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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blow to anti-terror squad as SIMI suspects get bail

Fri, Oct 24 02:25 AM

The state anti-terrorism squad (ATS) suffered a major blow on Thursday when a special court accepted the bail application of three SIMI suspects from the city.

Judge S J Kale passed the order releasing them on a personal bond of Rs 20,000 each and ordered them to visit the ATS office in Pune everyday till the chargesheet is filed.

Ayaz Khan and Imtiyaz Baba Miyan Shaikh of Bhimpura, Camp, and Feroz Mehboob Pathan of Ghorpade Peth had been arrested in August and September.

Feroz was caught with 40 Urdu books; Imtiyaz with an Urdu document and four CDs.

Ayaz was arrested along with Nadim Sheikh in a currency case, and was then was booked under the Unlawful Activities (Protection) Act for helping the others circulate the jihadi literature.

The anti-terrorism squad had claimed that the books and documents contained jihadi literature and the CDs had videos that could have created unrest.

But defence lawyer M M Syed argued that the investigating agencies did not mention details of the contents, nor how the suspects were associated with SIMI.

Syed said that suspects could be tried by the court of the judicial magistrate first class. The assistant public prosecutor insisted there was sufficient prima-facie evidence against the suspects.

According to the ATS, the suspects were linked to alleged SIMI member and gangster Mohammed Bilal Rasool Kagzi of Gujrat, who was arrested by the Mumbai crime brach in an extortion case.

Kagzi, in turn, was associated with the Fazlu Rehman and Banti Pandey gang.

The police said Kagzi came in contact with Ayaz through his brother Feroz Totla, a member of the Fazlu Rehman gang, who was later gunned down by the Mumbai police.

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