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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Creating ‘Hindu terror’ to dilute fight against Jihad!

The latest ‘spin’ by the Anti Terrorism Squad of the Maharashtra Police that the Malegon accused have conspired to kill RSS leaders can be described as a ‘self-goal’. In its over-avaricious attempt, rather on the instructions of its political masters, to paint the Hindu organisations as ‘radical’ and ‘warring’, the ATS has discredited itself further.

The ‘political’ investigation being carried out by the ATS for more than a month stands itself exposed due to the ‘select’ arrests and ‘selective’ leakages of its so-called investigations to a ‘chosen’ media. The attempted picturisation of the ‘Hindu Terror’ (Saffron Terror), points towards a ‘high-level’ conspiracy, a conspiracy to divide the Hindu society. The latest salvo that the Malegon blast accused planned to kill RSS leaders affirms this conspiracy.

The ‘credible’ things accomplished by the ATS:
  • When series of terror attacks on Indian soil have been perpetrated by Jihadis with the aid of terror outfits based at Pakistan and Bangladesh and with the abetment of fundamental Jihadi outfits in India, the ATS suddenly ‘decided’ to view the September Malegon blast from the perspective of ‘Hindu terror’.

  • The ATS detained Sadhvi Pragya illegally saying that her Motor Cycle was used in the blast and subjected her to repeated narco tests without her consent. She was illegally detained for thirteen days, verbally abused, physically tortured and mentally pressurised before presenting her at the Court. The torture has been continuing during the police custody and finally, she had submitted a sworn affidavit, at the Nashik Court, with full details of her nerve-racking days at the hands of the ATS.

  • Along with her, it also arrested a retired Army Major Upadhyay and activists by name Ramji and Sameer Kulkarni from Abinav Bharat.

  • Based on the ‘confession’ of Sadhvi on narco tests, the ATS arrested Lt. Colonel Purohit saying that he has supplied the required RDX, not only for Malegon bombs but also for Samjhauta Express, Ajmeer Dargah and Hyderabad Mecca Masjid blasts. He was accused of pilfering 60 kg of RDX from the Army godown and put under narco tests. He had also submitted an affidavit detailing the tortures meted out to him and saying that the ATS had threatened to liquidate him.

  • Based on Purohit’s ‘confession’ Swami Dayanand Pandey was arrested and he was termed as the mastermind behind the blasts. He was also subjected to narco test until he went unconscious for more than four hours.

  • Based on the ‘confessions’ of Swami Dayanand Pandey, the ATS is now investigating a Delhi based Doctor and a Pune based person by name S H Apte, for allegedly plotting to kill RSS leaders.
Ironically, at every step and at every leakage of information, the previous ‘findings’ were either contradicted or denied or conveniently forgotten! Now, there is no talk about the Sadhvi’s motorcycle after it was proved that she had sold it some four years ago and has no idea of the whereabouts of the bike. The tall claims on Lt Colonel Purohit pilfering 60 kg of RDX, his involvement in Samjhauta train and other blasts have been taken back and the ‘chosen’ media was blamed for wrongly interpreting the deliberate leaks! Nothing concrete was found to fix Swami Dayanand Pandey and hence his laptop has been misused and ‘created’ & ‘uploaded’ information was shown again to the ‘chosen’ media. As Dayanand Pandey’s narco tests have not given any helpful results, the ATS has come out with a ‘new’ salvo from a totally different angle. That is, the ‘investigation’, which started with blaming RSS as a ‘perpetrator’ has now changed track with RSS becoming a ‘victim’!

Apart from this, it required the concerted effort of almost 100 eminent persons from all walks of life to draw the attention of National Human Rights Commission and National Commission for Women, which have been totally indifferent to the violation of human rights of Sadhvi Pragya by the ATS, for the NHRC and NCW are of the opinion that only terrorists and minorities have human rights and not Hindus.

Prevailing ‘scenario’ leading to probable ‘conspiracy’: -
  • The Congress Party and its allies have been losing all the state elections in the last four years one by one and Gujarat & Karnataka results have landed as bolts from the blues heavily on the UPA’s head.

  • The Amarnath issue has shown the UPA government the real strength of Hindu unity and the subsequent scenario in Karnataka and Orissa has marked the extension of that strength.

  • In the meantime, Jihadi terrorism has been continuing and Jihadis have been striking at will showcasing the impotency of the UPA government in dealing with Jihad.

  • The much-hyped ‘India-US Nuclear Deal’ has been relegated to a point of no return and the UPA has understood that it would not be an electoral factor to gain votes.

  • In a non-conducive environment the UPA has to face five assembly elections closely followed by the general elections.
In this kind of a scenario, the UPA in general and Congress in particular needed to ‘create’ something vital, which could help in achieving three objectives along with one hidden aim. The three objectives are:
  • To divide the Hindu majority, which has been steadily polarising itself due to the Minority - appeasing and Hindu-hating policies of the UPA.

  • To malign RSS/VHP/BJP and create feuds within them.

  • To win back the confidence of the minority communities and keep intact their vote bank.

And the ‘hidden’ aim is, to dilute the fight against Jihad and nullify the narco-tests, as this government doesn’t have the will & courage to fight against the Jihadi organisations due to its ill-conceived notion that controlling Jihadi terror would reduce the Muslim votes.

In the absence of a strong anti-terror policy, the Jihadis are expected to continue their terror activities, as evidenced by the Tripura and Assam blasts. The UPA government is also aware of it and especially at the time of elections, it is wary of its fight against terror and the best way to come out of the terror imbroglio and to force the BJP to take a back foot will be to create ‘Hindu Terror’. The prelude for ‘Hindu Terror’ has been written when the ‘secular’ brigade including the mainstream media cried from the rooftops about ‘Saffron Terror’ over Mangalore and Kandhamal. To create ‘Hindu terror’, a terror attack in a Congress/UPA governed state is needed and the Malegon blasts came in handy. As the victims of Malegon blasts happened to be Muslims, it became conducive to convert the ‘saffron terror’ into ‘Hindu Terror’. Immediately an ATS was formed and the investigations have been so hasty that the nation has never seen before! The two-dozen Jihadi attacks of the last four years have not seen such a ‘meticulous’ operation of such a ‘meritorious’ police squad! The officers in the squad have been so efficient & capable that they carried out the instructions of the government then and there and lived up to its expectations! They have been so focused in their job that they didn’t bother to see if the Army is maligned or the Hindu majority is offended & outraged in the process of their ‘political’ investigations. The UPA politicians took the message of ‘Hindu Terror’ to all the electoral states and the ‘secular’ mainstream media spread the awareness throughout the nation.

Usually, for every terror attack, the intelligence agencies would be blamed and they were blamed even in the last Assam blasts. But surprisingly, it was not the case with September Malegon blasts! The Home Ministry has been conspicuously silent on this. The National Security Advisor, who had a considerable period of service in the intelligence and had retired as the Deirector of IB, has been waxing eloquent on terrorism at every opportunity through the media. He has been involving himself in every issue, from external affairs to nuclear deal, except national security! Even very recently, he had warmed the nation through a media interview about the presence of over ‘800 jihadi terror modules’ throughout the country and at that time, he had not talked of any ‘Hindu terror module’! Will he and the IB Chief tell this nation how suddenly the ‘Hindu terror’ came into existence? The intelligence expertise of the NSA could be gauged from the observation of a former Air Force Officer, who has said in his blog that, the present NSA was considered as an ‘expert’ in ‘Sri Lankan Affairs’ and that he was at the helm of affairs controlling the intelligence as Director IB, when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991. One may wonder how he, with such a dismal track record, was appointed by the Congress (read Sonia) as NSA! But, it is no wonder, he was sent by the Prime Minister to placate opposition leader L K Advani, who didn’t budge to the PM’s attempt over a telephonic conversation.

The after effects of ATS’s misadventures:
  • The Hindu organisations, though taken aback initially, have understood the shenanigans of the ATS and its political masters and have rallied behind the Malegon accused. The antics of the ATS have brought together almost all the Hindu organisations with a resolve to throw this government out of power.

  • The Army has called the ATS bluff in regard to Lt Colonel Purohit’s alleged handling of RDX and the Armed Forces, which have been terribly upset with this government’s treatment in the last four and a half years, have realised the UPA’s intentions particularly after Malegon episode. This government has undoubtedly earned the wrath of the Armed Forces.

  • The Hindu majority, which has been watching the proceedings of the ATS and the campaign of falsehood carried out by the ‘secular’ mainstream media, has been agitated and outraged.

If the ‘conspirators’ think that they would achieve their hidden agenda of diluting the fight against Jihad and nullifying the narco-tests, then they are totally in the wrong. The BJP might take the politically correct stand of ‘terrorism has no religion’. But, the people are aware that terrorism is indeed connected with religion and also that there is no place for terror in Hinduism, the religion of Dharma. So, they will keep fighting along Dharma and elect a government, which has the will & courage to fight against jihad. They will demand more ATS and continuance of narco-tests, in addition to exclusive narco-tests for the present officers in the Maharashtra ATS and their political masters.

The ATS has caught the tiger by the tail and it cannot hold it for long. At one point of time it will have to leave the tiger, which would pounce on not only the ATS but also its political masters. The result is written on the wall for the conspirators!

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