounded and is without any reservation or hesitation whatsoever, their modus operanda is UNIPLEX i.e. there is only one true path to God...theirs. All other paths are worthless rubbish.

3. Religions of Non-Exlusivity, on the other hand, uphold that their religion is "not the only true religion in the world" because there are many, many other paths steering towards and leading to God and that religious methods, mores, and experiences are extra-ordinarily varied and myriad in number. Because they believe in the Plurality Of Paths, the modus operanda of the religions of Non-Exclusivity is MULTI-PLEX i.e. there are many many pathways to God. Consequently, they neither claim nor profess any monopoly on truth. They do not label or tag paths, other than their own path, as worthless rubbish nor do they ever try to bend or twist other people in the world to get them to accept their form of religion. The phenominal tolerance and hospitality of religions of Non-Exclusivity resulting from their Multiplex Approach, is beyond question, and well-known.

Amongst the religions of the world, Islam and Christianity are the biggest examples of the Religions Of Exclusivity and Hinduism is the biggest example of a Religion Of Non-Exclusivity.

A religion like Islam/Christianity which demonises Non-Moslems/Non-Christians, which preaches and teaches that all religions other than itself, are inferior, and destined only to end up in the torrid fires of Hell, cannot be equated with a religion like Hinduism which preaches that all are equal and can attain salvation through whichever path they choose to follow. Because of this essential characteristic of distinction, to compare religions of exclusivity like Islam/Christianity with a religion like Hinduism, is like comparing "Apples And Oranges"and it tends to hide the heavy-duty havoc that Islam/Christiantiy have wrought into the world in the course of centuries of their barbarism. This is a stinging but a fully deserved attack on Islam/Christianity and should at least shake up all civilized people of the world, if not throw them into a panic.

4. Hinduism is not a totalitarian religion like Islam/Christianity which controls and regiments the totality of a follower's life and enforces it with passion. Hinduism neither requires nor practises a system of government by Hindu Priests who claim a divine commandment to control or govern people.These thoroughly theocratic and totalitarian practices were used only by Christianity in Europe during the Middle Ages and by Islam for several centuries, they are still being used at this time in Islamic countries. Again, these thoroughly theocratic and totalitarian practices are the specialties only of Islam/Christianity, the two barbaric creeds of mankind, each of whom has murdered hundreds of millions of their innocent fellow human beings, who did them no harm, and each of these barbarian creeds has decimated dozens of ancient civilizations from the face of this earth.

Hinduism is a totally contrasting religion; it is a RELIGION OF THE FREE MAN. Holy Men of Hinduism have never run the affairs of the government in the entire history of Hinduism and Holy Men of Hinduism are not running the affairs of the government at this time. This type of theocratic activity is Totally Un-Hindu, Totally Irrelevent, and Totally Irreverent to the Hindu Dharma/Sanatan Dharma. Affixing the thoroughly theocratic and totalitarian apparatus of the "Exclusivity Religions" of Islam & Christianity on to Hinduism, by heaping labels of "Fundamentalism," "Communalism" etc on it, is maliciously mischevious, it is a sad and sickening attempt on the part of Islam/Christianity to disparage Hinduism. The simple truth is that "Fundamentalism" and "Hinduism" are Oxymorons. "Communalism" and "Hinduism" are also Oxymorons and for exact same reasons.

5. Islam/Christianity are barbaric ideologies, masquerading as religions, both Islam/Christianity came into this world to destroy all religions other than their own and they will not depart or desist from their demolishing/decimating activity. Hinduism has no aim, ambition, or objective of destroying any body's religion or culture. Hinduism principle is LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Because Hinduism is so vastly different from Islam/Christianity, shouting slogans of Fundamentalism and Communalism at it (i.e. at Hinduism ) is "Barking At The Wrong Tree." These slogans don't fit Hinduism at all and belong elsewhere, they fit best on Islam and Christianity, both of whom have transformed peace-loving Arabs into raving maniacs and have made them the despicable scourge of more than half the world. Both Islam/Christianity have each decimated dozens of ancient civilizations, have destroyed their knowledge base, temples, and other examplars, leaving not a smidgeon of those ancient civilizations.

Because of the totalitarian control that Islam/Christianity exercises on its members, no Moslem is tolerant nor can be and no Christian is tolerant nor can be. Their religion has placed them in charge of a civilising barbaric mission, after sedulously training them for it, which they are told is leading them towards an inevitable triumph. The negative and brutal consequences of this barbaric mission are clearly visible. Both Islam & Christianity have on their hands the blood of hundreds of millions of fellow human being which they mercilessly murdered and have on their conscience the decimation and destruction of dozens of the world's most ancient and great civilizations of the world. Yet these hypocrate Moslem/Christian followers of Barbaric Islam/Christianity, call themselves "Peace-Loving" and "Secular" and in expression of blatant falsehood, even label the passive Hindus as "Fundamentalists," "Communalists." and "Fascists," What travesty of terminology, what mockery of truth, and what Falsehood?

6. According to the method and mandate of Islamic/Christian belief, the source of all authority and sovereignty lies in their God, who tells them that those who do not subscribe to their belief system are the worst of beasts, it follows logically and compellingly that those who belong to their religion are part of the God's Army and others who do not, are part of the Devil's Detachment. The latter are the Infidels/Pagans/Heathens and because they are destined to end up invariably/inevitably in Hell, they deserve nothing better than disgrace, degradation, death and destruction on this earth. This division into two opposite groups, that Islam/Christianity has worked out for itself, makes the Moslems and the Christians appointment themselves as God's Police Force On Earth, and they consider it their Divine Duty to enforce the laws and rights of their God, without showing any mercy or mellowness towards the Satan's Party.

Both Islam & Christianity, diligently abhor idolators and their Aryan gods/goddess, they are ever busy destroying and demolishing the idols and temples of Infidels/Pagans/Heathens, and are building mosques and churches on top of the demolished temples. The lands and other properties attached to the temples are immediately transfered to the mosques or to the churches. The repair and rebuilding of fresh idols and temples is made a specific crime that is punishable with fine, imprisonment, death, and other dreadful punishments. The Non-Moslem and Non-Christian populations are herculeanly humiliated. .

7. Hinduism is a religion of Non-Exclusivity (or Inclusivity) and because of this Inclusivity, centuries ago Hinduism welcomed into India the Zorastrians and the Jews, who were driven out of their homes in Iran and the Middle East, by the invading Moslem Hordes

This clearly establishes that Hinduism is neither like Islam nor like Christianity. And Islam and Christianity are not like Hinduism nor can they ever be. What is the conclusion from all these facts of explanation? It is simply this that:




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