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Monday, February 07, 2005

Anti-Hindu forces are rattled by the Hindu Unity Move in Kerala

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The entire opposition as well as Christian and Muslim community leaders in Kerala has lambasted the ‘Hindu Unity Move’ by the NSS-SNDP. They have termed the NSS-SNDP joint call for the Hindu unity as an open challenge to the country’s secular fabric. To them it is a calculated move with communal character, by the communal elements to destroy the state’s secular fabrics. Obviously, the anti-Hindu forces are rattled by the ‘Hindu Unity Move’ in a state where the so-called minorities and the leftists are presently dominating, politically, socially and economically, relegating the Hindus to a state of utter helplessness.
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‘Hindu Unity’ is the crying need of the hour in India, where the so-called minorities are trying to dominate and dictate terms to the majority Hindus, who comprise more than 85% of the total population. Nowhere else in the world one finds this strange phenomenon as found in India.

Particularly in Kerala, by dint of their sheer number, as a result proliferation and proselytization etc., and the consequent vote bank politics, the so-called minorities are already dominating the state politics and other spheres of life, relegating the Hindus to a point of sheer helplessness. Under the circumstance, it is quite heartening that Kerala has taken a lead in the direction of ‘Hindu Unity’.

In Kerala, two major Hindu communities recently took a very welcome step -- they decided to unite and work for the welfare of the society. One is the Nair Organization -- the Nair Service Society (NSS), and the other is the organization of the Ezhavas -- the Sri Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP).

What is the urgent need for ‘Hindu Unity’, particularly in Kerala? As highlighted by Velapally Natesan, the General Secretary of SNDP Yogam, “Christians and Muslims are becoming dominant in the state and are swallowing Hindus, who today feel they have to either convert or commit suicide. Unity is the first step. But the idea is to unite all the Hindus, from Namboodiris to the Vanavaasis”

The different governments in Kerala dominated either by the Left-front or the Congi-front, have captured power in the state by dint of their permutations and combinations, and totally relegated the Hindus to helplessness. In fact, they have turned the Hindus into second class citizens in their own homeland.

As revealed by the NSS General Secretary, Narayana Panikar, “We are suffering because of the irresponsible attitude of the UDF and LDF governments in Kerala. The Christians and Muslims have their representatives in the government but when it comes to Hindus, there is no one to speak to us. So we have decided to come together.”

The NSS was formed as a community organization by Mannathu Padmanabhan, a social reformer who brought about many reforms in the Nair society. Many educational and medical institutions were also established by the NSS throughout Kerala. And in the case of Ezhavas, it was the inspiration provided by Sri Narayana Guru, the renowned spiritually inspired social reformer of Kerala, which prompted Dr. Palpu and other associations to establish the SNDP Yogam, to work for the abolition of discrimination.

In the early 1950s, Ezhava leader R. Shankar entered into an alliance with the Nair leader Mannathu Padmanabhan to start a campaign for “Hindu Unity”. They called it “Hindu Maha Mandalam”, which at that time did not make much headway.

The anti-Hindu forces in India in general and in Kerala in particular, thrive mainly on the blood of Hindu-disunity. Quite naturally, they are now mortally are afraid of Hindu unity move in Kerala, and have openly expressed their displeasure and are bent upon scuttling the move by creating misgivings in the minds others. These anti-Hindu elements, as usual, are raising the bogey of ‘communalism’. They have already started making a hue and cry, with their prejudicial statements to mislead the people and to prevent the move for a Hindu Unity in Kerala, giving an impression as if it is an anti-minority move. They are now crying hoarse that “By targeting Muslims and Christians, Hindus are trying to communalize things. This will affect the social fabric in Kerala, where the Christians and Muslims, form about 45% of the total population.” Further, these anti-Hindu forces are trying to create a general impression in the minds of people to appear as if the present Hindu unity move is a backlash for the economic prosperity of Muslims and Christians, by saying: “If they think Muslims and Christians are getting wealthier, it is because of their progressive mindset. Young Christian women took up the nursing profession way back in the 70s and were prepared to go abroad. Today, many of them are senior nurses who are getting paid better them the doctors.”

In short, the entire opposition as well as Christian and Muslim community leaders have lambasted the Hindu unity move by the NSS-SNDP.

Natesan has this reply to the Hindu-baiters: “If the CPM can join hands with the communal Congress, why can’t we? The need of the hour is to unite and protect all the Hindu communities. We, the Nairs and Ezhavas, are Siamese twins, and no one can stop us from coming together.”

Narayana Panikar says that both the communities have a clear view in this issue: “We have discussed the matter in the beginning itself. We will try to unite in the issues we can. We will decide everything in details in our next meeting later this month.”

The anti-Hindu communist renegades however see this Hindu unity move as a conspiracy of the “saffron forces” (read Sangh Parivar comprising the RSS, VHP etc.) “They are playing communal politics but all such attempts have failed so far. These people can never set a political agenda for Kerala”, says M. N Vijayan, a leftist commentator. Needless to say that the anti-Hindu renegades too are rattled by the move for Hindu Unity.

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