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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lawyers of the Madras High Court - Law unto Themselves

The lawlessness bordering on terrorism inside court hall 3 of the Madras High Court on 17th February and the violent clashes that erupted on the 19th in the campus between a section of the lawyers and the police which lasted for over three hours, is rooted not just in caste, the all-time handy whipping boy for anti-Hindu and non-Hindu secularists and Dravidian 'Tamils', but also in the religion of the warring castes. The time has come to break the studied silence of the secularists and the Dravidians on the issue. Meanwhile the rowdiness and sheer goondaism of the lawyers of Tamil Nadu as of this moment remains unabated as they continue to rampage across cities and towns vandalising shops, buildings and police property and threatening police men and officers on duty. This section of lawyer rowdies has not spared police housing quarters either. The Tamil Nadu government has now issued shoot-at-sight orders to the police. It had no other option.

The Tamil Nadu Assembly on the 20th evicted MLAs belonging to the AIADMK, the PMK, MDMK, the CPI and CPI (M) from the House; the Speaker of the Assembly had earlier refused to allow them to raise the issue in the House or discuss it. While the political position of the Opposition, taking a uni-dimensional view of the complex problem by roundly condemning only the police force for the violence was predictable and along expected lines, the statement of former Chief Minister and General Secretary of the AIADMK, Ms. Jayalalithaa would have been laughable had the issue not been so serious with far-reaching consequences. Asking the Center to impose Article 356 in the state, Jayalalithaa also made the preposterous demand that a state of Emergency be declared in Tamil Nadu. Jayalalithaa justified her demand on the ground, "This incident proves that the Tamil Nadu police have now become a violent force". Jayalalithaa may think the people of Tamil Nadu have short memories but it was she who ran Tamil Nadu like a police state in the wake of the arrest and immoral incarceration of the venerable Peethathipathi of the Kanchi matham to brutally quell all protests and demonstrations against her.

In recent past, barely three months ago, on 13th November, 2008, Jayalalithaa had castigated the state government and the very same "violent" police force for their "inaction" and for being mute spectators when a group of scheduled caste students of the Madras Law College mounted a murderous attack against caste Hindu students inside the college campus under the very eyes of the police who were stationed outside the college; the police cannot enter educational institutions (like they cannot enter our courts) unless summoned by the head of the institution, the Dean or the Principal. Jayalalithaa faulted the police force for not entering the college campus despite being witness to the life-threatening attack. The police was damned then because it didn't. The police force is damned today because it did.

"The cause for the Law College clashes in November 2008 was overtly political and projected as a caste conflict but the real cause for the homicidal attack was covert and religious*. Unless the silence on this sensitive issue is broken and the truth spoken loud and clear, the poison that is coursing within the Tamil Nadu Bar and Judiciary, emaciating and wasting this important body, cannot be identified and neutralised; and this bodes very ill for democracy which ultimately rests on the character of the judges. Judges, let us recall emerge only from among the ranks of lawyers; the Tamil Nadu pool contributing to the nation's total tally of judges is today contaminated. Politically motivated or politically expedient diagnosis of this malaise will not check, much less cure the disease."

The majority of scheduled caste students in all government-aided educational institutions are Christians; either first-generation or second generation converts. Tamil chauvinism, like Islam and Christianity, is driven only by politics and has only political objectives as its raison d'etre. Capturing the state, failing which secession from the mother country is the objective of Tamil chauvinism. The LTTE is the most telling example of this contention. Unlike Marathi or Kannada chauvinism, Tamil chauvinism spills over into contiguous neighboring Sri Lanka and like the murderous and secessionist Nagas of the North-east who want to establish a Greater Nagaland, the Tamil chauvinists of Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu desire to establish a greater Tamil nation. It is not a coincidence that Tamil chauvinists, like the Nagas, are in the main Christians.

The coastal communities and entire districts of Tamil Nadu are almost totally Christian or Muslim with irreligious, viciously anti-Hindu Dravidian Tamils constituting the cadre of the two main and other sundry, rising splinter Dravidian political parties who form the backbone of Tamil chauvinism - the DMK, the AIADMK, the PMK, the DMDK and MDMK. The communist parties habitually throw in their lot with the electorally successful anti-Hindu and anti-nation Dravidian party or coalition. It bears mention that the LTTE has the backing of the Church in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu and also that the Sri Lankan Muslim population is almost totally Tamil-speaking. This is separatist, secessionist Tamil chauvinist poison brew and it is this brew which is contaminating all educational institutions including the Madras Law College and other Law colleges in the state and all educational institutions. The extent of Church penetration by way of the growing numbers of Christians in these parties and through direct and indirect funding of these political parties can be gauged from the fact that all Dravidian parties met the US Consul-General in Chennai on the 20th of February pleading with him on bended knees for American intervention in Sri Lanka to protect the Tamil people! They have thus signaled that their agenda in Sri Lanka is different from that of their national government. If these parties can ask for US intervention in Sri Lanka which is not in India's national interest, tomorrow they may ask for the same in India if the national government is inimical to the political objectives of Islam or Christianity. Anti-Hindu Tamil chauvinism rests only on the support base of these so-called minority religions.

Non-Hindu and anti-Hindu Tamil chauvinist students go on to become Heads of Department, Deans, Vice-Chancellors and other important people in Tamil Nadu's fully or partially aided educational institutions while the same species of students in Tamil Nadu's Law Colleges aspire to become Government Pleaders, judges in the subordinate judiciary and eventually, god help us all, judges of the Madras High Court and thereafter transferred on promotion to other states. The penultimate stop in the journey is eventual vertical ascension as lawyers or judges in the Supreme Court, culminating as Chief Justice of India. All right-thinking patriots in the nation's Bar and Judiciary owe it to themselves and to the nation to cleanse the Madras Bar pool of this poison.

The clash between two sections of students in November 2008 in the Madras Law College was between students belonging to one caste which is Hindu and students belonging to the scheduled castes who are in the main, Christians or anti-Hindu irreligious Dravidian Tamil chauvinists. The coterie around Jayalalithaa comes from this Hindu community and given Jayalalithaa's new love for Christianity and the Church, the November clashes placed her literally on the horns of a political dilemma. She and the ruling DMK sought the most politically expedient escape route; they hanged the policeman. The then Commissioner of Police R Sekhar was removed summarily as was the Joint Commissioner (North) Abhay Kumar Singh. Because Tamil Nadu's dangerous anti-nation politics will not permit them to diagnose the problem correctly, the cure was just as faulty and destined to fail. Transferring senior police officers for the rowdyism, goondaism and terrorism of the students of the Law College in November did not prevent or deter the shameful happening in Court Hall 3 on the 17th of February or the events that followed it as a direct consequence of political inaction, silence and even capitulation over the murderous attack by the scheduled caste lawyers on Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, police men, women and officers and others in the court on that day.

The secular print and media, with no knowledge or understanding of the intricacies of Tamil Nadu's politics and its contrived political links with Sri Lanka's politics, are also guilty of choosing the easy route towards TRPs. They have been guilty of great disservice to their chosen profession by not informing or educating the people about the truth of the events. The police and the army are the favorite whipping boys but the media must pause and introspect – what will be the state of the nation if the police and the army one day simply refused to act. Which forces will benefit the most? The terrorist components of Islam, Christianity and Communism have forged partnerships and are a seamless web. Media coverage of the growing lawlessness of the scheduled caste students and lawyers of the Tamil Nadu Law Colleges and the Bar is ridden with political clichés and hackneyed phrases of police excesses. The violence in the state is growing because Dr. Swamy allegedly referred to the lawyers derogatorily by their caste name and the rowdies want Dr. Swamy arrested. The goonda lawyers are also burning the effigy of DGP Jain for ordering the Swift Action Group to move into the court premises in response to the vandals setting fire to the police station located inside the court. Under the circumstances, to prevent being blamed for inaction, the DGP had no other option but to deal with the rampaging mob in a manner he considered appropriate and effective.

Dr. Swamy is a "brahmin dog" and DGP Jain is an "invading Aryan". The scheduled caste Christian converts and the anti-Hindu Dravidian scheduled caste Tamils have been supported by all Dravidian political parties with the right to verbally and obscenely abuse and physically assault Hindus. This organized group when faced by resistance promptly seeks refuge in the law accusing the victims of having denigrated them by abusing them by their caste name. This is now a well-known and expected ploy and always succeeds in breaking the spirit of even the sturdiest Hindu resistance to their bullying and abuse. They are doing the same with Dr. Swamy now and instead of asking to see the court order wherein the judges have attested to the lawyers abusing Dr. Swamy as "brahmin dog", the media is propagating the lawyers' version and adding fuel to the well-planned fire of caste war.

Caste Hindus are known to retaliate in equal and appropriate measure to anti-Hindu provocations but Brahmins are soft targets. The war here is not Brahmins against scheduled castes but Christians and Dravidian Tamils against Hindus via the Brahmins. The bonus in this war is beating up policemen and burning police outposts and police jeeps and cars. If in the violence they get to beat up the police, that constitutes victory in the minor battle. It was so in 1998, it was so a decade later in 2008 and it continues to be that way in 2009. The war will be won when Tamil Nadu goes the Kerala Way. I think it has already gone that way and far beyond.

Radha Rajan,
21st February, 2009
The writer is Editor, www.vigilonline.con

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