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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jihad in Mumbai: Islamic Teaching in Action

Author: Sher Khan
Date: December 6, 2008

The horror of the recent Islamic attack (instantly re-branded "terrorist" attack) in Mumbai has once again shocked the world. The Commando style, simultaneous assaults on various places were somewhat different from the Islamic tradition of suicide bombing.
Although the attacks were carefully planned and undertaken by devoted Muslims who were more than willing to sacrifice their own lives, it really doesn't take a genius to wreak havoc and destruction. Civilization has advanced because humans are able to think rationally and implement constructive ideas. On the contrary, Islam preaches irrational dogmas and destruction is the foundation of this religion.

Psycho killers enjoy murdering innocent people because they are mentally ill. Muslim terrorists are not psychologically challenged, yet they kill innocent people driven by the belief that eliminating non-Muslims will be beneficial to their afterlife. Such convictions come straight from the Quran and the Sunnah, the lifestyle of Mohammed, the founder of Islam.

About 200 innocent people died in the massacre and hundreds more were injured. In one report, one of the Jihadis smiled while pumping lead into his victim's heart. He was not a psycho, but a human who happened to be a believer of a religion that approves such killings.

The attack in Mumbai is not a new phenomenon. The city had been hit by Muslim terrorists several times in the past few years. However, the style and scale of these attacks were more daring than the previous ones and what's more, they were closer to the style and scale of the attacks made by Mohammed.

Mohammed inspired his followers to kill non-Muslims and guaranteed them a place in heaven should they fall in the line of duty. Assurances of heaven aside, Mohammed's real goal was to achieve financial gain, or cripple the enemy financially. He himself participated in 78 "Gazwas," the Arabic word for "raids." No matter how Muslim apologists define the meaning of Mohammed's raids or try to make them look defensive in nature, those raids were simply acts of robbery.

Mohammed benefited from the raids through the acquisition of booty, and at the same time he was able to cripple his enemy's economy. This is why he repeatedly attacked the treasure-laden caravans of the Quraish tribe.

The attack in Mumbai also has one clear objective, that of destroying the economic backbone of India, a kafir country. Mumbai is India's financial capital, and a scare tactic on such a grand scale is bound to give foreign investors second and third thoughts about participating in the city's burgeoning economy.

When the Jihadi warriors are done with their part, the other Muslims will blithely carry the baton. So-called condemnation is an interesting tool for damage control, one that easily deceives the ever-foolish and gullible non-Muslims. Pakistan and many other countries have cheerfully condemned the act of terrorism, and once again reminded the rest of the world that this type of terrorism does not coincide with Islam, the most beautiful and peaceful of religions.

How can it be that a group of people who have spent most of their lives studying the Quran and Islam and who then finally go on to sacrifice their own lives because of their hard-won understanding, are less knowledgeable than those who rarely touch the Quran?

The condemnation charade goes to the point of declaring the Jihadists non-Muslims, and their actions un-Islamic.

It would be interesting to know if the dead bodies of those Jihadists are treated in some special fashion. It is common knowledge that when a Muslim comes into contact with anything related to a pig, his journey to heaven is immediately voided.

There is a legend about General Pershing of the US Army who countered Muslim terrorists in 1911. The story goes like this: General Pershing was angered by repeated attacks from the Muslim terrorists. One day, he captured a group of Jihadis-their number varies from 20 to 50-and killed all but one with bullets daubed in pig fat. Later he buried them wrapped in pigskin and let the last one go free to tell the others about the incident. The story is most likely a tall Internet tale, but it could be instructive.

Suppose that the Jihadis of Mumbai are cremated in a bonfire with their remains garnished with lard and sprinkled with pig's blood! Perhaps the Muslim world would perk up and notice.

Most non-Muslims wouldn't dream of such an extreme measure. They'd refuse to debase their moral values to those of the Jihadis. But no doubt the Muslim world would fly into a rage, and the same group of people who claimed the Jihadis to be non-Muslims would scream the loudest.

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