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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Manmohan Singh indulging in shadow boxing

by Dr Mrs Hilda Raja
date Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 10:45 AM

Manmohan Singh who thinks he is made of prime minister material because Mrs Sonia Gandhi thinks so is on election campaigning–drawing room style. So carefully selected groups are invited for him to address and use them to amplify his low voice, inability to debate with his sharpest riposte against his opponents-whom he refuses to meet face to face. This is shadow boxing he is indulging in.

Manmohan Singh is a robot-programmed with a remote control, hence he acts the way he acts, talks the way he talks with a perception mechanically fed in. He is functioning according to the inbuilt program module.

He advises the Security Forces to maintain ‘zero tolerance for fundamental human rights violation’ and in the same breathe states that sometimes Muslim youth are harassed.

His audience was a group of senior Urdu journalists. One feels like throwing up one’s hands in utter despair with a PM of this mindset. The solution he holds out will only aggravate communalism—namely the setting up of committees comprising of respected Muslims in every State to look into any case of harassment of innocent members of the community.

Next we will have Muslim police stations manned exclusively by Muslim cops—an army exclusively of Muslims and separate lock—ups for Muslims. It is a betrayal of the people of this country for a PM to speak thus. Harassment of any innocent youth must be looked into, but why by a committee of exclusive respected Muslims? Why not a committee of respected citizens? Why are Muslims suffering from a persecution mania?

At this rate we will end up by setting up communal committees for every communal community which accuses of alleged harassment of its youth. How are the cops to maintain zero tolerance of human rights violation if they are gagged from investigation?

Take for example the latest arrest of a hit man of Chhota Shakeel gang—Rashid Malabari whose arrest blew the lid of a conspiracy to kill Varun Gandhi. Interrogation of Rashid revealed a larger conspiracy.

Chhota Shakeel’s gang had planned to target political leaders of Gujarat as well. This Rashid has committed several offences in south India and Maharastra. In this background where will the police hunt for more information—Will this gang be hiding in Muslim communities or in Hindu communities? Should the police follow secularism–Congress type and pick up four Muslims and four Hindus to ferret out some information? Search one Muslim community and then search another Hindu community area? The ATS is at a loss because they are ignorant of how many Chhota Shakeel’s men are active in Gujarat.

Can the PM enlighten his modus operandi how not to harass Muslim youth? May be he can provide some tips to the police sitting comfortably in his chamber and holding forth—for after all he is a thoroughly communalized prime minister material and we must avoid giving him sleepless nights if even one Muslim youth is harassed?

The Congress has so ruthlessly and efficiently communalized the people and hence it suffers from its own ‘projection’ and faults the BJP for communalism. This again is a common psychological disorder. An indication is its pseudo secularism which it thinks is secularism.

The Congress has demolished the Indian—we have only Muslim Indian, Hindu Indian under minority/majority tags kept in tightly guarded ghettos.

Exclusive and inclusive are the two prong offensive of a communal Congress to communalize the nation for its own vested interest.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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