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Monday, August 08, 2005

BJP exposes facts of next Kashmir in the making

BJP exposes facts of next Kashmir in the making - West Bengal Marxist Government and Congress at the center allowing massive Islamic infiltration into West Bengal from Bangladesh

Preetam Sohani
Aug. 8, 2005

It is time for India to wake up. It is time for Hindus all over India to walk to streets to stop what is tantamount to creating the next Kashmir in West Bengal. The local Marxists and the Congress Governments at the center want Muslim votes. They are allowing massive Islamic infiltration into West Bengal from Bangladesh – thousands every day. The state soon will have more Muslims from Bangladesh than local population. Bangladeshi Muslims speak the same Bengali language and is difficult to identify and deport. The Governments at State level and the Center is doing nothing to stop the infiltration.

According to media reports, charging the UPA government at the Centre and West Bengal’s ruling Left Front with ‘inaction’ on the infiltration problem, the BJP on Sunday demanded a white paper from the state government on the ‘influx’ from Bangladesh and said a NDA delegation would meet President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on Monday to apprise him of the problem.

Nda convenor George Fernandes, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee and other leaders would be in the delegation, BJP general secretary Rajnath Singh said.

He accused the CPM-led Left Front government of not identifying and taking any action against Bangladeshi infiltrators during its 28 year-rule and demanded that it come out with a White Paper on the issue.

Singh, who held a two-day meeting with party functionaries in the state, directed them to ‘identify infiltrators’ in each district and submit a report to the party by September 15.

Supporting Banerjee, who had created a flutter in the Lok Sabha last week on the infiltration issue and submitted her resignation for being disallowed to speak, Singh said, “she had not committed any offence by trying to raise the issue. Infiltration is a national problem and Parliament should take cognizance of that”.

Charging the UPA government with inaction, he said, “when the government acts deaf and dumb, one sometimes violates dignity and crosses the limit of propriety”.

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