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Thursday, March 12, 2009

America and the Islamic world

By MSN Menon

Terrorism is fascism. The terrorist believes that he alone is right, that others are wrong. This is the very anti-thesis of the democratic spirit.

And yet, America, the epitome of democracy, fathered terror! It has sustained terror by protecting Pakistan, the source of all terror.

Prof. Ziauddin Sardar writes: “We (Muslims) have given rein to fascism within our midst and failed to denounce the fanatics, who distorted the most sacred concepts of our faith.” Pakistan is a fascist state. But under American leash.

Terror is a well-planned strategy. And cheap too. The ll-volume 7000 page, guide book, entitled Encyclopaedia of Jehad, is the Main Kampf of terrorists—a manual for murder and mayhem.

Dedicated to Bin Laden, it contains detailed instructions on how to make lethal weapons, how to create maximum public panic and how to kill a person by pressing on his vital parts. Each copy carries the picture of an AK-47 and the Quran. The marriage of politics and religion cannot be more blatant than this.

America sees the Muslims in multiple vision. The church treats Islam as an apostasy. Christianity has been hostile to Islam ever since Islam was born.

Militant extremism is attributed to “rage over injustices.” But where is the “injustice”? The division of Palestine? But did not Islam drive the Jews out of Palestine? It was the original sin.

Then there is the view of the US oil lobby. It wants to maintain close relations with the Arabs till there is no oil left in Arabia to exploit.

Then, there is the view of the whiteman, who sees the Arabs as desert nomads with a hawkish nose and a knife hidden at the back.

Political America sees Muslims both positively and negatively. Thus a republican says: “There is no such thing as peaceful Islam.” Of course, this is a widespread view. The Republican goes on: “They (the Muslims) cannot fit into an America, where the first loyalty is to the American Constitution.” He is right, for the first loyalty of a Muslim is to the Muslim Umma—the Muslim Brotherhood.

So what is the solution that the Republican offers? He says: “They should be asked to leave America.” If America cannot accommodate them, how can the rest of the world have them? This is the real grievance of Muslims that they are not accepted by the world on their terms.

It is the oil and Jewish lobbies which shape America’s Muslim policy. But that was when there were no Muslim in America. Today, there are six million of them in America and the Arabs are astir against it. Remember, most of those who took part in the attack on the Trade Center in New York were Saudis.

Even before the end of the cold war, the Muslim world had emerged as the new enemy of the West. But even after several attacks on American interests the State Department was not prepared to recognise terrorism. But everything changed when the terrorists attacked the Trade Center and the Pentagon. This was traumatic. It shocked Americans. The US government was compelled to declare war against terror. But from day one, it was a sham, for it refused to punish Pakistan, the source to all terror.

How is Pakistan so important? Let me explain it. Britain considered undivided India a threat to its possessions in the East-Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Singapore. So it decided to divide India and encouraged Jinnah’s obstinacy. Britain hoped that with Pakistan on its side it would be easier to exploit the oil of the Middle East and Central Asia. To make Pakistan an effective power, it was planned to annex Afghanistan to Pakistan to give Pak strategic depth. The idea was to raise Pakistan as a counter-weight against Russia, China and India. There is another reason—the animus of the Anglo-Saxons against the Hindus. Britain and America suspect that the Hindus, being the oldest in civilisation, would one day emerge as a challenge to western hegemony.

There is no change in these perceptions. But the west never anticipated the rapid rise of China and India. In the event, Nixon made up with China. And Washington began to make noises in favour of India. Alas, we are so naïve that (We have a short memory) we are ready to accept every favourable statement as a change of heart.

There is really no change of heart. And Obama knows it. He is himself a creature of an American deception—that the whites want to accommodate the blacks. In any case, Obama cannot defy the imperialist interest of America.

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