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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Communist threat to Bharat!


According to intelligent and knowledge people Communism and secularism are two sides of the same coin to destroy Hindus and Hinduism on the whole.

Communist portray being pro- Bharat but they are the biggest anti - national they have for years resorted to bogus voting and now have gone a step ahead by legalizing illegal immigrants (Bangladeshi's) in the country see the example of Assam a total change in demographics where the legal populations have now become minorities. The same is being done by the Congress turning a blind eye to the Bangladeshi's entering India. An example of this is the posh suburb of Mumbai Bandra where the local MLA has gone ahead and constructed row houses in Bandra Reclamation below the Bandra -Worli bridge to legalise all the illegal Bangladeshi's so as to never lose an election.

It is high time this topic of Communist and Congress attitude be exposed and a movement to impose a legal immigration bill to deport any person having overstayed his visa or is without right to reside in India be chucked out.

Finally a word on the overseas Indian Passport while an Indian of Indian origin born in India after 1950 can avail of this facility the restriction imposed upon him/her is that he/she cannot be a member of parliament nor the legislature nor can he avail of employment in Government offices. This is total hypocrisy whilst a person of foreign origin can acquire Indian passport and become even the Prime Minister of the country this restriction needs to be overthrown.

These commies after deciding to take the ballot route to get red flag on the red fort have successfully manipulated the system and hoodwinked the Election Commission. There are booths in which out of 600 voters, 595 vote for the Left front. How can this be true? The voters don't go to vote. The party agents cast the ballots. As simple as that.

HV Seshadri wrote an excellent account of communism in Bharat as terrorism. They have taken the criminalised polity to its logical end, criminals continue to murder to stay as criminals.

Intellectual terrorism

The way Romila Thapar and Michael Witzel have criticised the proposal of California State Board of Education (CSBE) to teach Rama, Krishna, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata in textbooks, in an article published in a Delhi-based English daily, reveals the anti-Hindutva attitude of the two careerists. Since their malicious propaganda stopped the Indian politicians and so-called historians from teaching Hindu history including the epics and the great heroes like Rama and Krishna in the Indian textbooks, the Romila Thapars? and Michael Witzels? hearts are burning to note that their academic dictatorship has failed to prevail on the politicians of America, where Hindus are not so stupid as we are in India. Such career-seeker scholars who question the very existence of the heroes of humanity, like Rama and Krishna, live in fool?s paradise. They should ask themselves as to why only their interpretation of Indian history should be taught world over. Agreed, their collaboration with the violence-seeker Marxists and fundamentalist Islamists has been terrorising the common Indian Hindus for long, but now since the assertive Hindutva refuses to tolerate the intolerance of the terrorists posing as scholars, the Hindu heroes must get a place in Indian textbooks also. What exactly causes pain in the stomach of Romila Thapar and Michael Witzel in noting that the ?American Hindutva lobby is very closely allied to the RSS? is not known. They must know that it is not only the Hindus of more than one hundred countries who are allied to RSS. Every right thinking person of any pursuance knows in his or her heart that RSS stands for patriotism, freedom and true secularism. Opposing the CSBE move to update the textbooks is nothing short of intellectual terrorism. It is the anti-Hindu attitude of the so-called secularists that gives solace to Nazism, racism, Marxism, fundamentalism and, indeed, terrorism. An honest study and teaching of textbooks of the characters of Rama and Krishna would make a terrorism-free world. Mankind has already tasted the violence-seeker religionists? rule and their approach to divide humanity. Time has now come, when not only California, but the whole world must ignore the society-breaker careerists posing as scholars and teach Hindutva in detail in textbooks to redeem peace and progress for mankind.

How come the same West Bengal produced an Aurobindo?

There was a highly informative column about communism in Bulgaria.

One querry tried to differentiate the Bulgarian response by attributing it to Communist rule.

Yes, we have our Comrades in India too.

1. They nurture, water, and fertilise Islam in India to survive politically,

2. They dance to the tune of Islam by damning Hinduism five times a day.

3. Not content with the faster growth of Muslims they import 10‑20 million Muslims from Bangla Desh per year to boost their electoral prospects.

4. They speak against religion only when it involves Hinduism but cower and crawl before other religions.

5. They speak of progress of China but when pointed out that Chinese are ruthless to secessionist movements be it Sinkiang or Tibet, our Communists keep mum,

6. Our Communists aid and abet secessionist movements in Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, North East and Naxalite movements in rest of Bharat to please their Islamic masters.

So, the fundamental question is not Communism but Nationalism. Bulgarian Communists, Chinese Communists, Cuban communists are Nationalists to the core, while Indian ones are Traitors. God forbid Bulgaria had a Jyoti Basu at the helm‑

a) He would have imported millions of Turks to subdue Bulgarian aspirations and put on a huge tag of a "super secularist"

b) He would have accused Bulgarian Nationalists of "communalism" and banned their front organisations.

c) He would have made teaching and propagation of Turkish language compulsory and banned teaching of Bulgarian literature, linking it to fanning of communal passions.

Mind you, Bulgarian Nationalism ultimately devoured Bulgarian Communism too.

And that points to the fear and horror in the minds of our Desi Secularists about the emergence of Hindutva.

The communists of Bharat are the Intellectual Prostitutes of Bharat; they use their prostituted talents to do Hinduism in. Those communists have many elements of commonality with the two barbaric creeds of Islam and Christianity is the subject of another paper. Suffice it to say here that they are a bad news for the Hindus and Hinduism in India.

Communists of Bharat always pick on the Hindu, but they treat the Moslems and the Christians with Kid‑Gloves. As an illustration, they often state that "Religion Is the Opium of the Masses" but what they mean by this statement is that, religion is the "Opium of the Hindu Masses" in India, not that of the Moslem and Christian masses. They never tire of criticizing the Hindu for Cow‑Worship but don't see a damn thing wrong with Islam's abstention from pig‑eating or their barbaric custom of circumcising the male members of their society, as an Islamic Religious Rite.

What we are dealing with here is a war between the forces of Dharma (Hindu) and the forces of Adharma /Asura (Islam/Christianity/Communism). The Asuric Forces have regimented their aggression against the Dharmic forces and there is no neutral ground between the Dharmic and Adharmic Forces. The communists of India have aligned themselves with the Adharmic Forces.

The communists support every anti‑Hindu law, rule or regulation that comes along.

Because they assist the illegal infiltration of Moslems from Bangladesh and they also support China against Indian interests, these actions put them in the category of traitors, which you have already observed. Even when the communists of India are forced to reluctantly criticize the openly barbaric actions of Islam and Christianity in Bharat, the communists of Bharat are EXTREMELY FRUGAL WITH THEIR WORDS.

Eaton has written a very good book on how Islam spread into the hinterlands of Bengal. While he glosses over the fact that force was one tool in the kitty of Islamic mercenaries, he does a fairly good job at investigating the contribution of socio-economic factors towards Islam's spread.

Another book worth reading will be on Bengal partition by Rafiuddin Ahmed. Both of these guys are "secular".

A very serious Hindu situation in Bharat.

Many Bharatiya people would rather prefer to have British to rule Bharat than Congress-Muslim-Communist rule. Under this rule Hindus are third class citizens living under constant fear and frustration. Under British all were equal. No reservation, No subsidies to Hajj, no subsidies to madaresas, no special privileges to nobody, no appeasement to nobody, no control over Hindu temple trusts, No Namaz on streets, no corruption, no attacks on Hindu pilgrims, Ganga was clean, contact with other European countries gave Bharat an opportunity to compete in industrial and high technology, and many many good things besides higher education, railways, industrial know how, and administrative skill in very short period of 150 years. If British were In India, communist China would not have taken away thousands of square miles of India's territory and terrorists would not have killed over 100,000 thousands innocent Hindus in last 25 years. What Bharat got today is not Independence but lawlessness, sham constitution, over 50% illiteracy, and corrupt lawmakers.



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