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Friday, January 30, 2009

Setting the Agenda for National Renewal

Setting the Agenda for National Renewal
Through inter-weaving of basic social institutions
Follow the Six-Point Agenda

By Dr Pravin Togadiya

During my travel immediately post Jehadi attack in New York (9/11), many people who met me had concluded that such type of attack would never happen in India as Jehadis attacked U.S. because they were angry with the U.S. Then came many Jehadi attacks in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Karnavati (real name of Ahmedabad just like Mumbai : Bombay), many attacks in Assam etc. Then came the real Jehadi shocker: 26 November, 2008 attack on Mumbai.

Similarly people who met me during my travel after Mumbai attack said: It is not an attack; it is a war by Pakistan. Then there were debates on who, how, why and what not. Recently few government employees in senior level from a high profile government company met me and discussed their disgust, anger and agony about Mumbai attack. They were not much scared but they were angered by the fact that from 1990 there have been so many attacks on India by jehadis starting in Kashmir and then spreading up to south in Coimbatore and Bengaluru to the West in Mumbai and Karnavati and to North in Delhi and Jaipur to the North East in Assam and Tripura, but how come the governments are yet living in the dream world of rosy peace with Pakistan? They also said, “This way, we all will be killed by jehadis shortly.” This was the height of disgust based on the knowledge they had about general government systems.

My thinking didn’t stop at that. When any calamity happens, either man-made or nature-made, the first thing many do is to blame the government, in the above case, rightly so. But when we think of setting an agenda for the national renewal and look into the issues today which must rule the agenda, we can never do away with the basic social structure that needs national security to let the other social structures like economy, big businesses, schools / colleges, governments and courts to survive.

Having said that, what becomes more important is inter-weaving of all social institutions if any nation (and more so, Bharat) has to seriously look for national renewal. Renewal connotes change. National Renewal is never possible without social change and therefore, change or re-stabilising in the social institutions is a must for national renewal. There are five basic Social Institutions that keep working all the time like a flow in blood in any living society. They are:

1. Religion
(Culture, heritage, ethos, preservation and spreading of values, religious practices and people, arts, ancient monuments etc.)
2. Socio-economic structures
(Education, economy, businesses- new era businesses and traditional businesses, media, healthcare, ecology and environment, social well-being, etc.)
3. Government
(Law and order, security-domestic and national, governance and clean administration, peace, providing for basic needs like food, water, shelter and other such social well-being needs, etc.)
4. Judiciary
(Justice, constitution, equity, human rights, protection of systems for just and correct functioning, etc.)
5. Family
(Individual, mental and physical well-being, contribution to societal values and inculcating national values in children, care of children and the elderly, etc.)

Unless all these five social institutions work hand in hand in an inter-woven way, no national renewal is possible. This means that if Bharat is serious about National Renewal, then Bharat has to get all the above social institutions work in tandem with each other and not tangent or parellel or opposite each other.

So, then what happens in the time of crisis such as the November 26, 2008 Amavasya Jehadi attack on Mumbai? Unlike what happened at the time and after the attack, all social institutions work together. Governments work on war footing on strengthening national security without worrying about vote banks for upcoming states or Parliament elections. Meaning? Knowing fully well that the root cause for such barbaric jehadi attacks is not momentary but they spring out of a larger plan of Islam to spread Islamic state based on shariya all over the world. It has been said earlier by many and recently even by the senior army officers like Mr. Karim. So ideally the governments (states and Union) must proactively work on the intelligence reports given by various agencies, act on them sincerely, block the entry points of jehadis (like Assam-Bangladesh border, Rajasthan- Pakistan border, Kashmir-Pakistan borders) and cut off their local support networks like Madrasas, Maulavis and growing residential / commercial pockets in many cities / towns / villages which people have started naming ‘Mini-Pakistan’.

If this happens, then only there will be peace to even think of the real national renewal. Therefore, all political parties must agree with the following Six point agenda and all voters must vote only to those who publiclly agree with this agenda because only this will bring about national renewal. Otherwise the nation would tumble in a state of inertia and stop one day after each Indian getting killed by even a small boy jehadi:

1. No business or trade whatsoever with any Arab or Islamic Country even though they promise big FDIs. There is nothing vibrant in such promises or tom-tomming such FDIs because by this we would be bringing in our enemy and fooling Bharat showing fake dreams of Development without real National Progress.
2. All socio-economic structures supporting, teaching, preaching and practicing jehad should be banned and prosecuted for treason.
3. While progressing in new era business like IT, service industry, automobile, bio-Tech etc, every political party must ensure that the traditional businesses and industries of Bharat like textiles, agriculture, aquaculture, diamond/ jewellery, weaving, etc are not uprooted. There should not be any SEZs or any land deals or cash deals by any governments with any business house ignoring any of the traditional businesses employing millions of people.
4. All Infrastructural projects (roads, railways, sea-routes, power and other plants) must be done protecting agriculture land, heritage monuments, traditional sea businesses, jungles and any other such things.
5. In Democracy, candidate is declared won when he has more votes than any other candidate. Corollary of the same has to be, in Bharat, majority must have the final say in any national policy decision. Bharat has seen enough damage and risks due to many political parties minority vote bank politics. No more. Enough is enough.
6. All political parties must assure publicly that they are committed to give work for every Hindu hand and food for every Hindu family. Unless the parties and candidates individually give this in writing, voters must not vote for them if we want to save Bharat.

Rather than one social institution blaming the other for disasters and jehad, it will help Bharat, if all the social institutions work hand in hand in an inter-woven manner to ensure safety, security and prosperity of Bharat. If this happens, this will be a real and sustaining national renewal. For this, the masses must not be misguided by political parties and candidates with misleading advertising and false vibrant speeches. Political parties must also not force the important fourth estate media to give planted news to mislead masses. Media must ensure they are true to their integrity and not swayed by advertisement-revenue and TRPs. Judiciary also must ensure that their decisions do not harm long term National Security by harping too much on human rights of minority.

Bharat has a traditional and originally victorious wisdom. If Bharat follows that all the time, then Bharat will lead not only in national renewal but also in international well-being. If taken the above route of inter-woven functioning of five social institutions, there is no chance that any global economic slump can ever affect bharat.

The need is that every individual must re-verify all the words said/unsaid and deeds done by all political parties and candidates in the microscope of the above six point agenda without getting allured by the fake shine and loud but hollow publicity.

(The writer is general secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.)

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