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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Islamic tradition, urging war on infidels

NEW DELHI: With the words "we are back", Indian Mujahideen has laid out a charter of political demands which include release of SIMI activists held on terror charges while warning that non-compliance will invite fresh attacks, possibly even a repeat of the 7/11 bombings.

The Ahmedabad blasts were preceded by an email taunting security agencies to try and prevent the serial attacks, as was the case with the May 13 Jaipur blasts and the November 23 court bombs in UP last year.

In all these cases an email from Indian Mujahideen, under different IDs, was dispatched prior to the attacks.

A measure of the confidence of those behind Indian Mujahideen was the "tip-off" contained in the Jaipur email which said "mujahideen wait Modi." Jihadi groups have ranked Modi and Gujarat high on their priority list with the recurrent "revenge" theme aimed at "settling scores" for the post-Godhra riots.

Describing themselves as "radicals of Islam", they are, suspected to be a local front for Jihadi groups who have cooperated in terror strikes, calls for the release of SIMI members.

The email speaks of avenging the "Indore riots", which had taken place after the J&K government’s decision to rescind allocation of land for facilities to Amarnath pilgrims.

It also "warns" Maharashtra CM Vilasrao Deshmukh and home minister R R Patil of "attacks on our masjids" and rounds off with a chilling "We wonder at your memory. Have you forgotten the evening of 7/11/06 so quickly and easily?’

The media has not been spared either, with email threatening The Times of India and Times Now to desist from their "propaganda" and "biased approach to news."

TOI has highlighted the need to combat terror, as all other media organisations, offering the view that terror not only meant loss of innocent lives but also an erosion of trust between communities.

The clear-cut political agenda of "freeing" terror suspects and convicts seems aimed at demoralising the security agencies and paralysing the will of the Manmohan Singh government which is already on the backfoot over internal security.

The objective is to force a rollback of proactive intelligence collection and policing and pre-emptive action against radical outfits. The attacks and the messaging ties in the fresh resolve of the Pakistan-based United Jihad Organisation to step up attacks on India.

Clearly hinting that a "big offensive" could be in the offing, the email says that more attacks could be in the pipeline in UP. It says that Indian Mujahideen claims the sole responsibility for the Gujarat serial blasts and "request" other organisations like LeT not take "credit" for the attacks.

The preamble to the mail is couched in typical fundamentalist references to Islamic tradition, urging war on infidels with violent remarks about Modi, BJP, VHP, RSS.

The email spews hate towards other communities and offers the jihadist view that rejects democracy as being incompatible with Islam.

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At 7/27/2008 07:31:00 AM, Blogger GlobalCitizen said...

Islam teaches Universal brotherhood, and no loyalty towards the nation where Muslims live. Read below:

At 8/05/2008 03:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Complete, unadulterated narcissistic behaviour of the prophet Muhammad has been codified into a horrible system. This system is called Islam, which demands that you live your life in the footsteps of Muhammad; that you do things exactly as he would have done. His homicidal, lustful, capricious behaviour is well documented in (1) the Hadith (a log book of his day-to-day life) and (2) the Quran, (a collection of "revelations" that "came" to Muhammad over 23 years) each verse of which gives Allah-certified justification to Muhammad's behaviour.

Everything that muslims do is an attempt to follow their prophet's life. Every thing, however small, however personal. And if the attempt to mimic the prophet falls short, it is because "pure islam has not been allowed to flower". The jihadis, led by the taliban, are doing their best to get "pure islam" to "come back again". Shariah is just one of the things "pure islam" entails.

Read for yourselves:


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