Hindu dharma is implicitly at odds with monotheistic intolerance. What is happening in India is a new historical awakening... Indian intellectuals, who want to be secure in their liberal beliefs, may not understand what is going on. But every other Indian knows precisely what is happening: deep down he knows that a larger response is emerging even if at times this response appears in his eyes to be threatening.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Before I proceed further, I owe a heavy depth of gratitude from the beneath of my heart to Shri. L.K Advani Ji, the Prime Ministerial Candidate of BJP/NDA combine, for providing an excellent Portal for expressing our liberated views free from edit, via internet, the today’s most effectual and speedy communication platform.

We have read plenty of articles posted by various Netizens, friends, learned thinkers, philosophers, dedicated on line party workers relating to multiple ranges of topics from India and abroad on the impressive website of Adarniya Shri. L.K.Advani Ji. And more precisely numerous Muslim brothers and sisters have also expressed their valuable views in constructive way to extend their superb hold for the BJP/NDA combine on this Lok Sabha Elections 2009. Probably, this is not only a colossal signal for the country’s largest Political Party BJP, but also sounds exemplary well for our great Nation, which has more than two thousand ethnic groups, rich cultural tradition and diversity of religion.

The insurgent ruling of Indian National Congress Party since from the days of post- independence era is misusing the Muslim minorities as mere vote Bank, besides sowing seeds of clandestine abhorrence between the Hindus and
Muslims. The Indian National Congress transparently used Indian Muslims as mere puppets since from their origination of power in order to discharge their lust and continuation of power, paying less attention to their burning issues like eradication of poverty, education, housing, employment, rehabilitation of slums and economic policy, so on and so forth. Although Muslims comprise over 13.4% of the Population making home India to third largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia and Pakistan, their literacy rate is less than 59.1% and their Work Participation Rate is only 31.3% as per census 2001. Muslims are lagging behind our Hindu brothers in professional areas as well, and the Muslims are under-represented in government employment, armed services and police forces. The presence of many Muslim representatives both in the House of Parliament and in the various State assemblies could not make any variation in rehabilitating the Muslim community.

It is significant to mention here that after the Partition of India, more particularly during the regime of Indian National Congress, the communal riots between Hindus and Muslims have been most harsh and extensive, comparing to the British rule. “Prior to the Independence, the Hindu Muslim riots were often ascribed due to divide and rule policy of the British. There was an element of truth in this. In the medieval era and even in the Indian princely states of the Hindu Rajas and Muslim Nawabs in modern times there was some serious militancy from time to time, but not so frequent and serious Hindu Muslim Riots. In view of the small number of British occupation forces in the in the sub continent, the British rulers find it necessary to find a supplementary measure. That was set to the Hatred between the two major communities against one another. Despite of several heinous blood shed between the two major communities since from the riots of Bareilly 1871-72 and up to the riots of 1941 at Ahmedabad, Bombay, the Historical Sepoy Revolution of 1857-58 brought the Hindu Muslim very closer, besides reaffirming their solidarity in the Khilafat Movement of 1921. Between 1941 and 1945, when the British were preoccupied with War, there was relatively less incidence of Hindu Muslim riots, in spite of the fact that Jinnah’s demand for Pakistan and Gandhi’s Quit India Call gathered a movement during this period”. Quotes Shri. S.R.Sen 1993, Communal Riots, Anticipation, containment and Prevention, Economic and Political Weekly.

He further opines that “It may not be wrong to say that as the movement for independence of the country gathered strength and divisive systems of elections and confrontational systems of government based on simple majority rule became a possibility, Hindu Muslim conflicts became more frequent and serious”. The commendable quote of Shri. S.R. Sen 1993, clarifies a most essential point that prior to 1993 there was no BJP rule at the centre and the Congress was in the realm of power.

Due to the flawed rule of the Congress and its massive failure to strengthen the secular fabric of this great nation, the dreams of eminent Indian poets like Mahakavi Subramanya Bharati, Sangolli Rayanna, both from south and Allama Mohammed Iqbal from North to see amity between Hindus and Muslims, shattered into many pieces, mainly due to erroneous policy of the Indian National Congress and its Vote Bank Views. This coming election to the Parliament 2009 happens to be the one of the Major occurrence of Indian History, paving way to many unanswered question? Whether the Indians get rid of wild mounting inflation and upsetting population explosion? Whether the hard core terrorism and militancy is eradicated from the grass root level in India? Whether there is any future for the unemployed youths in India? Whether the Indian Farmer stops committing suicide? Whether our Industrial workers overcome from the burden of indebt? Whether the poor and downtrodden get social Justice in India? Whether the Hindus and Muslims think for a better living and economic uplift in India? Can we expect better ties between Hindus and Muslims free from further communal hatred and blood shed? Can all of us get food, shelter and clothing? Can we stop seeing our women still working in the paddy field and construction? Can we stop our children and our elder citizen begging on the streets? Can we stop demolishing the house built by our father of Nation Shri. Gandhi ji? The answers to all the above questions are confirmatory and possible, provided, if the Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhist, Parsis and every segment of Indian society are firmly united, shedding the age old hatred and repugnance and fully concentrate in building a New India.

The Unity between the Hindus, Muslims and the Christians in the recent times could be briefly illustrated in many examples as follows:

1) The Hindu celebrates Urs of Muslim saint Hazrath Asmal Pir.

“People of the Saurashtra and Kutch regions are known for their rich culture, tradition and devotion towards gods, goddesses and saints. Reverence for communal harmony is common among those owing allegiance to different religions. Thikariyala, a small village in Wankaner Taluk inhabited by Hindus, is a pointer to this reality. It is a village with a difference since the entire population of around 2,200 Hindus assembles once a year in the month of "ashadh'' at Hazrath Pir Dargah to celebrate the "Urs'' of Muslim saint Hazrath Asmal Pir by offering "Chadars'' and "Dhajas''. The lone Muslim family in the village is that of the seventh generation of "Munjavar'', known as priest Haji Sha Gigasha. Along with his family, he has devoted himself to the maintenance of the holy shrine.

Without any discrimination pertaining to caste, creed or religion, villagers sit together for lunch which is prepared by them. They also care a lot for the environment and animals. Special "Ladoos'' are prepared for dogs of the village and 40 kg of jawar is fed to birds everyday by a bird lover.

Legend has it that saint Asmal Pir, whose native place was Jiyana village under Wankaner Taluk some 400 years ago, gave his life in trying to life save cows from robbers. It is believed that his head was found in Thikariyala village and other parts of the body in nearby villages. Reported in The Times of India News, dated: July 28, 1998, Rajkot, Gujarat. Courtesy: Building civic links key to Hindu-Muslim amity by Lalit K. Jha, from India West, January 22, 1999.

2) Muslims help Hindus in their pilgrimage to Amarnath.

Shouts of ''Jai Amarnath, Jai Bholenath'' rent the air as people from villages around the Pahalgam-Chandanwari Road in Jammu and Kashmir cheer on the pilgrims in their arduous trek to the sacred Hindu Lord Shiva shrine in the ice cave of Amarnath. It does not matter to Hindu pilgrims that most of the people who shake hands with them are Muslims; nor does it matter to the villagers that the devotees are Hindus.

For years the Hindus and Muslims in this part of the state have led a symbiotic life. The porters, the horsemen and the palanquin bearers, who carry the old and infirm to the shrine, are mostly Muslims. There is no hint of animosity or hatred on their faces.

Most of the vendors serving hot coffee, tea and biscuits also are Muslims. Hindus have no inhibitions whatsoever among the Hindus in accepting the servings.

In fact, the rows of shops located below the holy shrine that sell Prasad (food offered to the gods). Most of them are manned by Muslims.

At Panchtarani and Sheshnag, the Muslims have pitched tents and are providing all amenities to the pilgrims. On cold nights, they would be at hand to hand out blankets and fire from Chullahs to those in need. It is interesting to note that despite the presence of Langars, where food is served free, most of the pilgrims preferred to dine with their Muslim brethren, in tents. According to Rediff and on the NeT report from Pahalgam- Chandanwari Road, Jammu and Kashmir, India, dated: August 4, 1998. Courtesy: Building civic links key to Hindu-Muslim amity by Lalit K. Jha, from India West, January 22, 1999.

3) Hindu and Christian friends help a blind Muslim boy translate Holy Quran into Braille.

In a unblemished instance of communal peace between Hindus and Muslims, a blind Muslim boy, Syed Noor Mohammed Shakir, 20 year old Second Year student of Sri Venkateshwara University in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India, is transcribing the English translation of the Holy Quran into Braille with the aid of his Hindu and Christian friends, According to India Abroad News Service report published in India West from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, dated: March 12, 1999. Courtesy: Building civic links key to Hindu-Muslim amity by Lalit K. Jha, from India West, January 22, 1999.

A Hindu friend Shri. C. Anjanayalu, who runs a Private Junior College in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh donated Rs. 28,000/- to help Shri. Syed Noor Mohammed Shakir to buy a Computer and a Scanner to make his work easier. "Hindu and Muslim mean nothing to us. We have always been good friends. I have spent my entire childhood with the Muslims", Shri. Anjanayalu says.

4) Hindus celebrate Muharram.

They were all dressed in Pathani Lehengas and Kurtas, laced Topis (Caps) covering their heads and beat themselves with ritual fervor crying, "Hai Hasan, Hai Hussain." It was nothing unusual on Muharram except that they were all Hindus, According to April 28, 1999, the Times of India report by Jhimli Mukherjee from Vadodra, Gujarat, India. Courtesy: Building civic links key to Hindu-Muslim amity by Lalit K. Jha, from India West, January 22, 1999

At Kaka Saheb Ka Tekra at Bhoiwada City, the entire Hindu Mohalla has been observing Muharram for the past 200 Years. Here, every member of a Hindu family is a devoted follower of the Legendary Rafai Pir, who’s Dargah almost, adjoins the Tekra."And, it is because the Bawa is our Mai Baap (our father) we observe Muharram. Our forefathers did it since the Bawa's times, we are continuing with the tradition."

5) A Muslim serves as a priest at a Shri. Ganesh Temple.

Every morning and evening a 60 Year old Priest arrives at a little Shri. Ganesh Temple Housed in the M. S. University Faculty of Technology and Engineering building at Vadodra, Gujarat, India. The priest is none other than a Muslim named Abdul Rashid Ismail Shaik. He spends the next few minutes performing Puja before the presiding deity. Reported on March 1999, Times of India, report from by Mr. Sajid Shaik from Vadodra, Gujarat, India. Courtesy: Building civic links key to Hindu-Muslim amity by Lalit K. Jha, from India West, January 22, 1999

Nothing unusual about that except that the priest is named Abdul Rashid Ismail Shaik. A true Muslim by birth, Abdul Rashid Ismail Shaik is a Shri. Ganesh devotee by choice, having profession as a peon at the faculty, he is the unofficial priest of the Temple. Even though a Muslim, he has impeccable credentials to hold the High Position, besides he is a Sanskrit scholar and the Shlokas roll off his tongue with unfettered ease. "I am the Muslim Brahmin here,'' says the man who is endearingly called Chacha (Uncle) by all on the campus.

His knowledge of the epics is amazing. He can narrate or recite any episode from the Ramayana or the Bhagwad Gita. Such is his grasp of the Vedas and Shashtras that at times he steps in to correct other Pujaris. Shaik’s fascination with Hindu scriptures began when he was a child. `I stay in the Madazampa area in city. Ours was the only Muslim house in the locality, which was a Hindu area full of Gujaratis and Marathis. I used to join the Shri. Ganesh Mahotsav in the area. It was great fun,'' he recalls.

Gradually, this fascination led him to probe deeper into the philosophy of Hinduism. This did not, however, lead him to abandoning the religion he was born into. On the contrary, he was able to compare the two almost like a theologist. The similarities in the two religions struck him. "In the end, it is the same Malik. Har mazhab pyar sikhata hai (every religion preaches love),'' he says, lamenting that fanatics on both sides fail to see this. 'Khudatala har chiz mai hai, chahe wo Tajuddin Baba ka mazaar ho ya ho Sai Baba ka mandir, (God is everywhere, whether in the mausoleum of Tajuddin Baba or the Sai Baba temple),'' he says.

However, like all those who dare to choose a different path, Abdul has had to face his share of problems. Members of his own community disliked him earlier; but eventually they came to understand him. "I don't have any complaints. I know what I am doing and I know that it is right. The greatest religion is that of humanity,'' he avers.

Now, coming to the topic, Why should Indian Muslims back BJP in this forthcoming Elections 2009? We have ample of affirmative reasons before forecasting our attentiveness towards BJP in the forthcoming elections. Unlike Congress BJP is having a diverse thinking towards Minorities that includes Muslims, Christians, Jain’s, Buddhist and Parsis etc., BJP considers every Indian Muslim forms a part and parcel and integral part of this great nation and their contribution to this nation reminiscent the days of pre India’s freedom struggle movement where a Hindu Brahmin Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil and a devout Muslim Ashfaqulla Khan laid down their precious life for this great Nation. The age old eternal love and amity between Hindus and Muslims could be well demonstrated in the living example of Ashfaqulla Khan and Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil, where the immortal sons of India kissed the bereavement on the same day, but in different jail. Ashfaqulla Khan, the great Martyr of Indian Freedom Movement embraced death at the age of 27 in the true sprit of Islam by reading the dominant Verses of Quran setting a living example of a true Muslim and the immense Son of Bharat. Similarly, Bismil proudly touched the foot of death as a true and devout Hindu. What is astonishing to note that I came to know about Ashfaqulla Khan, not from my early school course outline, but, only after mingling with my friends having nationalistic approach. As I said earlier, Muslims in India too enjoys the same status, dignity and decorum with that of Hindus in India. When we consider Shri. Mohanlal Karachand Gandhi as the Father of our Nation, we are not blindly ignoring Shri. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan as our Frontier Gandhi. When we are lauding the living poetry of the great Indian Poets like Sur das or Kabir das, we are still enjoying the ever lasting patriotic poetic verses of Allama Mohammed Iqbal’s ‘Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindustan Hamara, Hum Bulbulein Ke Uske Wo Gulsitan Hamara’. On the whole, that the Indian Muslims should not be under the mistaken thought that they are the second class Indian citizens or mere voting dolls or puppets at the hands of Congress. When we hear the pleasant news about the Musical whiz kid of India A.R. Rahman, the First Indian winning the most coveted Golden Globe or Oscar Award, every Indian Muslim should feel proud that an Indian has bagged this popular award. The Victory of A.R. Rahman represents the Victory of every Indian irrespective of any caste, creed or religion. In broad spectrum, we should consider the Victory of any Indian as our own triumph, more precisely, the Victory of our great Motherland, Bharat. No matter whether he or she is a Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Sikh and Parsi or any segment of Indian society. Whether it could be Ustad Bismillah Khan or Vishwanathan Anand or Pankaj Advani or Sachin Tendulkar or Sania Mirza or Aamir Khan, we should strongly sense that we are all basically Indians and then our Religion follows.

I think no politician or any political outfit of India would have deliberation of remolding the overall economic boost up among the Muslim community, other than the contemporary outstanding statesman of our epoch Shri. Atal Biharee Vajpayee Ji, the former Prime Minister of India. We are all aware that till 1977 there was a limitation imposed by the then Indian National Congress rule headed by late Smt. India Gandhi Ji, in relation to the Indian Muslims who were planned to travel Gulf Countries in search of overseas employment. It is commendable to mention here that before 1977 and more particularly during the regime of Smt. Indira Gandhi Ji, getting an Indian Passport by any Indian Muslim, except few like Doctors and Engineers, was roughly a difficult task. It is significant to note that during the regime of Janata Party, Shri. Atal Ji as the Union Minister of External affairs, the windows of overseas employment was opened for the entire Muslim community in India by the issuance of Indian Passport through the Union Ministry of External Affairs to the aspirant Muslim community, as a result of this; there was a substantial augment of income, boost of fiscal living and educational uplift among the Muslims. In view of Shri. Atal Biharee Vajpayee Ji’s real care and his unperturbed liking towards Minorities, the living standard of Indian Muslims and Christians made a rapid increase in many parts of the Indian States, more precisely in Kerala. This occurrence is considered to be a land mark as for as Indian Muslims are concerned in the History of India and all the Muslim and Christian Minorities are indebted to Shri. Atal Ji’s magnanimous stature.

The contribution of Shri. Atal Ji for the Muslim community could be illustrated in many live examples like the candidature of Dr. Kalam, His Excellency the Former President of India. According to the Veteran Journalist Kuldip Nayar “Vajpayee had indicated that Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was his choice three or four months ago. He shares the general feeling that he has not been selected for his achievements or austere life style. The support of his candidature is prompted by other reasons.” It is really praiseworthy to imagine that after the communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat, which was virtually a pre planned and revolting design of the Congress Party in order to generate a black stain on his terrific six years rule and above all to restrain the overwhelming support of Muslims for BJP in the subsequent years and by this means the Congress Party hatched a clandestine design to put an end to the BJP’s overwhelming fame in midst of Muslim Minorities. Shri. Atal Ji was very much perturbed after the riots and he sought to preserve the secular fabric of this country by nominating a Muslim and a celebrated missile man, surreptitiously opposed by then opposition Congress. It may not be wrong on my part if I put forward our Muslim brothers to recollect the attitude of Congress Party during the nomination of Dr. Kalam. On the whole, let me daringly say that the so called pro Muslim Congress Party sent an apparent indication on the entire Muslim community that it is the deadliest antagonist of Muslims and not a trusted friend as every one sense.

After the results of recent Gujarat election, we can proudly sense that both the Hindus and Muslims want to put behind 2002 riots and unitedly move forward towards concentrating on the developmental scenario not only in Gujarat, but also in other parts of the country. It is very pertinent to mention here that the Hindu Muslim riots did not happen only during Modi’s rule, but also under many others leaders rule too. The magnificent Victory of Shri. Modi in the recent state election crystal clear to point out that Hindus and Muslims of Gujarat are more unified than in any other states in India. The literacy rate among Muslims in Gujarat has increased by 10% in the last decade and at 73% is higher than the overall literacy rate in the state. Female literacy in Gujarat is higher than the national average rate at 54 %. The High rate of literacy among the Muslims in Gujarat is mainly due to the educational uplift of the BJP Government in Gujarat.

Every Indian Muslim should comprehend the golden days of Shri. Atal Ji, where he was so dare to enhance the subsidy to Indian Muslims Hajj pilgrims despite of facing domestic and global opposition including from the Arab countries alleging that his stand on Hajj Subsidy was anti Islamic and anti Shariat. Reacting to such comments Shri. Atal Ji said that "We have special provisions for the minority, which do not come as a favour, but it can be described as the Indian way of living together in a family," Criticizing those who propagated that the NDA Government was "anti-minority", Shri. Vajpayee said it was a huge country with a large number of people who had complaints and grouses. "There is nothing that cannot be resolved through talks. People are running a campaign to malign the Government," he said adding that not everyone believed in these allegations, "There are times when people feel dejected and frustrated in their country but India belongs to everyone and each one of us has a role to play in its development," he said. May 4, 2003, reported in the Hindu, English news paper. In this context the former Chairman of the Central Hajj Committee Shri. Tanvir Ahmed said that “Prime Minister Shri. Atal Biharee Vajpayee has turned down the Finance Ministry proposal to cut down the Hajj subsidy by 50 per cent. The proposal, which was discussed at the Union Cabinet meeting recently, was rejected, and it was agreed to continue subsidy of over Rs 18,000 per pilgrim for air travel, Reported in the Tribune, Chandigarh, October 22,2001.

On the whole, let me articulate that the thoughts of Muslims have undergone a vast sea change in the recent years due to the stupendous past rule of the BJP/NDA combine at the centre and other state like Gujarat and speedy growth of education and thinking among Muslim minorities. “In the Past decades the Muslims used to consider BJP as their usual foe and they used to welcome us at their Mohalla’s by pitting pebbles on us; Now, we find a drastic change in the approach and reasoning of Muslims; the same Muslims who were throwing pebbles on us are now welcoming us by showering the aromatic rose petals” says Shri. S. Malikarjunaiah, Former Deputy Speaker and now a sitting BJP MP, during a election campaign at Kumbipalya, Nagavalli Village, Tumkur, Karnataka, Reported in Samyuktha Karnataka, July 29, 1999, Kannada New paper from Karnataka.

We are attentive during the present regime of UPA; India has lost its uniqueness both in the national and international arena, due to various factors like inappropriate governance, inept ministers, roaring inflation, growing poverty, unemployment, population explosion, inactive and corrupt government servants and growing hard core terrorism; To sum up we have witnessed Congress/UPA government a utter waste as it consciously failed to achieve their pre poll catchphrase like Congress Ka Hath Aam Aadmi Ke Saath. Therefore, we Indians, more particularly the Indian Muslims should evaluate the golden period of Shri. Atal Ji and the present rule of Congress/UPA in broad spectrum and exercise their vote in favour of the BJP/NDA combine in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections and undoubtedly, I feel that the golden days are not far behind that we will indisputably observe a new meaning of high ranking governance, more innovative, more transparent and more adoptive touching the aspirations of all the sections of Indian Society, irrespective any caste or creed under the Maiden leadership of towering statesman Sri. L.K. Advani Ji, the only hope of Modern India. Notwithstanding his age factor, it is quite sure that Shri. Advani Ji’s forty years stupendous political experience and his foreign policy intensity will surely help India to reinstate the Indian pride in the global platform. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram.

Former State General Secretary, BJP Minority Morcha, Karnataka
#5, FF, Girimaji Rao Complex, K.G. Halli, Bangalore-560 045, India

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While I have my reservations on issues such as Hajj subsidies and all, this is overall a fabulous post.

So, the Congress was behind the Gujarat Riots? Is there any evidence on this? It'd be lovely to read that.


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