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Monday, September 29, 2008

Muslim Engineer arrested for Bangalore blasts, cops claim breakthrough

Naveen Ammembala | ENS27 Sep 2008 08:25:00 AM ISTBANGALORE: The Bangalore blasts case is finally getting solved as the Anti-terrorist Cell (ATC) has legalised the arrest of Mohammed Sami (23) and police have charged him as the main accused in the Madiwala blast case on July 25.

The ATC team led by ACP KN Jitendranath had shown the arrest of Sami and produced him before the ACMM court here on Thursday evening as an accused in Madiwala case. Sami has been taken into police custody for another 14 days.

He was charged as one of the suspects in the blast in Madiwala bus stand which claimed the life of a woman Sudha Ravi.

Incidentally, the first blast took place in Madiwala and was followed by seven other blasts in the city. An architecture student, Sami is suspected to have supplied the IED (improved explosive device) which ripped through the bus shelter.

Sami, a 7th semester student of Bijapur’s SeCab Institute, had visited Bangalore with his friends several times and stayed in Bangalore with one of his friends at the time of the blasts.

Sami is a close follower of Abdul Subhan Khureshi alias Tauqeer, who is believed to have taken shelter in Muzzafarabad in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

The Anti Terror Cell (ATC), headed by joint commissioner of police (Crime), Gopal B Hosur and Jitendranath took him by flight to Pune for further investigation on Thursday night. Sami had, during investigations, revealed that he had ‘links’ in Pune who provided him shelter while he trained for the execution of activities undertaken by the Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), police said.

Sami was later escorted to Bijapur, his native place, on Friday evening. Details of his friends who might also be involved in such activities are expected to be gathered from there.

The ATC also sought custody of Afsar and Tareeque for further investigation.

Engineer in custody: B’lore blasts: Cops arrest student, claim breakthrough
CNN-IBN, Sep 27, 2008

New Delhi: The Karnataka Police claim they have made a breakthrough in the Bangalore blasts case with the arrest of a 23-year-old student of architecture.

Mohammed Sami was picked up from Bijapur a few days ago. He is alleged to have been in touch with Indian Mujahideen mastermind Tauqueer, before and after the blasts in Bangalore.

Reports say the police also suspect he was the man who planted the bomb at Madiwala.

Sami has been taken into police custody for 14 days. A seventh semester student at Bijapur’s SeCab Institute, Sami was staying in Bangalore with one of his friends at the time of the blasts.

Nine bombs exploded on July 25 in Bangalore killing two people and injuring six others. The intelligence agencies suspect the hand of local militants behind the low-intensity blasts. End

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At 10/03/2008 07:26:00 PM, Blogger R.Sajan said...

I request all netizens to go to Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. Mallu priests in collaboration with some American Baptists are indulging in anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda on that site.
Please go to the sites and edit away all anti-India stuff in there.
If we do not do so, all that faecal matter would remain there as history. Please, please help!!


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